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Today in Apple history: New card runs Apple II software on Macs

March 1, 1991: Apple introduces the Apple IIe Card, a $199 peripheral that lets users turn Macs into fully functioning Apple IIe computers. The ability to emulate the popular Apple IIe computer on a

Real wood bands turn Apple Watch into something extraordinary

Nature is truly present in the Teton Wood Apple Watch band in Zebrawood by Wood Mark Watches. The wood for this special band comes from a species of tree found and sourced in Central Africa. Known for

Dual-display clamshell iPad? Touchscreen MacBook? Either could happen

Apple has been granted a patent for a laptop with a second display in place of the keyboard. This could take the iPad Pro to the next level, or be the touchscreen MacBook many have asked for. Or,

iPhone sweeps Consumer Reports’ best camera list

The camera is a major feature of any smartphone, and Consumer Reports says Apple makes the best. All three of top models in the magazine’s latest ranking of top phone cameras are iPhones, as are six

Fitbit’s next Apple Watch competitor doesn’t look too ugly

The Apple Watch might finally be getting some worthy competition from Fitbit. Images of Fitbit’s new wearable leaked online this week and even though it doesn’t pack all the features of Apple Watch

Developer demos ‘portable hole’ augmented reality effect with ARKit

Taking a journey down virtual rabbit holes may not be far away. With the Pokemon Go craze now a thing of the past, developers are looking for other uses for augmented reality. Peder Norrby has created

Spotify is finally going public

Apple Music’s biggest competition is about to get an influx of Wall Street cash. Spotify finally filed documents for an initial public offering, after rumors of going public had been floating around

Remaster music on your iPhone or iPad with Grand Finale

Grand Finale is a universal app that lets you master music on an iPad or iPhone. An iPhone! (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Cool new HealthKit gadgets can measure practically anything

BARCELONA, Spain — Smart sperm testers, body cavity inspectors, Bluetooth pillows, holographic jump ropes and contactless thermometers. It’s all just another day at Mobile World Congress, where more

This could be the best Mac cleaner for your money

This post is presented by Trendmicro, maker of Dr. Cleaner. Spring is coming, and the urge to tidy up follows close behind. Of course, our computers can get just as cluttered as our homes. We use all

Musicians: Here’s how to lock down your iPad to prevent accidents on stage

Guided Access lists you disable parts of the iPad/iPhone screen so you don't accidentally check your email in the middle of a gig. Here's how to set it up. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through

Old iPhones destroy Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S9 in speed tests

Samsung’s newly announced flagship Galaxy S9 phone is getting destroyed by the iPhone in early benchmark tests. It’s far, far slower than Apple’s recent models and even much slower than the two-year

Pro Tip: How to use Safari’s super-quick pop-up tab history shortcut

This tip will show you how to quickly pull up a list of recently-seen tabs in Mobile Safari. It's like a pop-up mini history for each tab. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

6 things Apple should do to fix Siri

Siri kind of sucks, despite its increasingly prominent role in the Apple ecosystem. With the general verdict on the HomePod being “great speaker, shame about Siri,” what does Apple need to do in order

Find out if iOS 11 jailbreak is right for you

iOS 11 finally has its first jailbreak with Cydia support. If you’re yet to use our guide to installing Electra 1.0.1, which supports all of Apple’s latest devices, you need to check out this list of

Worries arise as Apple hands over iCloud accounts to China

Apple has completed the transition of iCloud accounts registered in China to state-run Chinese servers, and privacy and human rights advocates are (rightfully) worried. In addition to transferring the

4 tools that make iPhone a better road warrior [Deals]

Your iPhone makes daily life a lot easier. But when driving, the most you can expect is getting directions. That’s why we’ve rounded up four awesome iPhone car accessories. From smart license plates

Apple Watch can now track snowboarding and skiing activities

The Apple Watch continues its mission to become the most versatile fitness trackers around, with Apple today introducing the ability for Apple Watch Series 3 wearers to track detailed information

OnePlus 6 could be next iPhone X ‘notch’ thief

Haters greeted the iPhone X’s “notch” with overwhelming criticism, and yet, a growing number of rival smartphone makers are stealing it. OnePlus is another one of them, according to these leaked

Tekken card battler smashes its way onto iPhones

Like Tekken? Have an iPhone? Then you might just want to check out Tekken Mobile, a new worldwide release of the iOS fighting game that soft-launched this past summer. Unlike it’s console big brother,