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Ban on FaceTime may soon be lifted in United Arab Emirates

Apple may have been voted consumers’ favorite brand in the United Arab Emirates, but one of the iPhone’s most popular features — FaceTime — still isn’t allowed in the country. That could soon change,

Beef up your resume with serious Salesforce skills [Deals]

So many of today’s businesses keep track of their customer relationships with Salesforce. It’s become an essential platform for managing sales, customer service, marketing, apps, analytics, and lots

Xiaomi smartphones will do battle with iPhone in the U.K.

Xiaomi has made a big name for itself in China by rolling out impressive devices with affordable price tags. Ripping off Apple’s most popular devices has helped, too. Now the company is preparing to

Iron Man’s iconic head-up display was inspired by the first iPhone

Apple’s design principles make it into all sorts of areas of pop culture — from the robots in Pixar’s Wall*E to the Stormtroopers and lightsabers in the Disney Star Wars movies to… Iron Man’s head-up

Today in Apple history: Mac’s first 100 days prove a roaring success

May 3, 1984: Apple marks the all-important first 100 days of Mac sales, signaling whether the product is a hit with customers. The results outstrip even Steve Jobs’ most optimistic targets.

Google Pay makes its way to Mac and iOS

Google Pay is gearing up to do battle with Apple Pay in its own backyard. The payments service has started rolling out on Mac and iOS, and you don’t need a dedicated app to use it. “There are all

Steam adds support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Steam has added official support for the Switch Pro Controller in its latest client beta. Players no longer have to use fiddly third-party workarounds to enjoy Nintendo’s best controller in their

Apple Watch is credited with saving New York man’s life

The Apple Watch may have saved a man’s life after its heart rate monitor led 32-year-old New York resident William Monzidelis to be diagnosed with an erupted ulcer. The ensuing incident sounds

Spotify has almost twice Apple Music’s number of paying subscribers

Apple Music may have made enormous strides, but Spotify remains the king of streaming music. For now, at least. In its first ever earnings report as a public company, Spotify says that it ended the

2018 iPhone might come with USB-C fast charge adapter

iPhone fast charging is possible with the 2017 models, but it’s a seriously underutilized feature because the devices don’t come with the right adapters. But Apple is reportedly going to ship the 2018

iPhone bucks global smartphone market downward trend

The total number of smartphones shiped worldwide in the first quarter of the year declined, but Apple was immune, experiencing a small increase. Its share of the global market grew as a result.

MacBook butterfly keyboard problems spawn recall petition [Update]

The butterfly keyboard in recent MacBooks draws frequent complaints. And these have now escalated to the point where an online petition is requesting that Apple recall every MacBook Pro released since

Apple resists government’s proposed iPhone ‘backdoor’

Apple and other tech companies are fighting back against a newly proposed method for giving law enforcement access to encrypted smartphones, bypassing users’ passcodes. The iPhone backdoor proposal

Learn to play a musical instrument with iOS

Learning to play guitar, piano, or any other instrument is hard. You iPhone or iPad won't do your practice for you, but it will make that practice more fun, and more effective. Here's how. (via Cult

Apple adds Octavia Spencer TV show to growing lineup

Reese Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine has scored its third TV deal with Apple’s original video content creation team. Apple has officially ordered one season of “Are You Sleeping,”

PodPocket is the rare AirPods accessory you’ll actually love [Review]

The AirPods case is a tiny miracle that looks like a dental floss container. Maybe you like that white plastic design, but to me it looks a little clinical. Not to mention the fact that when my wife

Pro Tip: Use emoji labels in Safari’s Favorites bar

Did you know that you can use emojis to label the bookmarks in Safari’s favorites bar? You’ll find things prettier, and easier to use, without boring old text. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

5 big things to expect from Google I/O 2018

Google I/O 2018 is right around the corner. You may not be all that excited for it if you only ever use Apple devices, but you should be. Google’s plans for the future of its platforms could well

Save money on iTunes with CheapCharts [Essential iOS Apps #8]

CheapCharts for iOS is the perfect companion to the App Store and iTunes Store, helping you get apps and digital content at the best price. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas looks better than ever on iPhone X

Astonishingly, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas turns 14 years old this year. And thanks to a new update to its iOS port, it looks better than ever on the iPhone X. The gang-banging Rockstar Games