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Gmail app adds support for iPhone X, third-party accounts

Google is hard at work updating all its apps for iPhone X. Gmail is the latest to embrace the Super Retina HD display — and the update also brings support for third-party email accounts. Google has

Get a sneak peek at next year’s new emojis

Have you found yourself unable to continue a conversation without the use of a drunk emoji, a female supervillain or a strand of DNA? If so, you may be pleased to hear that the Unicode Consortium has

Never stop learning with lifetime access to 170 courses [Deals]

The payoff of learning a new skill or developing existing ones are endless; whether that means a higher likelihood of making yourself more marketable in the workplace or starting a side project. The

Xiaomi can’t trademark its iPad ripoff

Xiaomi, the Chinese company which once specialized in brazen iPhone ripoffs, has gained its own identity in the past few years — but that doesn’t mean that it no longer rips off Apple’s intellectual

Recycle your old Apple Watch for an Apple Store gift card

You can now trade-on your old Apple Watch for an Apple Store gift card. You’ll get up to $175, depending on the model you have and the condition it is in. Apple added Apple Watch to its Renew and

Apple now sells iPhone X SIM-free

If you’ve been holding out on buying an iPhone X until you can buy a SIM-free version without having to select a carrier, this is your lucky day! Apple now has SIM-free versions of the iPhone X, in

Today in Apple history: Apple Store celebrates millionth online customer

December 5, 2002: Apple says it served its millionth unique customer in the Apple Store online, marking a significant milestone for the company. It is a benchmark worth celebrating for Apple, which

iPhone X Silicone Case and Apple Watch Sport band available in new colors

With the always lucrative holiday season approaching, Apple has released some new color options for both its iPhone X Silicone Case and Apple Watch Sport Band. The $39 iPhone X Silicone Case is now

HoverDock charging bed for Apple Watch doubles as alarm clock [Watch Store]

Keep your Apple Watch fired up and ready to go this holiday season with the HoverDock from Just Mobile — makers of design-award winning charging docks and stands for Apple Watch. Pack this compact

Meet the Baxters, a family of awesome storage shelves for iMac

These neat shelves are all named Baxter, and they all let you pile up all kinds of junk behind your iMac. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Key Apple supplier strikes AR glasses deal

One of Apple’s biggest manufacturing partners says it plans to get into the augmented reality business. Quanta Computer revealed today that it has struck an agreement to start making lenses for an

4 reasons to buy a classic watch instead of an Apple Watch

This post is brought to you by the Vincero Collective. We love the Apple Watch. But sometimes you want a timepiece that doesn’t look quite so digital — and doesn’t pester you with notifications.

Neil Young rips Apple Music over streaming audio quality

Canadian rocker Neil Young, an outspoken promoter of high-definition audio, calls out Apple in his latest diatribe about declining standards in the streaming music biz. While ripping Apple Music for

How to track package deliveries on iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch

Tracking package deliveries is a pain. Luckily, there's an app to make it way, way easier, with notifications and easy-adding of new deliveries. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Apple Pay Cash finally rolls out to U.S. users

Sending friends cash via your iPhone just got a whole lot easier. Apple is finally rolling out Apple Pay Cash to all U.S. users after the company pushed out iOS 11.2 over the weekend. In order to send

Point is a home security system that can’t spy on you

A home security system gives you complete peace of mind when you’re away, but at what cost? If your system relies on cameras, there’s always a worry that someone else could be watching. Not with

Apple will cough up for its giant tax bill early next year

Ireland has revealed that it has come to an agreement regarding when Apple will start paying the enormous 13 billion euros ($15.4 billion) tax bill that it was ordered to more than one year ago by the

AirPods shipments expected to double next year

AirPods shipments are expected to double next year as demand for one of Apple’s best accessories remains incredibly strong. Shipping times have already been reduced to just 1-3 days thanks to an

Save massively on thousands of graphic assets [Deals]

If you work in graphics or design, you know the value of a deep well of image assets. And that value usually comes at a price, often costing well into the thousands of dollars. That makes this deal

Facebook’s new Messenger app keeps kids connected

Facebook is rolling out a brand new Messenger app designed for kids. It is aptly named Messenger Kids, and it packs the parental controls you need to ensure your little ones are safe while they stay