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WhatsApp co-founder: Delete Facebook, regain your privacy

Facebook is having a bad time right now. Despite being the world’s most popular social media network, a growing number of people are calling on users to delete their Facebook profiles. This follows

You’re winning PUBG Mobile because you’re playing against bots

So, you’re racking up wins in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on iOS and you’re thinking about quitting your day job, ditching the wife and kids, and going pro. But wait! You’re probably finding the

Today in Apple history: Apple TV makes its big-screen debut

March 21, 2007: Apple launches the Apple TV, a set-top box for bringing iTunes media to the living room. Unfortunately, the device lacks key features needed to make it a killer entertainment system.

2018’s iPhone X refresh could cost less than last year’s model

The iPhone X’s $1,000 price point has been hard to swallow for a lot of customers, which may help explain why sales have supposedly been a bit disappointing. That could change in the near future when

iPhone needs a blood pressure monitor like Galaxy S9’s

Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 packs a heart-rate monitor that can also check blood pressure. It’s high time Apple added these features to the next iPhone. Previously, Samsung’s phones could only gauge heart

Apple faces intense competition when it finally jumps into TV race

Apple keeps ordering TV shows but hasn’t said yet what it will do with them. Whatever the company’s plans are, Cupertino will face heavy competition. All the big networks are expected to launch their

YouTube lets you livestream right from your browser

YouTube has made livestreaming easier for everyone by allowing us to broadcast directly from a web browser. Chrome now lets you “go live” with nothing but a webcam — and support for other browsers is

How to turn your drawings into music, and your voice into pictures

PhonoPaper turns music and audio into black and white pictures that can be played back via your iPhone's camera. Here's how to use it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple blocks bogus ‘What’s New’ messages from App Store

Developers soon will need to get approval from Apple for the descriptions of software updates posted in the App Store. The goal seems to be to prevent unscrupulous devs from using this high-profile

How to track your kids with your iPhone

If your kids carry an iPhone. with them everywhere, then you can track them, so you always know where they are. Here's how to stalk your children using features built into the iPhone. (via Cult of Mac

Apple’s mysterious self-driving car fleet just keeps growing

Apple hasn’t yet publicly announced its interests in building a self-driving car, but its research in this area is continuing to speed ahead — with Apple receiving now having more permits to test in

Samsung Galaxy S9 is tougher than iPhone X, but still breaks with one drop

Samsung says that its new Galaxy S9 smartphone has been designed for “enhanced durability,” but just how durable is it? And, perhaps more importantly to Apple fans, how does it stack up against the

App Store listing hints at imminent macOS 10.13.4 release

Apple looks set to release its macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 update with official eGPU support at any moment. An inadvertent Mac App Store listing indicates the company is making preparations for a public

Name your price for a library of courses in DIY electronics [Deals]

Arduino offers amazing opportunities for makers of all kinds. It offers a vast variety of projects of that combine electronics and machines, so it helps to have some guidance. The 2018 Arduino

IBM and Apple combine their AI powers to make apps smarter

Apple has been ramping up its interest in artificial intelligence for the past few years — and its continuing business-focused partnership with IBM is going to help. Late Monday, one-time rivals Apple

iPhone is two years ahead of its rivals in one important way

While the iPhone is still my pick for the world’s best smartphone, there’s no doubt that some of Apple’s rivals have done a good job of catching up in certain areas. One place they’re unlikely to

Today in Apple history: Twentieth Anniversary Mac lands with a thud

March 20, 1997: Apple launches its Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, a futuristic, special-edition Mac that’s ahead of its time in every way. Not part of any established Mac line, it brings a look (and

iPhone X spells doom for pricey smartphones

iPhone X looked set to become the beginning of a worrying smartphone trend when it went on sale last November, sporting a hefty $1,000 price tag. We were sure future flagships would be similarly

Fortnite earns $1.5 million (and counting) on iOS

Fortnite, the ultra-popular battle royale game, earned $1 million in in-app purchases within its first 72 hours of landing in the App Store — and more than $1.5 million in total. That would be

Amazon Kindle app gets iPad multitasking at last

Viewing two applications at once came to the iPad way back in iOS 9, but the Amazon Kindle app only just now supports it. The new multitasking feature enables tablet users to have a book open while