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What to expect from WWDC 2018

What’s next for Apple? We’ll find out in June, when the company hosts devs from around the world at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2018. Every year, the event gives Cupertino execs a chance to

Apple augmented reality system could make us better drivers

Bad drivers may soon get some crucial tips on the road from Apple, if the company’s latest patent ever becomes a reality. While everyone in tech is working on driverless car systems, it appears that

Amazing Songmaker Kit has everything you need for making music on the go

Roli's modular Songmaker Kit combines a keyboard, a drum pad, and a looper into one super-portable package. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

New 9.7-inch iPad lands in Apple stores

The wait to pick up Apple’s cheapest 9.7-inch iPad ever over. You can now order the new 9.7-inch iPad online and pick it up the same day at Apple stores across the United States. Customers who already

Chinese smugglers use drones to deliver iPhones

Criminals in China have discovered a brilliant new use for drones: smuggling valuable iPhones. Authorities in China arrested 26 suspects that were found using drones to smuggle $80 million worth of

Bassgate: Did software update sap HomePod audio?

Apple’s software update released yesterday for the new HomePod may have altered the sound quality on its smart speaker. Many angry HomePod owners that installed the update yesterday have taken to

macOS 10.13.4 lands with eGPU support and business chat in iMessage

Mac owners can finally use an external GPU to boost their computing power now that Apple has released macOS 10.13.4 to the public. The software update has been in beta testing with developers for

Give your iPhone camera the feel of a DSLR [Deals]

Your iPhone takes great pictures, but it doesn’t feel like a camera. After all, cameras are easy to grip and hold steady, and that’s by design. But the design for phones focuses on being sleek and

The new iPad excites us! It’s true, and we’ll tell you why on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Apple has powered up the new iPad so much, it’s hard to resist! We’ll tell you why we’re so excited. Plus: What you need to know about iOS 11.3; everything Apple revealed at

Today in Apple history: Apple goes to war with The Beatles again

March 30, 2006: A court case begins that once again pits Apple Computer against Apple Corps, aka The Beatles’ record label and holding company. The lawsuit caps a long-running legal battle between the

You can soon see (and delete) everything Apple knows about you

Apple will soon let you download all the information it has stored about you, modify it, or even delete it. The privacy change is required by a new European law, but is also in-line with Apple’s

Review: OnePack backpack lives up to its roomy name

Marketing language often invites a reviewer to find the flaw in the claim. So skepticism was in order when the OnePack arrived with the declaration of being the “Most Functional Backpack.” I have a

HomePod gets first (disappointing) update

The software update Apple just released for the HomePod doesn’t include AirPlay 2, the most anticipated new feature. In fact, this new version doesn’t seem to have any enhancements, though maybe

iPhone app turns your annoying table-drumming into awesome music

Objeq is an enabler for table drummers. Tap out a rhythm on any surface, and this app will pick it up and process it into amazing-sounding percussion. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

How Facebook data scandal could boost Apple

Thanks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a backlash is brewing against the way tech giants like Facebook monetize data. This could result in government regulation, which has the potential to upend

How indie developers can use video to market their apps

This post is brought to you by MacPaw, maker of Setapp. As indie developers, we can get too caught up in how things work — what features our product has, what users can do with it. It often seems like

Apple beefs up Safari security with iOS 11.3

The just-released iOS 11.3 requires Safari users to tap in web pages to AutoFill their user names and passwords. This means extra work for you, but it’s also more secure. Another change in the latest

How to use Pages’ cool new Image Galleries

Pages 4.0 adds Image Galleries to your documents. They look amazing whether you're just creating as presentation, or creating an eBook. Here's how to use them. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

watchOS 4.3 launches with new Nightstand mode, music controls and more

Apple Watch owners can finally download the first big software update of 2018 for Apple’s wearable. watchOS 4.3 launched to the public this morning, adding a bunch of small new features and

Week’s best Apple deals: Get the new iPad at discount!

An iPad sale? Already?!? If you want to save on the new iPad that Apple unveiled this week, you’re in luck. Best Buy is offering the tablet at the best price with a store gift card. Plus, save on