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Netflix calls itself the ‘anti-Apple’ at its own peril

As the current king of the streaming video world, Netflix knows it’s got a target on its back — and it’s certainly sweating because Apple wants to steal its crown. So Netflix is using a tactic once

Apple should battle smartphone addiction, iPod creator says

Former Apple executive, father of the iPod and current Nest CEO Tony Fadell wants Apple to do more to battle smartphone addiction. In a newly published op-ed, Fadell argues that it would be “easy” for

Best Apple Watch chargers, stands and cases for Series 3 [Updated]

From pocket-size, portable chargers to sleek, modernist stands and cases, Cult of Mac Watch Store has your Apple Watch Series 3 charging needs covered. We’ve rounded up our favorite stands and docks

How Apple could use its massive cash pile to educate the world

Apple’s got a pile of cash on hand that’s estimated to exceed $285 billion. So how should it spend it? Over the years, we’ve heard plenty of ideas — ranging from buying Disney to giving large sums of

Today in Apple history: Cupertino disputes so-called ‘Apple tax’

April 16, 2009: Apple hits back at Microsoft following an advertisement that criticizes Cupertino for failing to sell decent laptops for less than $1,000. “A PC is no bargain when it doesn’t do what

Apple Watch could finally get support for third-party faces

A watchOS update could finally add support for third-party Apple Watch faces soon. Apple Watch fans have been calling for third-party face support since the device made its debut three years ago. A

Swollen batteries in Apple Watch 2 get free repairs

The battery in an Apple Watch 2 can fail, and even swell up. This is a rare problem, but Apple will fix the watch if it occurs. Swelling is a problem that has long plagued lithium-ion batteries from

Wavelength, Project Highrise, and other amazing apps of the week

Record and publish your own microcasts, play as an architect and building manager, and have your illusions about the state of the world set right in this week's app roundup. (via Cult of Mac - Tech

Learn the inner workings of ads and marketing on Facebook [Deals]

One thing the last few weeks has taught us is that marketing on Facebook is effective. Of course, most people aren’t using the platform to exploit people, but to connect to the widest possible

Today in Apple history: Apple scrambles to fix doomed Apple III

April 15, 1981: Apple CEO Mike Markkula defends the struggling Apple III with a surprisingly straightforward admission, even as the company pushes an unorthodox “fix” for the computer’s hardware

Today in Apple history: Macintosh 512Ke further enhances the Mac

April 14, 1986: The “low-cost” Macintosh 512Ke brings hardware upgrades — and a bit of confusion — to the low end of the Mac lineup. The Mac 512Ke is an “enhanced” (hence the “e”) model of the Mac

Save 95 percent on over 100 hours of coding lessons [Deals]

The need for coders is only getting stronger. So if you’re looking for a way to boost your marketability, learning coding is one of the best ways. But where to start? This bundle of coding lessons,

Cult of Mac Magazine: How Apple Watch could shape up for fitness, and more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: When it comes to fitness apps on Apple Watch, sometimes it feels like Cupertino is running before it can walk. Fancy new features like Heart Rate Recovery are very

Cameras might soon bust drivers who use iPhones

Cameras that automatically give tickets to speeders are old news. So are red-light cameras. Now Australia is exploring using cameras to ticket motorists who are on their cell phones while driving.

Congress criticizes FBI quest for iPhone ‘backdoor’

Congress has called the FBI on the carpet for its attempt to require Apple to build a backdoor into the iPhone. A letter went out today from a bi-partisan group of representatives accusing the law

See the gold iPhone X revealed by FCC filing

Apple never made a gold version of the iPhone X, but there are rumors that will change soon. And the FCC added weight to these by releasing a picture of Apple’s flagship smartphone in that color. The

This microcasting app is the easiest way to podcast on iPhone

Wavelength is the easiest way to create a podcast on iPhone. You can record, edit, and publish a microcast as easily as posting a Tweet. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Leaked Apple memo details efforts to stop leaks

Apple issued a stern warning to employees this week about leaking confidential information to the media. In a leaked memo detailing Apple’s efforts to stop leaks, the company says it caught 29 leakers

No, Apple isn’t killing iTunes music sales

Apple flatly denies a persistent rumor that it’s going to end iTunes music sales on March 31, 2019. The basis for the rumor is vague statement from an Apple Music executive and a change in way most

Cheaper HomePod might be in the works

HomePod sales have fallen well below expectations, according to one of the best Apple analysts in the game. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors today that Apple is considering making a