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These wild inkjet-printed outfits make tie-dyes look tame

Epson held a fashion show in New York City this week to showcase its crazy fabric printing technology. With the help of 13 designers, and its special SureColor F-Series printers, the company put

New Apple Watch site pushes you to ‘close your rings’

Apple is pushing Apple Watch owners to get healthier with a new “Close Your Rings” webpage. It teaches you why it’s important to take advantage of the activity and fitness tracking features on your

Google just crippled image search, and people are angry

Google just made two big changes to image search, and you’re not going to like either of them. In addition to killing off the “view image” button, the company has removed the ability to “search by

HP is now selling Apple devices

HP is now selling Apple devices through its Device as a Service (DaaS) program. iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices join the existing catalog of Android and Windows options available to enterprise

Make redecorating your house feel like a VR video game [Deals]

It’s tough to imagine how new furniture or room arrangements will look. That is, until you’ve actually lugged the various pieces into place. So redecorating your house can be a real drag, literally.

The hype is real, HomePod is incredible … catch our discussion on The CultCast

Friends, HomePod is even better than the hype! It’s one of the best products Apple’s ever made. Don’t miss our discussion on The CultCast. Plus: HomePod versus the rivals; the big HomePod flaw you

Apple is hurrying to deliver a fix for latest iMessage bug

Apple knows that it has a problem with the newly discovered iOS bug which blocks access to messaging apps — and it promises you won’t have to wait until iOS 11.3 for a solution. According to Apple,

Today in Apple history: Pismo PowerBook is a multimedia powerhouse

February 16, 2000: Apple introduces the “Pismo” PowerBook, the best of its G3 laptops. In the view of many, it’s one of Apple’s best laptops ever. The Pismo PowerBook is the first not to include SCSI

Developers must ensure apps are optimized for iPhone X

Apple wants iOS developers to make sure that they are creating their new apps with the iPhone X in mind. According to the company’s newly updated developer guidelines, all apps submitted to the App

Apple Park employees have already injured themselves walking into glass walls

Apple employees have only just moved into the new Apple Park headquarters, and there are a few teething problems they’re dealing with in the short term. One of those? The fact that at least two people

Apple wants to make sure you know about Apple Pay Cash

Apple has sent out an email blast to iCloud customers promoting its peer-to-peer money transferring service Apple Pay Cash. Apple’s email advertising comes days after Tim Cook admitted to shareholders

Week’s best Apple deals: Get free Apple TV 4K with 3 months of DirecTV Now

This week, check off a couple New Year’s resolutions. First, you can cut the cable cord with the best deal yet on Apple TV 4K. Then, get fit with Bose sport headphones and a free heartbeat-tracking

Apple renews Carpool Karaoke for second season

Apple’s most successful original TV show is coming back for a second act. Carpool Karaoke has reportedly been greenlit for a second season, bringing even more odd celebrity pairings and silly singing

Google Maps for iOS just made your commute easier

Google today rolled out a new Maps update for iOS that makes accessing commute information easier than ever. A new one-tap access bar at the bottom of the app lets you quickly view nearby restaurants

This leather HomePod coaster saves tables from ugly white rings

Apple’s HomePod is leaving its mark on wooden tables across the globe, but the folks at Pad & Quill have already come up with an elegant solution to save your furniture from ugly white rings. Pad

How to use a USB drive with Files on iOS

iPad owners can now browse the Sandisk iXpand USB Drive from within the iOS 11 Files app. Here's how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

VW’s electric cars will be inspired by Apple design

Volkswagen’s top designer is looking to Apple for some design inspiration Apple abandoned its plan to build its own car from the wheels up, but car fans might still see some Apple-inspired autos

Sonos speakers can also damage your wood

It turns out that HomePod isn’t the only fancy speaker that can stain wooden tables. One Sonos user has discovered the same problem caused by a Sonos One. Just like HomePod, it has silicone on its

Keychain Game Boys, iPad smart pens and more [Crowdfund Roundup]

Apple’s upcoming AirPower charger is expected to cost a small fortune when it finally makes its debut (who knows when that will be). But there are more affordable options — like Plux, which also

Snapchat won’t back down on controversial redesign

Snapchat’s not rolling back its new design, despite more than 1 million people (and counting) signing a petition for it to do so. The company recently debuted its new layout — designed to separate