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Buy two Just Mobile Apple Watch accessories, get free Lightning cable!

Now’s the time for an excellent deal on Just Mobile’s design-award-winning accessories for Apple Watch. For the month of December, you’ll receive a $20 AluCable Flat lightning cable for free with the

macOS 10.13.2 launches with minor fixes for Mac

The second big update for macOS High Sierra has finally arrived. Just a few days after launching iOS 11.2, tvOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2, Apple has now made macOS 10.13.2 available to the public following

Apple loses some of its shine for workers

Working at Apple isn’t quite all its cracked up to be in 2017, based on the latest rankings from Glassdoor that show Apple dropping to its lowest spot ever. The iPhone-maker has fallen to the 83 spot

This incredibly cool PC case looks just like an Apple II

If you want to give your Hackintosh a genuine Apple feel, you have to checkout this awesome PC case. Raadition is designed to look exactly like the iconic Apple II, but it has space for the latest PC

Sleek battery pack doubles as a wireless charger [Deals]

As far back as Nikola Tesla, people have dreamed of powering devices wirelessly. Somehow we’ve gained a lot of other technological wonders before that, but wireless charging is now a thing. And it’s

Amazon Prime Video is finally available for your Apple TV

As rumored, Apple has finally delivered on its WWDC promise to bring Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV, with just a few weeks to spare before Apple hit its own end-of-the-year deadline. The tvOS version

App: The Human Story is an antidote to Planet of the Apps

What does it feel like pinning your hopes and livelihood to one of Apple’s most important creations? Fascinating new documentary App: The Human Story takes an unflinching look at the world of app

Today in Apple history: Lousy quarter proves Steve Jobs isn’t invincible

December 6, 2000: Apple’s stock price falls after the company posts its first quarterly loss since Steve Jobs’ return to the company in 1997. Shares tumble $3 to just $14 a share as doom-predicting

U.S. senator says Apple should defend free expression in China

Democratic Party Senator for Vermont Patrick Leahy has argued that Apple has a “moral obligation” to push back against suppression of free expression in China. Leahy, who is the most senior senator

Date trick gives Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV an early reveal

Apple still hasn’t delivered on its promise to bring Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV — although an apparently accidental reveal on the App Store suggests that it may be on the way as early as today. As

iOS 11 adoption lags behind iOS 10, but puts Android to shame

iOS 11 is currently running on 59 percent of compatible devices, gaining 7 percent from the last time Apple reported the figures in early November. By comparison, 33 percent of devices are running

Bento Stack keeps your essentials neatly organized on the go

Carrying essential accessories with you wherever you go can be a nightmare. Your wires can get tangled, your AirPods can get lost, and your Apple Pencil can end up in more than one piece. That’s why

Clean Text tidies up messy text on iOS

Clean Text is just about the quickest way to take messy text and fix it up. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

WTF? Consumer Reports ranks iPhone 8 higher than iPhone X

iPhone X is considered the best smartphone Apple has ever made by almost everyone who’s ever used one. But according to Consumer Reports’ smartphone ratings, it’s not as good as the more affordable

Text snippets now support multiple lines, iCloud sync

Text Replacement snippets now sync properly between Mac and iOS, and you can even use paragraphs in your snippets. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple Pay Cash comes to Apple Watch in watchOS 4.2

The official launch of Apple Pay Cash is finally here and you can even use it to send friends money from your Apple Watch. Apple released watchOS 4.2 to the public today, bringing a host of new

Amazon tops Apple for title of best-managed company

American tech companies are a some of the most effectively managed businesses in the world, according to a new landmark system that ranked the top 250 companies. Even though Apple is the world’s most

Apple buys startup that makes podcasts searchable

Apple has acquired Pop Up Archive, an online platform that builds tools for transcribing audio files and making them searchable. One of the startup’s most significant tools is a podcast search engine

Gmail app adds support for iPhone X, third-party accounts

Google is hard at work updating all its apps for iPhone X. Gmail is the latest to embrace the Super Retina HD display — and the update also brings support for third-party email accounts. Google has

Get a sneak peek at next year’s new emojis

Have you found yourself unable to continue a conversation without the use of a drunk emoji, a female supervillain or a strand of DNA? If so, you may be pleased to hear that the Unicode Consortium has