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FBI seeks industry help unlocking iPhones and other devices

The FBI wants the tech industry to help unlock thousands of smartphones and tablets involved in criminal cases each year. FBI Director Christopher Wray did not single out any companies during his talk

Gorgeous iOS 12 concept fixes Apple Music’s ugliest problems

iOS 12 will focus on fixing all the problems plaguing iPhone and iPad users. This concept imagines what it could do for Apple Music. It showcases a gorgeous new design with improved controls, and a

Cheaper HomePod might lead Apple’s push for lower prices

Apple is prepping more-affordable versions of its new HomePod smart speaker and other pricey devices, according to an unconfirmed report out of Asia. Apple’s business model is to offer top quality at

How to get the iPad’s keyboard shortcut cheat sheet on Mac

Did you ever wish that the iPad's excellent keyboard-shortcut viewer was available on the Mac? The good news is that there's a free app called CheatSheet that does exactly that. (via Cult of Mac -

Alexa’s random, creepy laugh scares the crap out of people

Anyone afraid that the robot apocalypse is imminent might head to the panic room now: Reports are coming in that Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker has begun laughing all on its own. People who claim to

Apple might drop new iPad Pro with Face ID in June

Apple will deliver a revamped iPad Pro during the June quarter of this year, according to a new report. Inspired by the iPhone X, the device is expected to have significantly slimmer bezels and Face

How to give your Finder window superpowers

The Finder has all kinds of neat ways to view your files and to arrange your windows to make them as productive and convenient as possible. Here's how to activate them. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

How to make your iPhone speakers louder [Quick Tips]

Apple improves the speakers in iPhones, iPads and iPods with each release — usually making them louder than the previous generation. Still, people constantly complain that iPhones are not loud enough.

New LTE tech brings screaming speeds — but not to iPhones

T-Mobile has increased LTE speeds to a staggering 500Mbps in New York City. It has become the first carrier to test commercial Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) technology, which sends 4G signals over

Apple Music update fixes streaming issues on Android

Apple Music subscribers who use Android devices can now enjoy stable streaming. Apple’s latest update fixes the frustrating playback issues some users were facing on certain devices. It also adds the

For augmented reality maps to succeed, just add accuracy

The augmented reality revolution sparked by Apple’s ARKit needs a dash of accuracy if it’s really going to catch fire — especially when it comes to mapping. That’s why London developer Andrew Hart

Get a massive bundle of tools featuring Bizplan and lessons for startups [Deals]

We’re still in the midst of a startup boom. The model of small, scrappy business-building has resulted in a body of knowledge about how to succeed. It’s also led to a bevy of tools that can help

Divisive iPhone ‘notch’ could disappear as early as next year

It’s probably the most iconic aspect of Apple’s iPhone X design, but according to a new report Apple will get rid of the “notch” design for future handsets released as early as 2019. “Apple decided to

Today in Apple history: Macintosh Portrait Display goes large (and vertical)

March 7, 1989: Apple introduces the Macintosh Portrait Display, a 15-inch vertical grayscale monitor designed to show full pages on a single screen. Intended for word processing and desktop

Ah, gwanda blitz! The Sims Mobile arrives on iOS

After a lengthy period in soft launch, The Sims Mobile is finally available for download worldwide — and it looks impressively close to its desktop older sibling. As one of the top-selling game

No, the IRS won’t ask you to pay your ‘back taxes’ in iTunes vouchers

Do you find it suspicious that the Internal Revenue Service would allow you to pay back taxes with iTunes gift cards? That’s because it’s not true, and is in fact a scam. Sadly, it’s a scam that

Police officer resigns after stealing AirPods from Apple Store

The usual informal relationship between police and criminals is that criminals commit the crimes and the police catch them. A New Orleans police officer recently decided to shake things up, however,

Bidding for rare Mac prototype starts at 99 cents

A rare Macintosh prototype that was once rescued from the trash recently sold for more than $10,000 on eBay. But the winning bidder backed out and now, the clear-plastic Macintosh Portable M5126

mophie juice pack air for iPhone X in the offing

A mophie juice pack air for iPhone X has been approved, if not announced. The case will come with a built-in battery that supports wireless charging. The iPhone X has support for Qi wireless charging

These hand-woven nylon Apple Watch bands hit all the marks

Nylon bands for Apple Watch are in high demand for their comfort and versatility. Add in great engineering and style, and you’ve got the ideal strap to fit your everyday needs. Enter Casetify, a