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Snapchat promises changes after fierce backlash

Snapchat has promised to make changes to its app after a petition attracted more than 1.2 million signatures from disgruntled users. Snap has endured growing backlash from fans following a

Vintage Apple camera gets an unboxing straight from 1994

In order to appreciate one of Apple’s most successful products, the iPhone, you have to respect one of the company’s biggest failures. The QuickTake digital camera was not a threat to the camera

Angry Birds Champions lets you battle it out for real cash

Get your flinging fingers ready for a new Angry Birds game that lets you battle it out for real cash. Angry Birds Champions is an officially-licensed spin-off from WorldWinner. It’s everything you

Tim Cook loves saying ‘no’ to ideas, just like Steve Jobs did

In a new interview, Tim Cook says that one of the priorities of his job is learning to say “no to a bunch of great ideas” in order to keep Apple focused. “There is more noise in the world than

5 ways Apple will rule Mobile World Congress (without even showing up)

When the entire mobile phone industry heads to Barcelona next week for Mobile World Congress 2018, there will be one notable absence: Apple. Cupertino doesn’t do trade shows. Not even really big ones

Become a Python pro for whatever you want to pay [Deals]

Python is one of the most flexible coding languages you can learn. Efficient and easy to understand, it’s the ideal basis for large and small projects alike. So if you’re looking to beef up your

Apple gets go-ahead for two new iPads

Apple has been given the go-ahead for two new iPads, hinting at an imminent refresh. The company filed for approval with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), and both devices were granted

Intel fixes Spectre flaw in latest CPUs

Intel has completed its Spectre fixes for its latest range of processors. Patches for Skylake, Kaby Lake, and Coffee Lake chipsets are now available to computer and motherboard manufacturers. Apple

Today in Apple history: Apple and Cisco settle over ‘iPhone’ name

February 21, 2007: Apple comes to an agreement with Cisco over the iPhone trademark, which Cisco legally owns but Apple wants to use. Under the agreement, both companies get to use the iPhone

Instagram Direct gives you greater control over replays

Instagram Direct is one-upping Snapchat with an improved replay option that gives senders complete control. When you post a photo or video with Instagram Direct, you can choose whether the recipient

Get your hands on the wonderful Alto’s Odyssey a day early

Alto’s Odyssey, the long-awaited follow up 2015’s brilliant Alto’s Adventure endless snowboarding game has finally arrived in the App Store — one day ahead of schedule. The new game in the series

Pac-Man on iOS gets a visit from… Sonic the Hedgehog?

Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog (we guess he kind of wins this one by default!) Sonic the Hedgehog makes an unexpected, unlikely cameo on the latest update of Pac-Man for iOS — and it’s kind of

Australian government tosses flagship Apple Store objections out of court

An attempt to block construction of Apple’s “global flagship” Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia has failed in Australian parliament. Brought by the Australian Green Party, the attempt to block the

Apple wants to buy crucial iPhone battery metal direct from miners

Apple is reportedly in talks to buy the cobalt used in its iPhone batteries directly from miners for the first time. This would mark a major change since Apple, one of the world’s largest end users of

Looks like multi-room AirPlay just got further away

One of the best features for Apple’s new HomePod appears to be facing some big delays. AirPlay 2.0 promises to give HomePod users the ability to stream the same song to different devices in different

How to use Type to Siri on your Mac

Type to Siri lets you do everything you can with normal Siri -- call people, send iMessages, look stuff up on the web, do math, set reminders, and so on. Here's how to use it on your Mac. (via Cult of

Apple’s new videos show how to master slo-mo and more

Apple published a new set of tutorial videos for iPhone owners today showing how to use some of the device’s advanced camera features. The new videos offer how-to instructions on how to use the grid

Stylish Apple Glasses concept imagines the AR future

Apple’s probably not coming out with AR glasses anytime this decade, but that’s not stopping concept designers from flooding the web with dreams of what Apple’s spectacles will look like. This latest

Pro Tip: Drag and drop text between apps on iPad

It's easier to drag and drop text between apps on iPad than it is on the Mac. Here's how to do it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple seeds third betas of iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4

Apple developers received a fresh batch of new beta builds this morning, including the third beta of iOS 11.3, which is set to bring a host of new features and emoji to the public later this year.