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Apple might give Siri a total makeover

Siri is in trouble. Apple’s AI assistant is way behind the competition, and a new report indicates that Cupertino’s coders can’t agree on how to fix Siri — or even if it should be fixed. Anonymous

Textor is the missing TextEdit for iOS [Review]

Textor is the missing TextEdit for iOS. It integrates the Files app, and is super-simple, and super fast. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

There’s already strong demand for next iPhone

Nearly a quarter of current iPhone users already plan to buy Apple’s next smartphone — even before they know what new features it will bring. That’s the most surprising finding from a new poll, which

How to use Split Screen on iPad

How enter Split Screen on the iPad, how to get rid of Split Screen on the iPad, and how to use Slide Over and Split View. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

The iconic Speidel Twist-O-Flex bracelet for Apple Watch [Review]

Best List: Speidel Twist-O-Flex stainless steel Apple Watch band My grandfather, who fought in World War II, wore a beautiful mechanical watch. It had an eye-catching expansion band — a stainless

Rare Mac laptop rakes in more than $16,000 at auction

An Apple prototype of an early laptop, one of only four known to exist, sold on eBay Tuesday evening for more than $16,000. It was the second time the owner of the Apple Macintosh Portable M5126 –

You should stop using your AmazonBasics battery packs now

If you own an AmazonBasics portable battery pack, you should stop using it now. Amazon has recalled more than 260,000 units following 53 reports of overheating in the U.S. alone. Six different models,

Get Hollywood’s favorite screenwriting Mac app at half price [Deals]

It’s easy to imagine the screenwriter as someone slaving away at a typewriter, staring out a cabin window. But it’s 2018, and writers for stage and screen use a common digital platform. That platform

How an Apple II gave Stephen Hawking his voice

Earlier today, Tim Cook posted a tribute to the late professor Stephen Hawking, who passed away on March 14, aged 76. “We will always be inspired by his life and ideas. RIP,” Cook wrote. As one of the

France is suing Apple and Google for ‘abusive’ deal with developers

The French government plans to take both Apple and Google to court for what French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire classes as “abusive trade practices.” This relates to the way that both companies

Today in Apple history: Power Mac 7100 lands Apple in hot water with Carl Sagan

March 14, 1994: Apple introduces the Power Macintosh 7100, a midrange Mac that will become memorable for two reasons. The first is that it is among the first Macs to use new PowerPC processors. The

Dashlane reveals the state of password security across America

How seriously are people taking password security in your city? Password management service Dashlane today published its 2018 City Security Rankings, revealing the state of password security in

Apple hires new events director from Eddy Cue’s favorite NBA team

WWDC will have an extra set of helping hands this year, thanks to Apple’s hiring of a brand new events director. New recruit Gail Hunter previously served as president of public affairs and event

Mr. Cook goes to Washington: Apple CEO spotted on Capitol Hill

Tim Cook visited Washington D.C. on Tuesday, having lunch with Senator Mark Warner, vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who has shown considerable interest in the subject of digital

AltConf 2018 offers a free alternative to WWDC

Tim Cook won’t be at AltConf 2018, but then attendees of this alternative Apple developer conference will pay a wee bit less. The official WWDC is $1,599, while AltConf is free. It will be held in San

ecobee Switch+ with HomeKit also an Alexa smart speaker

ecobee began taking pre-orders for the Switch+ today. This smart-home light switch includes HomeKit support so it can be remotely controlled with an iPhone. But it goes beyond that: with Amazon’s

Nixing the Home button could bring 11-inch iPad

Apple continues to improve the iPad Pro design, with a nearly bezel-less version reportedly in development. This could mean an 11-inch iPad the same overall size as the company’s current 10.5-inch

New Fitbit Versa takes aim at Apple Watch

Fitbit is stepping up to compete better with the Apple Watch with the Versa smartwatch. The new wearable looks similar to Apple’s watch, and offers music playback and other capabilities. Plus, it

This mic boom doesn’t care if you shake the room

Blue Designs' new Compass microphone boom is cool enough to match your hipster podcasting setup. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

YouTube finally goes dark on iOS

YouTube’s dark mode, introduced just under a year ago, has finally landed on iPhone and iPad. It was the most requested feature among mobile users, YouTube says — and it makes late-night video binges