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Apple shuttle buses come under repeated attack

The shuttle buses that ferry Apple’s employees from San Francisco to Cupertino are coming under fire. Not from anti-gentrification protestors but from some unknown person that keeps shattering bus

How to use the Siri news podcast feature

Siri News can now play you news shows from NPR, BBC, CNN, Washington Post, and more, when you ask it what's happening in the news. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

9 ways to strengthen your Apple products

This post is brought to you by Think you’ll never fall victim to a cybercrime? Think again. Recent data shows individuals have a one in 10 chance of becoming a victim of cybercrime

How to speed up your iPhone if the Spectre patch slows it down

The Spectre fix may slow down your iPhone. Here are several ways to speed it up again. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple says it will add $350 billion to U.S. economy

Apple’s big tax break is about to unleash an avalanche of spending from the iPhone-maker. In a public statement this morning, Apple revealed its plans to contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy

Name your price for a social marketing master class [Deals]

Today, digital marketing is one of the largest and most lucrative industries. In 2018, platforms like Google and Facebook have become fundamental to marketing. So if you’re going to be successful at

Kristen Wiig will make you laugh in Apple’s new comedy

Apple is bringing Kristen Wiig back to TV. Wigg is set to star in Apple’s first TV comedy series that’s being executive produced by Reese Witherspoon. It will be the first time Wigg has starred in a

Instagram Stories is getting a new ‘Type’ feature

Instagram is taking another swipe at Snapchat with a new feature called “Type.” It allows users to post text to their Stories — without adding a photo or video — and it’s in testing now ahead of a

Apple earns spot in first ‘Top 100 Global Technology Leaders’ list

Apple has earned a spot on the first “Top 100 Global Technology Leaders” list from Thomson Reuters. The iPhone-maker was named in sixth place behind rivals like Microsoft and Google, but it did beat

BMW wants to charge drivers an annual fee for CarPlay

Up until now, Apple’s in-car platform CarPlay has been offered as a one-off payment if you want it in a BMW vehicle. That could soon change, however, according to a new report, suggesting that BMW is

Apple battles HBO to acquire new J.J. Abrams sci-fi show

Apple and HBO are vying for a new sci-fi drama series written by Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams. The untitled show is the first bit of TV writing Abrams has done since working on

First HomePod shipments are on the way to Apple ahead of launch

Apple suppliers have begun shipping the first HomePod units ahead of the smart speaker’s much-anticipated launch. Just 1 million devices are on the way initially. However, Apple is expected to receive

iPhone slowdown lawsuit wants to examine Apple’s battery data

Apple has said that it will reduce the cost of replacement batteries as a result of its iPhone slowdown controversy. However, according to a new lawsuit leveled against Apple this practice could wind

Today in Apple history: Mac’s ‘1984’ ad debuts in theaters

January 17, 1984: A week before its famous airing during Super Bowl XVIII, Apple’s iconic “1984” ad debuts as a trailer in movie theaters. To hype its revolutionary new Macintosh computer, Apple buys

Tim Cook talks Apple values in rare interview with high schooler

As CEO of the world’s most valuable company, Tim Cook can pick and choose where he gives interviews. Which is why it’s kind of cool that he just gave an interview to high school student Rebecca Kahn.

This seemingly innocent link causes big problems on Mac and iOS

Another strange bug has been discovered in Messages for Mac and iOS. Following a certain URL causes all kinds of issues on both platforms, including freezes, restarts, and even battery issues. You

Poor iPhone 8 sales could be dragging down iPhone X momentum

Poor sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus may be dragging down “the momentum” of the iPhone X, a new report claims. Citing component suppliers in the iPhone supply chain, it’s claimed that the

watchOS 5 concept brings extra info to Apple Watch

WWDC 2018 is six months away but it’s not too early to start dreaming of new watchOS software. Concept designer Matt Birchler has created a detailed look at some incredible features he thinks Apple

AudioStretch slows down songs and videos to make learning music easier

AudioStretch slows down, pitch-shifts, and loops audio and video to make learning new songs way, way easier. It lacks a few features, but makes up for it with a super-intuitive interface. (via Cult of

Smuggling cocaine in an iPhone box leads to death sentence

If you’re gonna smuggle cocaine, don’t use iPhone boxes. The United Arab Emirates have sentenced a man to death after he was recently caught in Abu Dhabi the country with iPhone boxes stuffed to the