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AR app solves life’s greatest mystery: How to assemble Ikea products

Augmented reality is still waiting on its “killer app,” but a new demo from Toronto designer Adam Pickard shows off a use-case we could likely all get on board with: turning paper Ikea manuals into

Apple rivals still pushing for fingerprint-scanning displays

Apple is reportedly two years ahead of its Android rivals when it comes to the technology behind Face ID, and that’s left the competition scrabbling around trying to find an alternative. The solution

Level up your iPhone photography with these must-have accessories [Deals]

Your iPhone is a content creation machine, especially for photo and video. That’s because it sports powerful cameras and image processing abilities. But it’s also a phone, and aren’t built like

Unsane actor says iPhone movie removes barriers for filmmakers

When director Steven Soderbergh set out to make a movie on iPhone, he cast an actor familiar with surprising audiences with a film shot with lo-tech cameras. Astute film nerds will make the connection

New hardware at Apple’s surprise education event? Catch our expectations on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Apple’s surprise education event could showcase new, cheaper hardware — we’ll fill you in. Plus: A huge upgrade may be coming to the screens of Apple products; why 2018’s

Today in Apple history: Macintosh LC II is the Mac mini of its day

March 23, 1992: The “headless” Macintosh LC II arrives, wooing value-oriented customers with a beguiling mix of updated internals and budget pricing. Designed to take up minimal space underneath a

Tim Cook will co-chair China Development Forum event this weekend

Tim Cook is headed to China this weekend, alongside Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, and Ginny Rometty, head of IBM. Cook will be heading co-chairing the China Development Forum, an annual event

Carriers are already discounting Samsung’s Galaxy S9

The iPhone X is far from the only flagship handset to have reportedly suffered disappointing sales. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 may also be proving to be something of a disappointment, according to multiple

Week’s best Apple deals: Get all-time low prices on Apple Watch

This week, you can get the Apple Watch Series 1 sport model in both sizes at all-time low prices. You can also take advantage of discounts on Apple Watch and iPhone stands, an iMac and iTunes gift

Face ID goes to the market in crazy new iPhone X ad

Apple has published another incredible new ad for Face ID on the iPhone X that shows off how easy it is to buy stuff with a glance. The minute-long ad is similar in style to the wild ad Apple put out

Services poised to overthrow iPhone as Apple’s growth engine

Apple’s long run of being an iPhone company is about to come to an end. With iPhone X sales supposedly slipping, Apple’s days of depending on device sales for growth are almost over. But according to

Cops will use your cold dead corpse to unlock your iPhone

Ending years of speculation, law enforcement agencies confirm they regularly use fingerprints from corpses to unlock iPhones. It’s only a matter of time before police unlock an iPhone X with a dead

Pro Tip: Discover Safari’s hidden tab options

Long-press Safari's tab button to reveal a whole bunch of hidden actions. Open private tabs, close all tabs, and even access split view. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

How to stop Facebook eavesdropping on your conversations

Who knows whether or not Facebook is listening in on your private conversations? Not us. But if you want to make sure it can't eavesdrop via your iPhone's microphone, there's a setting for that. (via

iBooks revamp could bring App Store’s traffic-boosting ‘Today’ tab

Apple’s impending iBooks revamp will feature a new “Today” tab to showcase its hottest titles, according to a new report. Sources have claimed that the new “Books” app will rollout with iOS 11.3 this

What to expect from Apple’s big ‘field trip’ event

Apple will take a field trip out of Silicon Valley to host its first major event of 2018 tomorrow. Instead of focusing on iPhones and Apple Watches, this Apple keynote will be all about education and

Apple vows to zip Siri’s loose lips in future update

Apple has promised it will fix Siri’s newly-discovered privacy problem in a future software update. The flaw allows anyone to read your unread messages and other notifications without your passcode —

How Spike Jonze created that brilliant HomePod ad

A new video reveals the creative process behind Spike Jonze’s brilliant short film “Welcome Home,” which paints the HomePod as a miracle device. Not just one of the best Apple ads in ages, it’s one of

Apple Pay promo fills your belly without emptying your wallet

Apple Pay’s latest promotion lets you save cash when you order food deliveries through Grubhub, Seamless, and Eat24. Use the promo code and pay for your order with Apple Pay (obviously), and you won’t

TAMO brings some light to your Lightning cables [Deals]

Let’s be honest, the standard Lightning cables are plain and boring. They’re also tough to find, which you know if you’ve ever found yourself searching around in the dark trying to charge your phone.