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Learn to develop websites by actually building them [Deals]

Web development is one of those skills that’s sure to enhance anyone’s job opportunities. But like many skills, if you’re not already doing it, it can be hard to imagine where to begin. That’s what

Delayed Apple products more common under Tim Cook

Tim Cook may be considered an operations genius, but during his stint as Apple CEO product delays have increased substantially compared to Apple under Steve Jobs. That’s according to a new report,

Neutrogena’s iPhone skin scanner tells you what’s wrong with your face

You can buy cosmetics to fix almost any skin complaint, but how do you know which ones you actually need? Neutrogena wants to help with its new SkinScanner. This iPhone attachment packs clever sensors

Today in Apple history: Meet the ‘Blue and White’ Power Mac G3

January 5, 1999: Apple introduces its revised Power Mac G3 minitower, often nicknamed the “Blue and White G3” or “Smurf Tower” to separate it from the earlier beige model. The first new Power Mac

iPhone throttling lands Apple in hot water with Brazilian authorities

Apple is in trouble with Brazilian authorities for throttling the performance of older iPhones. A state agency dedicated to tackling consumer issues has demanded that Apple explains to customers how

Death Road to Canada update makes a great game so much better

The brilliant Death Road to Canada was probably my favorite iOS game to land in the App Store last year. A completely bonkers mash-up of randomly-generated zombie survival RPG, action game, and

Jimmy Iovine might be leaving Apple

Music industry legend and Apple Music boss Jimmy Iovine is planning to leave Apple later this year. According to reports, Iovine is set to leave Apple in August this year after joining the company in

Week’s best Apple deals: Save on Apple refurbs and Apple Watch Series 3

This week, we found deals on the new Apple Watch Series 3 as well as big savings on Apple refurbs and even the screaming-fast 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Get your credit card ready and check out our roundup

App Store shatters revenue record on New Year’s Day

2018 is already starting to look like a historic year for Apple after the company just broke the record for the most revenue pulled in by the App Store in a single day. Apple revealed today that

iPhone and iPad are susceptible to widespread CPU flaw, too [Update]

A nasty CPU flaw that leaves computer users’ most sensitive data at risk is also present in iPhone and iPad processors, Apple confirmed Thursday. The “Spectre” bug has been discovered in the mobile

How to use iOS 11’s Files with (some) unsupported apps

Are you stuck using an old app that insists you use its web server to transfer files? Here's how to hook it up to iOS 11's Files app. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

You’ll soon be able to post Instagram stories to WhatsApp

Instagram is testing a feature that allows users to share their stories directly to WhatsApp. They appear as WhatsApp status updates, and just like on Instagram, they’re visible for 24 hours. It seems

Master the art of user interface design [Deals]

As machines and computers become a greater part of daily life, the need grows for people who can build interfaces to connect us. So user interface and interaction design are among the most profitable

Samsung is borrowing some big iPhone X features for Galaxy S9

Samsung’s next Galaxy S flagship phone will reportedly make use of a new AI processing chip to offer features similar to the iPhone X’s Face ID and Animojis. According to Samsung, its new chip will

iPhone X display beats rival OLEDs in screen burn-in test

Don’t let the possibility of screen burn-in put you off the iPhone X. A new test proves Apple’s handset is much more resistant to burn-in than its OLED rivals. It would be near impossible for the

Today in Apple history: Apple licenses Mac OS to Radius

January 4, 1995: Apple signs a deal with third-party Mac accessory maker Radius, allowing the company to build Macintosh clones. Radius is the second company to license the Macintosh operating system

Apple is working on a Serial-style crime drama series

Apple is adding a new crime-based original drama series to its collection of original shows. Are You Sleeping stars Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer from The Help, and is being adapted from a novel by

AT&T promises blazing-fast 5G in U.S. by end of 2018

AT&T has promised to begin rolling out a true next-generation 5G network in a dozen U.S. cities by the end of the year. The pledge follows international 5G standards being agreed upon last month

iMac Pro packs more memory than every Apple II computer ever built

A midrange model of Apple’s new iMac Pro comes with a massive 11 times as many bytes of electronic memory as the Apple II, the company’s first breakthrough computer. Doesn’t sound all that impressive?

Taskmator now does split-screen drag-and-drop on iPad

Taskmator, the excellent Taskpaper client for iOS, finally adds Slide Over and Split-view multitasking support on iPad. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)