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Apple Pay nagging might violate antitrust laws

Apple is under fire for nagging iPhone users to activate Apple Pay. Some users say its persistent notifications in iOS are “the most aggressive” push Apple has ever made to encourage users to adopt a

Turn your Mac’s files and folders into locked boxes [Deals]

Losing track of personal or sensitive data is getting easier, and riskier. Most of us worry about our online activity and information, so we sign on with VPNs, encrypt our web traffic, and take other

Apple’s education-focused iPad isn’t designed for rougher students

Apple only just got done introducing the new iPad at its recent education-themed event, and already the folks at iFixit have gotten hold of a unit and broken it open. Their findings? That the device

Happy 8th birthday to the iPad

Happy birthday to the iPad. Apple’s revolutionary tablet first went on sale eight years ago today, two months after its big unveiling at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. It

Today in Apple history: Macintosh LC 580 is ready for school

April 3, 1995: Apple introduces the Macintosh LC 580, an affordable computer offering good multimedia capabilities on a budget. It quickly proves popular in the educational market. If you used a Mac

Apple’s MicroLED displays could debut later this year

Apple is going all-in on MicroLED displays, a new report claims. The company is reportedly gearing up to use the next-gen displays in future Apple Watches, Macs and even an as-yet-unreleased wearable

iPhone shoppers prefer bargains to newest models

Buyers just aren’t going for the latest iPhone models. An industry analyst says nearly half the handsets Apple shipped last quarter were older devices, not the company’s latest. Even worse, the Apple

Is iPhone X really too expensive? We’ll find out May 1.

The date for Apple’s second financial earnings call of 2018 was revealed on its investors’ website today, setting Tuesday, May 1, as the big date. Apple has reportedly been facing slumping iPhone

Why Apple Watch apps are dying off in droves

Apple Watch sells very well, but apparently not strongly enough for some companies. A deadline requiring developers to base their apps on newer versions of watchOS just passed, and some businesses

Sorry, Samsung: Latest iPhones beat Galaxy S9 on battery life

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 significantly outlast the Galaxy S9 on a single charge. Samsung once mocked the iPhone for its battery life, but the shoe is on the other foot now — benchmarks indicate that

Save big on iMac and other Apple gear today at Best Buy [Deals & Steals]

In today’s edition of Deals & Steals, we’ve discovered a great deal on a new iMac and much more, as part of Best Buy’s 24 hour Flash Sale. You can also get your hands on the HomePod for a nice

Apple plans to ditch Intel processors on the Mac

The next Mac you buy may not have Intel inside. Apple is pushing forward with plans to ditch Intel’s processors in favor of its own chips, according to a new report that claims the transition away

Apple seeds first beta of iOS 11.4 to developers

Developers received the first beta build of Apple’s new iOS 11.4 software update, bringing a ton of bug changes and performance improvements to go with a couple of new features. iOS 11.4 beta 1 can be

Jony Ive is so design obsessed he sleeps on iPhone factory floors

Jony Ive designs all iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and he says in a new interview that he’s a hands-on part of the creation process all the way through, not just a guy who makes sketches. Apple’s top

Now anyone can play Fortnite, the year’s hottest iOS game

Fortnite, the hottest game of 2018, is finally available on iOS for everyone to download, no invite code needed. The game has been in beta on iOS the last few weeks and required a special invite code

Zuckerberg fires back at Cook over Facebook privacy diss

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken exception to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments that Facebook doesn’t care about its customers because it sells their data to advertisers. Zuck went on the defensive

This mechanical wireless keyboard combines the best of new and old [Deals]

Keyboards have come a long way, but not always in a better direction. Get your hands on a clackety old mechanical keyboard and you may wonder why soft keys became a thing. And the look of old

Today in Apple history: Microsoft’s first hardware debuts … on the Apple II

April 2, 1979: Microsoft releases its first hardware product, a microprocessor card that plugs into the Apple II computer. Coming several years before the first version of Windows, the Z80 SoftCard

Moog Model D, Fortnite and other awesome apps of the week

A great music-making app recreating one of the all time great synthesizers on iOS is just one of our picks for this week’s “Awesome Apps of the Week.” In addition, we’ve got a superb Twitter client

Score thousands of WordPress themes and templates [Deals]

Anyone who works in design knows the value of a good library of assets and templates. That definitely applies for WordPress, where getting designing a page can quickly add up to hours. So if you do