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Apple already fixed Intel’s massive chip flaw in macOS update

The critical design flaw discovered in the way Intel CPUs process information has reportedly already been fixed by Apple in a recent release of macOS. Apple’s fix came out at the beginning of December

Apple drops first batch of betas for 2018

The first batch of beta software updates for 2018 has already arrived from Apple. Developers received four new beta updates this morning, including the third build of iOS 11.2.5 which includes a host

How to add an EQ and effects master track in GarageBand for iOS

GarageBand for iOS still doesn't have a master track, but this workaround lets you add one, easily. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

New HomeKit smart plug cures your house of wall warts

If you want a HomeKit-compatible electrical outlet, but don’t want an ugly wall wart jutting out of your conventional plug, you’re about to get a new option. The ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet will

Battery replacement program could be bad news for iPhone sales

Apple’s iPhone battery replacement program could cause the company to lose out on millions of new iPhone sales, according to analysts at Barclays. It was revealed last month that the company

Apple Watch 3 has a serious hospital problem

Take your Apple Watch Series 3 into hospital and it could suffer a few health problems of its own. Users are reporting that Apple’s latest wearable randomly reboots in a hospital environment, and it

iMac Pro’s space gray accessories fetch silly money on eBay

Apple fans are handing over silly sums of cash to get their hands on the iMac Pro’s exclusive space gray accessories. Sellers are taking advantage of the early demand to recoup a large chunk of the

Apple ‘re-programs’ its Chicago Apple Store roof to deal with snow

Apple has responded to the recent cold weather in Chicago by “re-programming” the roof of its new Apple Store on Chicago’s waterfront so that it doesn’t form dangerous icicles. As we reported at the

Spotify is finally making moves to go public

Apple Music’s biggest competitor is about to become a publicly traded company. In an effort to finally become profitable, Spotify has reportedly filed IPO documents confidentially with the SEC and the

LG could beat out Samsung for Apple’s next big iPhone

LG will be the sole supplier of OLED displays for an upcoming iPhone X Plus, according to a new report. Sources say the device will arrive during the second half of 2018. Samsung is the exclusive

Make 2018 the year you launch your business [Deals]

Is 2018 the year you resolve to move forward with your business idea? That’s great, now it’s time to start planning. Bizplan breaks the big task of planning, promoting, and launching a business into

Aggressive smart speaker pricing could hurt HomePod sales

Amazon and Google’s aggressive pricing of smart speakers could hurt Apple’s HomePod, claim analysts. A new report notes that both Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Google Home family of devices were so

Today in Apple history: Apple becomes a corporation

January 3, 1977: Apple Computer Co. is officially incorporated, with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak listed as co-founders. Third Apple founder Ron Wayne — who initially invested in the company — is not

Intel’s massive chip flaw could hit Mac where it hurts

A major security flaw discovered in Intel chips requires a software fix that could negatively impact the performance of your Mac. The “design blunder” affects all Intel chips produced in the last 10

Invalid debit cards used to steal $350,000 of Apple devices

A Sacramento man has plead guilty to scamming Apple Stores across the United States out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over a period of several months. 33-year-old Marcus Israel Butler carried

Even the chairs at Apple Park are designed to promote collaboration

There’s a good chance you’ll never have the opportunity to work at Apple, let alone attain the success of chief designer Jony Ive. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sit like Jony Ive — and, no, we don’t

iPhone X launch sales will be revealed in Apple’s Q1 earnings call

Apple’s first quarterly earnings call of 2018 will take place on Thursday, February 1, the company has revealed. Apple will host a conference call to discuss its first fiscal quarter results for the

Upgrades to iMac Pro? Major disassembly required

You wouldn’t dare crack open your new iMac Pro, the one you paid $5,000 for, just for a peek under the hood. But the teardown team at iFixit happily and fearlessly disassembles devices just to sate

Apple gets new dev tools with Buddybuild acquisition

Apple is adding another big tool for developers to its arsenal thanks to the acquisition of Vancouver-based startup Buddybuild. The small 40-person company created a mobile iteration platform that

Highly highlights text on webpages and iPhone

Highly lets you highlight text on webpages, but it's so bad you won't want to. Unless you want to share all your snippets with strangers. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)