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Shadowy startup offers to unlock iPhone X for Feds

Using a strong passcode makes the iPhone very secure, but two companies are now offering to unlock them. For a hefty price, of course. Israeli company Cellebrite has been in the business of unlocking

New iOS, macOS and tvOS betas move us closer to the real thing

Fresh beta versions of iOS 11.3, macOS 10.13.4 and tvOS 11.3 point to the full release of these new versions drawing nearer. Apple made the latest betas of these operating systems available to

Pro Tip: How to add blank spaces to your iPhone home screen grid

Ever wanted to add blank spaces to your home screen to better separate and organize the icons? Here's how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Google iOS app adds features Apple fans will love

The Google iOS app just added an iMessage extension that lets users conduct searches without leaving Apple’s chat app. Google also added a couple other features that should make life easier for Apple

How to control any app or website with your Mac’s media keys

BeardedSpice wrests control of your MAc's media keys back from iTunes, and automatically controls whichever app or website you want. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Why iPhone X fails to win some Apple loyalists

A Piper Jaffray survey of iPhone users who did not upgrade to the iPhone X came to a predictable conclusion: Most were satisfied with the performance of their current model and many find the X too

iPad magician wows Oscars crowd

Simon Pierro presented an Oscar for a new category: best reaction to a magician pulling an actual golden statuette from an iPad. Pierro, who travels the world as the iPad magician, capitalized on the

Microsoft Cortana is coming to Outlook for iOS

Microsoft is working to bring Cortana to its Outlook app for iOS. The virtual assistant will give users the ability to listen to their emails, which will be particularly useful in situations where you

Here’s what Rome: Total War looks like on iPhone

The classic PC strategy game Rome: Total War is coming to iPhone, and we couldn’t be more excited. The bad news? Developers Feral Interactive have announced that it is taking them a bit longer than

This awesome iPhone case doubles as a retro gaming console [Deals]

There was a time when the little glowing bricks we carried around were called Gameboys. Int those were simpler days, passing time meant burning through Tetris, not swiping through Tinder. The graphics

Apple isn’t taking its power management chips in-house just yet

Apple’s apparently not ready to produce its own power management chips, based on the fact that it has commissioned the design of new chips from partner Dialog Semiconductor, a new report claims.

Apple insiders warn of design ‘challenges’ with high-end headphones

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans have corroborated reports that the company is working on new over-the-ear headphones. The high-end cans are scheduled to launch later this year, but Apple is

Today in Apple history: The App Store hits 25 billion downloads

March 5, 2012: Apple reaches a staggering milestone, with 25 billion apps downloaded from the iOS App Store. The company celebrates the occasion with a giveaway titled the “25 Billion App Countdown.”

Microsoft teases helpful new features for Office on iOS

Microsoft is planning new improvements for Office on iOS that will rollout this month. The updates, which will be available to Office Insiders first, will improve collaborative working, make it easier

European Union could charge Apple tax based on its global revenue

Apple is among the tech giants which could be affected by a new European Union initiative that aims to tax tech multinationals at between 2 to 6 percent of their global revenue. News of the massive

Apple planning a more affordable MacBook Air for 2018

Apple will deliver a “more affordable” MacBook Air this year, according to one reliable analyst. The existing MacBook Air lineup remains pricey, despite being incredibly outdated. Apple asks customers

These are the 911 calls resulting from Apple Park employees walking into glass walls

Transcripts have been released for three of the emergency calls made earlier this year as the result of employees at Apple Park injuring themselves by walking into glass doors and walls. More than

ShotBox, Evoland 2, and other awesome apps of the week

A great instant markup app for Mac that lets you easily annotate screenshots is just one of our selections for this week’s “Awesome Apps of the Week.” In addition, we’ve got a great multifaceted

Today in Apple history: CFO Peter Oppenheimer retires from Apple

March 4, 2014: Peter Oppenheimer, the Apple chief financial officer who presided over a decade of skyrocketing growth, steps down from the company. After becoming Apple CFO in 2004, Oppenheimer saw

Today in Apple history: Homebrew Computer Club meets for first time

March 3, 1975: The Homebrew Computer Club, a hobbyist group that helps spark the personal computing revolution, holds it first meeting in Menlo Park, California. It becomes a welcome forum for