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Is HomePod love at first listen? It’s complicated.

High-quality audio is the signature feature of Apple’s new HomePod. Apple execs brush off “Siri so stupid” concerns by emphasizing the sound quality of the device. So the big question is: Will the

Sonos trolls HomePod with hidden message in Spotify playlist

HomePod has landed. If you’re an Apple fan who loves audio, it’s a wonderful day. If you’re a speaker company, however, you now have to compete against the biggest tech brand in the world. Sonos has

Why you should get AppleCare+ for your HomePod

If you just shelled out $350 for Apple’s phenomenally sounding HomePod speaker, we have one small bit of advice: Get AppleCare+! Trust us, HomePod is not a speaker you want to break. And the

Get Apple’s official HomePod User Guide right now

The official Apple HomePod User Guide is now available. Learn how to set it up, use Siri, and exclude all your teenagers' music from your listening history. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through

Facebook is finally testing a ‘downvote’ button

You may finally get a way to disapprove of inappropriate content on Facebook. The social network is testing a new “downvote” button that lets users flag public comments that are offensive, misleading,

Learn what it takes to make an iPhone app [Deals]

Got an idea for an app rattling around in your head? Know someone who does? Are you looking to learn a valuable and marketable new skillset? If you answered yes to any of these, we’ve got a lesson

Everything you need to know about HomePod

Find out how to set up and get the best of your new HomePod, read our reviews and opinions before buying, and find out all you need to know about Apple's amazing new speaker. (via Cult of Mac - Tech

What you should know about HomePod, before you buy, on The CultCast

The HomePod reviews have been coming out hot and heavy, and they’re surprising. This week on The CultCast, we’ll tell you what people like, love and hate about Apple’s new speaker. If you’re planning

Apple investigates AirPods explosion

Apple is investigating how an AirPod exploded and very nearly injured its owner. A Tampa, Florida man was listening to music at the gym when he noticed smoke billowing out of his ear. Fortunately for

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ NeXT quits making computers

February 9, 1993: NeXT Computers, the company Steve Jobs founded after being pushed out of Apple, quits making computers. The company changes its name to NeXT Software and focuses its efforts entirely

Apple TV app gets live news on iOS and tvOS

Apple has introduced a live news section to its TV app for iOS and tvOS. It hosts a bunch of live feeds from a number of major news providers — but you’ll only see them if you live in the United

Week’s best Apple deals: Save on iPad Pro, iPhone 7 and accessories!

This week, you can go pro and upgrade your iPad, or snag a sweet deal on a refurbished iPhone. Plus, get an app that tracks cryptocurrencies — for free! You’ll find those bargains and more in our

Nyloon launches Apple Watch bands for extra-large wrists

Nyloon is constantly upping its game. Responding to customer feedback, the company regularly adds new styles and patterns to its lineup of extreme-quality nylon Apple Watch bands. And, now they’ve

Apple confirms massive iOS leak but says it’s not so bad

Apple confirmed this morning that the leaked iOS source code that hit the web yesterday is indeed authentic. The iPhone-maker ordered GitHub to pull the iBoot source code from its servers. Security

Big Sick creators write funny immigration TV series for Apple

Immigration is one of the hottest issues in Washington D.C. this week and with a little help from Apple, the issue is about to take over Hollywood too. Apple is developing yet another original TV show

Fine-tune your music with Visual EQ in GarageBand for iPad

GarageBand's Visual EQ is a secret weapon that lets you easily turn a good-sounding song into an amazing-sounding one. Here are some tips on getting the best from it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Massive online leak reveals iPhone’s deepest secrets

Source code for a core component of the iPhone’s software has appeared online in what is described as “the biggest leak in history.” iBoot, a part of iOS that ensures the device is booting a trusted

We might know when Apple’s AirPower charger will land

A Best Buy employee has revealed Apple’s launch plans for AirPower and its new AirPods case with wireless charging. It seems the lengthy wait for these accessories is almost over. Unveiled alongside

How to set up Apple’s Health app to unlock its awesome fitness potential

If you think the Health app is just another pointless junk app that comes preinstalled on your iPhone, think again. Unlike Stocks, Compass or Tips, it is one of the few apps that Apple won’t let you

Get smart about how you store your passwords [Deals]

The more we use the internet, the more passwords there are to remember. And the more passwords, the more likely you are to forget one. Or, even worse, the more likely someone else is to find it. So an