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From Silicon Valley to Da Vinci: 2017’s most gripping tech books

Looking for a great book to bury yourself in to escape the winter chill (or simply the demands of visiting relatives)? Fortunately, as far as tech-focused books go, 2017 was a great year. Here are our

Apple’s first Saudi Arabia retail store could open as soon as 2019

Apple is in discussions to open a retail store in Saudi Arabia in 2019, a new report claims. At present, Apple is in second place in the Saudi market behind Samsung. Despite this, it has no direct

Walk into 2018 with iOS 11 coding skills [Deals]

2017 was a beast of a year, so let’s best it in 2018. A solid resolution for anyone to make is to learn some new skills. And one thing that definitely hasn’t changed since last year is the value of

South Korean regulator wants answers from Apple about slowing old iPhones

South Korea’s broadcasting and telecom regulator, the Korea Communications Commission, wants an explanation from Apple as to why it purposely slowed down old iPhones. “We are hoping to get some

Today in Apple history: Stock ‘backdating’ scandal hits Steve Jobs

December 28, 2006: As the rest of the country enjoys a much-deserved holiday, Apple gets embroiled in a stock “backdating” scandal. The news, centered on the dubious awarding of stock options to Steve

Tim Cook will take home $102 million this year

Apple has had a great year, and CEO Tim Cook is being rewarded accordingly. According to a new report, Cook will take home a massive $102 million this year, composed of both his $3.06 million salary

Original source code for Apple’s ill-fated Lisa will be made public next year

Apple isn’t the most transparent of companies when it comes to its technology, but from next year you’ll be able to dive into the code of one of its most revolutionary operating systems to see how it

Best Mac games of 2017

Game developers are embracing macOS like never before, which means Windows isn’t the only place to get the greatest titles anymore. The past year brought us a ton of terrific Mac games, from intense

This tiny cube connects your iPhone to guitars and microphones

Focusrite’s iTrack One Pre might be the ultimate portable recording gadget for musicians. It’s a little cube that fits in a pocket, but that packs in connections for a microphone and a guitar, as well

Best (and most memorable) Apple ads of 2017

Apple’s pretty darn good when it comes to advertising, and 2017 was no exception. Whether it was Portrait mode, AirPods or the iPhone X, creatives working on Apple ads found new and exciting ways to

Best iOS games of 2017

2017 has been one heck of a year for iOS gaming fans. From action-oriented arcade blasters to strategy games so deep they should come with a warning, just about every genre has been well represented.

How to set up and use your brand new AirPods

Got some new AirPods? Here's how to set them up, get the most out of them, and fix anything that goes wrong. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

This app makes your online reading list more manageable [Deals]

One thing we all have in common is browser tab overload. With all the amazing content online, you’ll inevitably pile up more than you can ever read before the laptop battery dies. That makes EmailThis

Huawei executive arrested for allegedly taking bribes

The China sales head of Huawei Technologies’ smartphone division has been arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes. According to an internal memo sent to staff, Teng Hongfei was detained for, “the

Kanye West gifted his wife Apple stock for Christmas

Kanye West is an Apple fan. So what better Christmas gift for him to buy his wife, Kim Kardashian, than AAPL stock? Kardashian shared her surprising story online, saying that West gifted her the

Today in Apple history: Second-gen Apple TV hits 1 million sales

December 27, 2010: Almost four months after the second-gen Apple TV’s debut, Cupertino says it has sold 1 million of the streaming video devices. The news shows that Apple’s set-top box is gaining

Apple is searching for new modem chip suppliers to replace Qualcomm

Apple has reportedly shifted half of its baseband modem chipsets for iOS devices to Intel from Qualcomm, and is now considering shifting additional orders to Taiwanese manufacturer MediaTek. The news

Udemy classes cost just 10 bucks through December 29

This post is presented by Udemy. Massively online open courses have transformed learning. Thanks to MOOCs, pretty much anyone with an internet connection and a desire to learn can receive a vital

Cult of Mac’s 2018 Apple wish list

What will 2018 bring from Apple? Here's our list, including Face ID iPads, external storage for iOS, and… iCloud Capsule? (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Upgrade all your geekiest Christmas gifts [Deals]

Christmas is coming, and along with it (if you’re lucky) a bunch of cool new tech. Whether you’re getting a new iPhone, computer, mp3 player, or basically any device that carries a charge, we’ve