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WeChat users in China can soon resume tipping

Nearly 1 billion users of Chinese messaging app WeChat will soon be able to resume sending tips to content creators with their iPhones. Tipping a fellow user is a big part of the popular social media

Today in Apple history: Macintosh Plus brings big changes to Mac

January 16, 1986: Apple introduces the Macintosh Plus, its third Mac model and the first to be released after Steve Jobs was forced out of the company the previous year. The Mac Plus is also the first

Nintendo Switch games could be coming to macOS

Nintendo Switch games could soon be popping up on macOS. The team behind a popular Nintendo 3DS emulator for Mac is hard at work on a new Switch emulator called Yuzu. It will eventually allow fans to

Speedometer 2.0 lets you put your browser speed through its paces

Apple has released Speedometer 2.0, a benchmark that lets you test your browser’s web app responsiveness. The tool is part of Apple’s contribution to WebKit, a collaboration between Apple, Adobe

Chinese consumer group demands action concerning iPhone slowdowns

A Chinese consumer group is joining the number of organizations and individuals asking Apple for more information about its purposeful slowing down of older iPhones as their batteries degrade. In a

Belkin Boost Up is a handy ‘wireless’ charging cradle for iPhone

The new Belkin Boost Up: Finally, a 'wireless' charging pad that's better than using a cable. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

What you need to know when buying a new TV

By Allison Martin You walk into the store expecting to choose a television in record time. But while that may sound appealing, the TV-buying process is often more complex. With so many sizes and

How to type Slack-style keyboard emojis on Mac

The Rocket app for macOS adds Slack-style keyboard shortcuts for quickly typing emoji, which is way, way better than the Mac's built-in emoji browser. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Longtime holdout Toyota finally embraces CarPlay

Toyota has confirmed it will finally embrace CarPlay in its 2019 Avalon and other vehicles launching this year. The Japanese firm is one of the last major automakers to adopt Apple’s platform, which

The HyperDrive hub is a MacBook owner’s dream

The HyperDrive 8-in-1 USB-C hub is a MacBook owner’s dream. With all the ports you’ll ever need on the go, plus a built-in Qi charging pad, it’s ideal for connecting all your peripherals and keeping

Apple pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

As it has for years, Apple is commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day by changing the image on its homepage and displaying a quote from the legendary civil rights leader. “The time is always

The cool paraphernalia found in an Apple veteran’s desk drawer

Clearing out your desk can be a great way of discovering paraphernalia you’d long since forgotten you owned. Things are no different if you’re a long-time Apple employee, packing up your office at 1

Master the dark arts of Microsoft Excel [Deals]

If you work in an office, you probably work with Microsoft Office Suite. And of all the apps, Excel is perhaps the most useful for any professional to master. But it’s a complicated application, and

Apple named in class-action lawsuit alongside AMD and Intel

Apple has been named in a class-action lawsuit alongside AMD and Intel. The case filed in Israel, one of many expected to hit major chip manufacturers, comes after the discovery of the Meltdown and

Apple shows off ARKit and note-taking in new iPad Pro ads

Apple debuted two ads over the weekend, both showing off features of the iPad Pro, running iOS 11. The first ad, “Take Notes,” depicts how the Apple Pencil can let people write down handwritten notes,

Today in Apple history: MacBook Air becomes ‘world’s thinnest notebook’

January 15, 2008: Steve Jobs shows off the first MacBook Air at the Macworld conference, calling the revolutionary computer the “world’s thinnest notebook.” The 13.3-inch laptop measures only 0.76

MacBook won’t get a major upgrade in 2018

Apple has no plans for a major upgrade to its MacBook line this year, a report claims. The last time Apple gave a major upgrade to the MacBook was in 2016, when Apple introduced the Touch Bar.

Drone flyover video shows Apple Park open for business

More than six years after Steve Jobs pitched it to the Cupertino City Council, and more than four after it was given the official go-ahead, Apple Park is officially open. In a spectacular new drone

OurPact, Kraino, and other awesome apps of the week

An app to help parents keep track of what their kids are doing on their iPhones is just one of our picks for “Awesome Apps of the Week.” In addition, we’ve got a pair of fun retro-style platformers,

Learn how to get in on the freelancing game [Deals]

The job market is changing fast. So while all sorts of gigs are changing or vanishing, freelancing has become a more and more practical way to get work. But when charting your own career course, it