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Take the pain out of online forms and passwords [Deals]

Filling out your credit card info or entering passwords online takes up time and energy. It also offers a chance for data or identity thieves to get your personal data. And that’s assuming you

Fortnite gets weapon vending machines, explosive game mode

This week’s Fortnite update brings vending machines to battle royale, allowing you to trade unwanted building materials for weapons. The vending machines are scattered around the map, and each offers

Future iPhones could boast curved displays and touch-free controls

Apple is exploring touchless gestures control and curved screens for possible future iPhones, a new report claims. Although the two technologies won’t be ready for market for at least two years, they

Bored of selfies? New iPhone X app creates impressive 3D face scans

The 3D sensing technology behind Face ID is reportedly two years ahead of Apple’s rivals, and developers are keen to take advantage of it. A new app, created by the Silicon Valley computer vision

Today in Apple history: Apple frenemy Microsoft is born

April 4, 1975: Childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen found Microsoft Corporation, a software company destined to become a tech behemoth — and a major Apple frenemy. A few years later, Microsoft

Apple drama starring Jennifer Aniston forced to switch showrunners

Apple seems to have run into its first bit of (unintentional) drama with its upcoming original series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. The show, based around the happenings at a

New Apple Pay ads promote the faster way to splash your cash

Apple has debuted a series of new eye-catching 12-second ads showing off the ease with which Apple Pay can be used. Titled “Groceries,” “Coffee,” Kicks,” and “Grooming,” the ads are part of Apple’s

First mobile phone call made 45 years ago today

A historic milestone occurred April 3, 1973: the very first call on a mobile phone. It was the phone equivalent of landing on the moon. But that call wasn’t an inspirational message — some equivalent

Apple steals Google’s AI wiz to make Siri smarter

John Giannandrea used to run Google’s artificial intelligence division, but now he works for Apple. He’s leading the drive to make the company’s Siri voice assistant smarter, a goal many would agree

Apple’s U.K. pay gap gives men 5% boost over women

The pay gap between men and women appears to be lowering for Apple employees in the U.K. Apple revealed today that its male employees in the U.K. make 5% more than females on average. However, the

iPad app lets you play a violin with Apple Pencil

Pen2Bow takes the information from Apple Pencil's powerful sensors, and sues it to play a violin, turning the Apple Pencil into an expressive violin bow. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Apple Watch helps solve brutal murder

An Australian woman claims her mother-in-law was killed in their home by unknown assilants, but data from the victim’s Apple Watch contradicts that testimony. An Apple Watch tracks the wearer’s

How to sort Safari bookmarks alphabetically

In the latest version of High Sierra, Safari can now -- finally -- sort bookmarks alphabetically. Here's how, as well as a tip to do it on older versions of the macOS. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

iOS 11.4 public beta arrives with AirPlay 2

HomePod owners no longer need to be a developer to test AirPlay 2. Apple seeded the first public beta of iOS 11.4 to testers today, allowing anyone who signs up for the beta testing program to play

Snapchat adds group video chat and friend tagging

Snapchat just rolled out a big update that gives users the ability to tag friends in Stories and enjoy chaotic group video chats with up to 16 people. It has also added support for even more

Media mogul Sumner Redstone lets iPad do his swearing

The elderly can be grumpy, and Sumner Redstone is a prime example. The man who owns most of CBS now lets an iPad do most of his talking, and the only responses are “yes,” “no,” and “f— you.” The

Got a broken phone? Let us fix it for less.

When you break your iPhone, you want it fixed fast and frugally. That’s why our cheap iPhone repair service stands out. We’ll get your broken iPhone fixed up and shipped back to you in no time, at an

Apple Music videos make the leap to Android

Apple has rolled out its new music video-oriented Apple Music app update for Android. Now available to download in the Google Play store, the Apple Music 2.4.2 update boasts the same “music video

Apple Pay nagging might violate antitrust laws

Apple is under fire for nagging iPhone users to activate Apple Pay. Some users say its persistent notifications in iOS are “the most aggressive” push Apple has ever made to encourage users to adopt a

Turn your Mac’s files and folders into locked boxes [Deals]

Losing track of personal or sensitive data is getting easier, and riskier. Most of us worry about our online activity and information, so we sign on with VPNs, encrypt our web traffic, and take other