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Belkin gives wireless charging an innovative boost [Review]

Wireless charging stands hold your iPhone up so you can easily see the display while the handset is getting power. Belkin has a model that improves on the whole concept: it can charge your device when

Keep control of your cash with an intuitive finance app [Deals]

Spending money is a lot easier than keeping track of it. That’s why it helps to have a finance tool so you stay within your means. CoinKeeper is a streamlined tool that helps plan and manage your

Today in Apple history: Apple gives users a way to delete U2’s spam album

September 15, 2014: Responding to its disastrous U2 album giveaway, Apple provides a tool for wiping all signs of Songs of Innocence from their iPhones. It comes after one of the strangest PR debacles

Big surprises at iPhone 11 event get us buzzing [Cult of Mac Magazine 314]

For the iPhone 11 event, that crafty Tim Cook slipped some genuine surprises around the back of the rumor mill. Apple left our heads spinning in a variety of ways. We totally expected the gorgeous new

Learn to wield Google’s powerful analytics tools [Deals]

Google holds an outsized influence on what people engage with on the internet. So making your mark online means making the most of Google’s analytics tools. With this deeply discounted bundle of

Totallee’s new thin iPhone cases cover your new iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max

This post is presented by Totallee. In all the excitement of getting a brand-spanking-new iPhone 11, don’t forget to protect your pricey new purchase from drops, bumps and scrapes with a sturdy case.

Disney CEO resigns from Apple board as streaming war heats up

The Apple board of directors just lost a powerful member: Disney CEO Bob Iger. His resignation, revealed by an Apple filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, comes as Disney and Apple prepare

Terrific Tenc Air slim case now available for iPhone 11

Just Mobile’s terrific Tenc Air case is now available for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. It’s super-slim, insanely durable, and it won’t spoil the stunning design of your new iPhone. It’s a shame

New iPhone on the way? Get the best price for your old one

Staring at your savings account with tears in your eyes after preordering a new iPhone? Sell your old iPhone today to recover some of your hard-earned cash, and get the best price from Cult of Mac. We

Pour some popcorn out: MoviePass is dead

Struggling movie subscription service MoviePass revealed today that it will completely shut down on Saturday, September 14. The service gained viral popularity in 2017 when it changed its business

How to control what your iPhone backs up to iCloud

iCloud backups can get big, fast. Learn how to manage iCloud storage. Selecting which apps to back up likely will help you free up iCloud storage. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Brilliant new ads put iPhone 11 Pro through the wringer

YouTube is about to get swarmed with new iPhone 11 stress test videos starting on September 20 but Apple just beat everyone to the punch with its latest ad that shows this year’s iPhone is the

macOS wallpaper quest sends photo crew on epic road trip

Every day, Mac users face their screens and see a breath-taking photo of a natural California landmark. One YouTuber set out with friends to re-create the photographs in Apple’s macOS wallpapers

Why J.J. Abrams spurned a $500 million Apple TV+ deal

Apple reportedly offered one of the world’s hottest directors half a billion dollars to produce shows exclusively for Apple TV+, but J.J. Abrams turned down the deal. Instead, his Bad Robot production

Samsung ad disses iPhone’s lack of Portrait Mode video

Samsung’s unleashed its latest attack ad on Apple this morning as fans queued up online to pre-order the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The short ad tells iPhone lovers to switch to the Galaxy

iOS 13 won’t nerf your older iPhone

Head-to-head tests show that models as old as the iPhone 6S run iOS 13 at least as fast as iOS 12, and some devices see a performance boost. The same is true for battery life: testing indicates

Congress wants to read Tim Cook’s emails for antitrust investigation

House Judiciary Committee leaders want Tim Cook to turn over his emails and other information as part of a possible antitrust investigation. Cook is one of dozens of executives from Apple, Facebook,

iPhone 11 supposedly capable of two-way wireless charging

One feature we expected but didn’t get from the iPhone 11 lineup is two-way wireless charging. But Apple could surprise us with it later. It is claimed the newest handsets have the necessary hardware,

Google agrees to pay France $1.1 billion to end tax investigation

Google will pay a total of $1.1 billion to end a four-year probe into its tax activities in France. This is a combination of fine and repayment of additional taxes Google didn’t pay first time around.

Get a sleek set of wireless, noise-canceling headphones at a discount [Deals]

Headphones connect us to our favorite music, shows and other content. Why complicate that connection with ambient noise and tangled cables? Avantree Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones are a