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Learn to code in iOS by building working apps [Deals]

Learning the development process for iOS is a great way to build up your resume. It’s also a great way to break into a space with massive creative and commercial potential. Right now, we’re having a

What supercycle? Interest in latest iPhones nears all-time low

Interest in Apple’s latest handsets is nearing an all-time low in the United States. A survey among customers with three of the largest carriers reveals the number of iPhone owners who plan to upgrade

Yes, you’ll be able to mute ‘always listening’ HomePod

New icons uncovered in the latest iOS 11.2.5 developer build confirm that, yes, HomePod owners will be able to disable the microphone on Apple’s smart speaker should so they wish to do so. Given

Today in Apple history: Super Bowl Mac ad airs against the odds

January 22, 1984: Apple’s stunning “1984” commercial for the Macintosh 128K airs on CBS during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII. Probably the most famous TV ad for a computer in history, the

Apple teams up with Malala Fund to support girls’ education

Apple has teamed up with Malala Fund to support girls’ education around the world. The iPhone-maker will become the fund’s first Laureate partner and will help double the number of grants awarded by

Tim Cook will return to Duke for 2018 commencement address

Tim Cook will give the commencement address for Duke University’s graduating class on May 13, 2018. Cook is a 1988 MBA graduate of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, as well as a member of

Hearst family ranch provides solar power to Apple Park

California’s historic Hearst cattle ranch is being used as a hybrid solar farm to provide power for Apple — partly thanks to Steve Jobs. The Hearst ranch takes up 150,000 acres, split across two

Apple’s latest iPhone X ad invokes the spirit of Muhammad Ali

Apple debuted a new ad for the iPhone X over the weekend. The 30-second commercial advertises the iPhone X’s Portrait Lighting selfie feature, and includes narration from the iconic boxing heavyweight

Cytus II, AudioStretch, and other awesome apps of the week

A futuristic, sci-fi rhythm game called Cytus II is just of one of our picks for this week’s “Awesome Apps of the Week.” In addition, we’ve got a great music transcription app, a frantic

Create and lead a thriving society in Civilization VI [Deals]

Most fans of computer gaming will be familiar with the epic Civilization series. It’s a turn-based strategy game that challenges players to build and sustain a thriving global society. Spanning from

Today in Apple history: Letterpad gives us a preview of Apple Watch gaming

January 21, 2015: Months before the first Apple Watch goes on sale, users get a glimpse at what playing games might look like on the wearable. Thanks to Apple making the WatchKit API available to

Today in Apple history: Sequel to ‘1984’ Mac ad bombs hard

January 20, 1985: Apple attempts to build on the triumph of the previous year’s “1984” Macintosh commercial with another Super Bowl ad. Called “Lemmings,” the ad for a new business platform called

This slender camera goes where your iPhone wouldn’t dare [Deals]

Endoscopic cameras aren’t just for surgeons and spies. A compact, flexible, high definition camera can also be a seriously handy (and fun) tool. This WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera is a great

Cult of Mac Magazine: Apple says it will add $350 billion to U.S. economy and more!

Apple’s big tax break is about to unleash an avalanche of spending from the iPhone-maker. In a public statement earlier this week, Apple revealed its plans to contribute $350 billion to the U.S.

The Atlas is the perfect holdall for office weaklings who dream of joining a gym

Why go to the gym when your bag can trick people into believing you go to the gym? That bag is the Waterfield Atlas. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple raids Silicon Valley Data Science for new hires

Apple’s data team just got a big talent boost after the company raided a local Silicon Valley consultant firm in hiring spree of data scientists. Some of Silicon Valley Data Science’s key employees

How to add sketches and diagrams to emails in iOS 11

Adding a drawing to your emails can make your point a lot clearer than hundreds of words of waffling. Here's how to add drawings, and how to mark up photos, all inside the iOS Mail app. (via Cult of

Def Leppard’s entire collection is now on Apple Music

Get ready to pour some Def Leppard into your Apple Music playlists. The British rock band has finally released its full collection of albums on Apple Music and other streaming services after years of

Week’s best Apple deals: Save big on refurbished iPhones

If you need a new phone, but not necessarily a brand new one, you can save some cash by going with a refurb. This week, we found a selection of refurbished iPhones — in a variety of shapes, sizes and

Instagram Stories is getting GIF support with Giphy search

Instagram Stories is getting another interesting new feature — and this time it wasn’t stolen from Snapchat. Users in a number of markets are noticing they now have the ability to post GIFs, which