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iPhone displays could offer built-in Touch ID by 2020

Apple really is working to integrate Touch ID into future iPhone displays, according to a new report. The company’s in-screen fingerprint-scanning technology could debut as early as 2020. It is

Apple TV+ is coming to Samsung Smart TVs

You’ll need a subscription to enjoy to Apple TV+ when it lands later this year, but you may not need to purchase an Apple TV. The new video streaming service is also coming to Samsung Smart TVs.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold finally launches on its home turf this week

Samsung’s long-delayed Galaxy Fold folding smartphone will finally go on sale on September 6. This comes five months after it was originally made available for preorder. The troubled handset, which

USB4 enables hubs with multiple USB-C ports

Today’s USB-C hubs include multiple USB-A ports, but can’t add additional USB-C ports. This will change when USB4 gets widely implemented, which just took a big step forward with the specifications

Vastly expand your Mac’s character and font possibilities [Deals]

If you’ve got a taste for text, the capacities of the Mac keyboard can feel stifling. But with the right tool, the possibilities for characters and fonts are nearly endless. PopChar X is a Mac app

Apple raises cash in the bond market

Apple intends to borrow money by issuing corporate bonds. It filed a partial prospectus for these today with the SEC. Though what it intends to spend the money on is a bit of a mystery. The iPhone

Facebook left huge database of users’ phone numbers exposed

A Facebook server containing hundreds of millions of users’ phone numbers was left completely exposed to potential attackers, according to a new report. The data linked each phone number to a user’s

Last chance! Slope stand is sleek, magical and 20% off

Slope from Wiplabs might just be one of the prettiest stands you can buy for iPhone and iPad. It’s a simple, sleek piece of aluminum that uses micro-suction to hold onto almost anything. And you can

Latest canceled Apple TV+ show might be bad omen [Opinion]

Cupertino’s costly decision to cancel an Apple TV+ series starring Richard Gere due to the show’s darker tone is the latest bit of evidence that Apple wants only family-friendly fare for its upcoming

Security researchers are flooding the market with iOS exploits

One of the biggest buyers of iOS zero-day exploits says the market is flooded with new iPhone bugs due to weakened security components in Safari and iMessage. Zerodium, which pays $2 million for iOS

Apple seeds new iOS 13.1 beta, leaves iOS 13 out in the cold

The beta process for iOS 13.1 continues, with the second developer-only beta just going out now. But there hasn’t been a new iOS 13 beta in two weeks. Apple really seems to have finished work on it,

What really happens when you duplicate a file on iOS?

Today we copy many gigabytes of files to an iPad, to see just how it handles duplicates. The conclusion? Make as many copies as you want -- they don't take up any extra space. (via Cult of Mac - Tech

Faster Apple TV hardware might turbocharge Apple Arcade

The first new Apple TV set-top box in two years is reportedly coming soon. The updated tvOS player supposedly will be powered by the same chip that’s in the iPhone XS series, potentially making it a

All the gear and podcasting pro tips I use to make The CultCast

Hello, my name is Erfon Elijah, and for the last seven years, I’ve hosted The CultCast, America’s favorite Apple podcast™. In that time I’ve tried a whole lot of podcasting gear, all in an effort to

Fortnite’s brand new Zapper scrapped in less than 24 hours

Epic Games removed Fortnite’s brand new Zapper Trap less than 24 hours after introducing it to the game. The throwable item rolled out with Tuesday’s version 10.20 content update but quickly

Files app makes iPad more Mac-like in iOS 13 [Video]

With iOS 13, the Files app is taking a huge leap toward Mac-like file management with both small changes, as well as some big upgrades. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Gmail for iOS can now prevent remote image tracking

The official Gmail app on iOS can now prevent tracking via external images. A new update to the app brings the ability to disable automatic image loading. This makes it harder for message senders to

US attorneys general prep antitrust investigation into Google

More than half of U.S. state attorneys general are preparing an antitrust investigation into Google. This will mark a major ramp-up in the battle between U.S. regulators and Silicon Valley tech

Small increase in iPhone’s tiny Indian market share could bring in billions

Apple’s current share of the smartphone market in India is just 1%. But if Apple could somehow raise that to 4% it would bring in approximately $4.6 billion in extra revenue — alongside earnings

Apple could deliver iPhone SE refresh we didn’t ask for in 2020

It seems Apple hasn’t given up on the iPhone SE just yet. A new report claims an upgraded model is in the works — but you’ll have to wait until next spring to get your hands on it. And it won’t be the