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Force YouTube videos to play full-screen in Safari on iPad

Frustrated that YouTube won't play in full-screen on the iPad? This bookmarklet will instantly force native full-screen for any video. It even works for PiP Picture-in-Picture (via Cult of Mac - Tech

Spotify still boasts twice as many paying subscribers as Apple Music

Spotify says it has between 73 million and 76 million paying subscribers, around twice what Apple Music currently has. This year, Spotify plans for that number to grow to between 92 million and 96

Blush gold iPhone X could reignite sales for Apple

The iPhone X has reportedly been a bit disappointing when it comes to sales, and Apple may have a mid-year solution to help squeeze a bit more life out of its tenth anniversary handset. According to a

Protect your most precious files with 2TB of secure cloud storage [Deals]

With the growing amounts of data we use each day, digital storage is at a premium. So is security, as the internet grows more risky. So whether for backup or for privacy, cloud storage option is a

iOS 11 bug lets QR codes trick you into visiting malicious websites

Security researchers have discovered yet another bug in iOS 11 that leaves users vulnerable to malicious attacks. The flaw in the built-in QR code reader can be exploited to trick people into visiting

Apple will ‘blow past’ $1 billion budget for original TV shows

Apple could debut its original TV content as early as March 2019, a new report claims. And, while previous reports have pegged Apple’s overall budget as $1 billion for original TV programming, the

Today in Apple history: Apple pays to use ‘iPad’ name

March 26, 2010: Apple ends a trademark dispute with Japanese multinational Fujitsu over the name “iPad” in the United States. It comes two months after Steve Jobs first showed off the iPad, and around

This 24K gold custom iPhone X pays homage to Putin

Want to show your support for Vladimir Putin at the start of his latest tenure as president of the Russian Federation, comrade? No problem: There’s a app custom-made iPhone for that. Created by luxury

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and other awesome apps of the week

A great battle royale game that’s sure to become one of the year’s most popular titles (and isn’t Fortnite!) is just one of our picks for this week’s “Awesome Apps of the Week.” In addition, we’ve got

Today in Apple history: Apple exec bets his wine cellar on Newton

March 25, 1993: Apple executive Gaston Bastiaens bets a journalist that the eagerly anticipated Newton MessagePad will ship before summer ends. The prize? Bastiaens’ well-stocked personal wine cellar,

Today in Apple history: Newton MessagePad reaches new heights

March 24, 1997: The Newton MessagePad 2000 brings major upgrades to Apple’s PDA line, including a far better display and a much faster processor. The best MessagePad yet by a wide margin, it quickly

Cult of Mac Magazine: What to expect from Apple’s big ‘field trip’ event, and more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: Apple will take a field trip out of Silicon Valley to host its first major event of 2018 next week. Instead of focusing on iPhones and Apple Watches, this keynote

Give your iPhone X an exoskeleton with the Radius X [Review]

The futuristic design of Mod-3’s Radius X makes it one of the most unusual iPhone X cases I’ve seen. If you’re after the ultimate minimalist case, or don’t like having a case on your phone but still

Apple wants to bring these accessibility emojis to iOS

Apple has proposed a bunch of new accessibility emojis that it wants to bring to iOS. There are nine altogether — some of which are available in different genders and skin tones — including guide

How to customize text in Safari for Mac

Safari on Mac lets you set the text size to make it easier to read, as well as permanently customize to look of any website. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple will let you watch next week’s big event (just not live)

Apple today updated its Apple Events app for tvOS ahead of its education event on March 27. You’ll be able to watch a recording of the keynote on your Apple TV to see what’s in store — but only after

Cheap 9.7-inch iPad to gain Apple Pencil support

The Apple Pencil is about to become a lot more accessible to iPad users. During its field trip event in Chicago next week, Apple will reportedly unveil a cheaper iPad. And according to one of the

Juuk’s Ligero Apple Watch band in Cosmic Grey is back

When Eugene Ho first saw the Apple Watch, it made him think of a jukebox. If the watch piece is the player then the wristband is like a song that can be changed according to taste and mood. Ho is

How to customize Mail swipe gestures on iPhone

Learn how to customize the mail swipe gestures in the iPhone Mail app, and you can burn through your inbox in no time. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Folding iPhone might land in 2020

Your next iPhone could soon double as an iPad. According to the latest Apple rumor, the company plans to launch a folding iPhone in the next two years, bringing Westworld-style tablets to the real