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Redheads and superheroes included in 150+ new emojis for 2018

The Unicode Consortium has approved more than 150 new emoji characters that will likely be headed to iOS and macOS later this year. The new emojis set finally includes male and female faces with red

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs flips out over iPad tweet

February 8, 2010: Steve Jobs reportedly flips out over a tweet sent from an iPad by a Wall Street Journal editor. The reason? Apple showed the iPad to top staffers at the news outlet months ahead of

Apple parts ways with Amazing Stories showrunner

The Amazing Stories TV show anthology Apple recently purchased is already running into problems. Showrunner Bryan Fuller has reportedly exited the project that is a reboot of Steven Spielberg’s old

Apple hiring spree means something big is on the way

Something hot is brewing in Apple’s hardware department. Apple has been busy hiring a record number of engineers over the last few months. The move comes after the company also went on a designer

How to see Cult of Mac stories at the top of your Facebook feed

Significant changes to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm mean you might not be seeing as much news as usual. Facebook started prioritizing posts from friends over posts from pages and publications. While

This shotgun-style microphone is perfect for YouTube shooters [Review]

Since I started running Cult of Mac‘s YouTube channel, I’ve been striving for the best visuals and audio possible. Compare our latest videos with some of our earlier ones, and you should see

This gamified productivity app will make you love Mondays

This post is presented by Anyone with a busy schedule knows how checking off the list can either feel like climbing up a hill or running down one. One surefire way to get people moving

China busts bogus Apple store

The Chinese governement is finally starting to crack down on fake Apple stores and service centers that look just like the real deal. Authorities in Beijing fined a store 270,000 yuan (US$43,000)

How to disable iOS 11.3’s new battery Performance Management feature

iOS 11.3 lets you switch off the features that stops your iPhone from shutting down unexpectedly. It's called Performance Management, and you should probably leave it alone. (via Cult of Mac - Tech

Alipay becomes first third-party payments service accepted by Apple stores

Apple is making a big change to the way it accepts payments at its stores in China this week. As part of its effort to increase sales in the second most important iPhone market, Apple is now embracing

Why Apple won’t need to throttle iPhone 8 or iPhone X so severely

Apple won’t need to throttle the performance of iPhone 8 or iPhone X so severely as they age. Its latest devices use more advanced hardware and a different power management system that allows iOS to

Apple Watch detects diabetes with 85% accuracy

Figuring out if you have diabetes could soon be as easy as strapping on an Apple Watch. A new study from Cardiogram shows that by using heart rate monitors on wearables like the Apple Watch, neural

Microsoft Cortana comes to iPad

Microsoft Cortana is now available on iPad. The smart assistant comes with all the features you’ve been enjoying on iPhone since July, combined with an interface that’s optimized for massive iPad

This app can help you budget your finances for the future [Deals]

Saving money is one of the most important things you can do, and one of the most difficult. We’re told to invest our money in a 401k, the stock market or, by some dubious sources, in cryptocurrency.

Apple apologizes for ‘processing error’ with developer reports

Apple has apologized to developers after sending Search Ads Basic reports to the wrong people. It blames the issue on a “processing error” and says future reports will require users to sign into their

Apple’s next partnership could make its gadgets more affordable

Cupertino is in talks with Goldman Sachs over a deal that could mean cheaper finance on Apple products, according to a new report. The investment bank already raised billions of dollars for Apple, but

Today in Apple history: Steve Wozniak survives a plane crash

February 7, 1981: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is involved in a serious plane crash, resulting in his first lengthy leave of absence from the company. At the time, Wozniak is flying a turbocharged

Happy Valentine’s! Get an extra $10 on every gadget trade-in

With only one week until Valentine’s Day, we’re here to help pump up your budget. Whether you’re taking out your special someone or just consuming dangerous amounts of ice cream alone, we’re giving

Apple seeds macOS 10.13.4 beta 2 to developers

Hot on the heels of the release of iOS 11.3 beta 2 this morning, Apple has decided to put out a brand new beta for macOS 10.13.4. The new beta arrives nearly two weeks after Apple seeded the first

Drag-and-drop the news with Lire RSS reader

Lire is a great RSS reader for iOS, and it now supports full drag-and-drop. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)