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Intel’s first chips with AMD graphics mean new hope for MacBook Pro

Unlikely duo Intel and AMD have delivered a new generation of Core processors with discrete Radeon RX Vega M graphics. They are the most powerful processors available for notebooks, Intel says, with

DJI’s new Osmo 2 gimbal makes smooth iPhone footage cheap

Capturing super-smooth video on your iPhone is about to get a lot easier (AND cheaper) thanks to the folks at DJI. Ahead of the opening day of CES 2018, DJI unveiled its newest handheld smartphone

Make 2018 the year you start speaking a new language [Deals]

With the new year comes a renewed energy to improve ourselves. But new year or not, it’s always the right time to expand your world by learning a new language. uTalk Language Education is offering a

This smoke detector can also run Siri and be an AirPlay 2 speaker

Want a smoke detector that can double as a premium HomeKit-enabled smart speaker? Of course you do, and smoke detector company First Alert is here to help. Debuting at CES 2018, First Alert’s Onelink

We could be waiting another 4-6 weeks for HomePod

Apple’s eagerly anticipated HomePod smart speaker will launch in the next four to six weeks, claim tech analysts at the research firm GBH Insights. The artificial intelligence-infused smart speaker,

iPhone X users report overheating, excessive data consumption

Life with an iPhone X isn’t as rosy as it should be for some adopters. Many report that their handsets are plagued by frequent overheating and excessive data consumption. Some have even resorted to

Today in Apple history: HP’s iPod comes out of the blue

January 8, 2004: The clumsily named Apple iPod + HP, a Hewlett-Packard-branded iPod, makes it debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Shown off by Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, the

This smart shower can be controlled by Siri

Even in the days of water-resistant iPhones, taking a shower with Siri sounds risky. But bathroom fixtures company Moen wants to make it possible, useful and, well, less dangerous with its new U by

Best Buy is already slashing the price of iMac Pro

If you’re lusting after iMac Pro but its $5,000 price tag is a little too steep, you might be interested to know that Best Buy has already begun slashing it. You can save $250 on the cheapest model

Latest Foxconn suicide raises concerns about working conditions

Another Foxconn worker committed suicide over the weekend at the firm’s phone assembly plant in Zhengzhou, China, according to U.S.-based Chinese workers’ rights organization China Labor Watch (CLW).

NVIDIA unleashes 65-inch TVs fit for gaming

NVIDIA has unleashed the world’s first lineup of big-screen TVs fit for gaming. They’re called BFGDs (Big Format Gaming Displays) and they’re capable of displaying 4K content at an ultra-fast 120Hz.

Apple shareholders demand study on smartphone addiction among kids

An activist investor and pension fund with shares in Apple is asking the company to respond to a “growing public-health crisis” concerning smartphone addiction among young people. Jana Partners and

Death Road to Canada, and other awesome apps of the week

A well-timed January update of one of my favorite games of the last year — combining road trip action and zombie invasion — is just of one of the picks for this week’s “Awesome Apps of the Week.” In

Score 2 terabytes of cloud storage for life [Deals]

Cloud storage has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. It’s ideal for a layer of backup, staying organized, or just an easy way to access files without lugging around an external drive. But it can

Today in Apple history: Woz and Jobs reunite onstage

January 7, 1997: Steve Wozniak returns to Apple to participate in an advisory role, reuniting with co-founder Steve Jobs onstage at the Macworld Expo. Woz’s Cupertino homecoming is revealed at the end

Today in Apple history: Apple is back in the black

January 6, 1998: After taking over a company on the verge of bankruptcy, Steve Jobs shocks attendees at San Francisco’s Macworld Expo by revealing that Apple is profitable again. Referring to Apple’s

Name your price for a complete coding education [Deals]

It’s as true in 2018 as it was in 2017: coding is one of the most marketable skills you can learn. Learning any new skill can feel intimidating, but with the right instruction it’s possible for anyone

Cult of Mac Magazine: Why you shouldn’t panic over iPhone and Mac CPU flaws, and more!

A nasty CPU flaw that leaves computer users’ most sensitive data at risk is also present in iPhone and iPad processors, Apple confirmed Thursday. The “Spectre” bug has been discovered in the mobile

How to reopen a recently closed tab in Safari on iOS

Did you know that there's a open-tap track to show all your recently-closed Safari tabs? (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

App Store and Google Play raked in $60 billion last year

2017 was a great year to be an app developer, based on new data that show smartphone users spent more money than ever on apps last year. According to a new report from Sensor Tower, customers spent