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How to get VIP email pushed to your iPhone instantly

If you set it up right, you can have your iPhone push important VIP email notifications the moment they're sent, while ignoring the rest of your inbox. Here's how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Save big: Refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 lands on Apple store

There’s no better time than now to get a cheap deal on the Apple Watch Series 3, now that Apple is starting to sell refurbished units. Apple’s online store stocked up on refurbished Apple Watch Series

Apple could source local chipsets for Chinese iPhones

Apple may be expanding its supply chain further by buying storage chips from the Chinese memory chipmaker Yangtze Memory Technologies, a new report states. What makes this interesting is that the

This hidden Apple Watch feature tells you if your workouts are doing any good

It’s all very well to know how far you ran, cycled and swam. But the whole point of exercise is not just to clock the miles. It’s supposed to make you more fit. So, how do you know if all those sweaty

iPhone’s controversial notch could shrink in 2018

The iPhone’s controversial “notch” will get smaller this year, according to one group of investors. Apple is expected to integrate Face ID into all three handsets it has planned for 2018. A smaller

Train your brain to become a speed-reading machine [Deals]

One of the key secrets of super successful people is that they read. A lot. After all, Elon Musk didn’t learn how to build cars or rockets by watching YouTube videos; he’s got a daily diet of books.

YouTube TV hikes prices after adding new channels

YouTube TV has hiked its prices after adding a whole bunch of new channels. The service, which came to Apple TV earlier this month, now hosts Turner networks like CNN, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network —

Treat yourself to 10 percent off Twist-O-Flex bands this Valentine’s Day [Watch Store]

Note: For Valentine’s Day only, all of Speidel’s iconic Twist-O-Flex Apple Watch bands are 10 percent off! Perfect for him or her. Today’s all about showing the one you love just how much you care. I

Pro-grade acoustic tests find HomePod delivers on its promises

Professional grade acoustic tests appear to confirm that the HomePod is indeed the real deal as far as speakers go. Apple has been talking up its smart adaptive speaker and high-end audio processing

Google Chrome ad blocker could prove good for everyone (even publishers)

Google will roll out an awesome Chrome ad blocker Thursday that takes aim at some of the most invasive forms of online advertising. The new Chrome ad-blocking feature won’t annihilate ads entirely.

Today in Apple history: Intel and Microsoft face lawsuit for stealing Apple code

February 14, 1995: Apple Computer extends a lawsuit against developer San Francisco Canyon Company to also include Microsoft and Intel. The lawsuit concerns code allegedly stolen from Apple and used

Apple says that Apple Park campus is a ‘no drone zone’

Apple has no time for your drones! Yesterday was Apple’s annual investors meeting, and one of the attendees tweeted this photo of signage erected at Apple Park declaring it a “no drone zone.” Given

Apple’s new 6.1-inch iPhone is expected to sell like crazy

Apple’s upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone will be a smash hit, according to one reliable analyst. It is expected to become the most popular model in the 2018 lineup, thanks mostly to its more affordable price

Tim Cook says keeping Apple’s secrets are ‘the bane my existence’

When you’re a company the size of Apple and under the scrutiny that Apple is, keeping secrets is hard. That’s what Tim Cook told investors during Tuesday’s annual investors meeting, during which he

Flipboard CEO (verbally) flips off Apple News

The CEO and co-founder of Flipboard has some harsh words for Apple’s rival Apple News aggregation app. Speaking at the Code Media conference, Mike McCue said that Apple News is “a product … living in

Tim Cook wants to see money die

The end of money can’t come soon enough for Apple CEO Tim Cook. During Apple’s annual shareholders meeting today, Cook told investors that mobile payments like Apple Pay haven’t taken off quite as

Zens brings super-fast wireless charging to your iPhone

Wireless charging was never so fast, unless you use Android. Zens Qi pads are quicker than many others. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Kevin Durant scores TV show deal with Apple

The life of Kevin Durant is set to be the inspiration for Apple’s next major TV show. Apple has been scooping up TV shows like crazy the last few months and the latest project to get the iPhone

Stop other HomePod users from polluting your music recommendations

It's easy to stop other people's listening preferences from polluting your own Apple Music Listening History. Here's how to switch it off and on. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

This hilarious video is the only HomePod review you need to watch

HomePod may not be the smartest speaker on the market, but it packs some serious skills where it matters the most: sound. Now that we’ve had a few days to play with HomePod and compare it to