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Curated ‘Music Videos’ section debuts in Apple Music app

Apple Music subscribers have started spotting a “Music Videos” section in their Apple Music app, which can be found by looking in the “Browse” tab. While music videos have been available in Apple

ARKit apps have been downloaded 13 million times so far

iOS users have installed upwards of 13 million augmented reality apps since Apple debuted ARKit back in September, a new report from Sensor Tower Store Intelligence suggests. That’s up from 3 million

Fortnite gets party text chat, big improvements on iOS

Epic Games is now rolling out its latest Fortnite patch, adding new weapons, new game modes, and more. There are big improvements for those who play on iOS, too — including the addition of party text

Apple lays out its powerful vision for the classroom of the future

Apple has been involved in education for 40 years, and has placed itself squarely at the intersection of liberal arts and technology. This event was a showcase of their continued dedication to

iPhone is made in America, Tim Cook insists

It clearly makes Tim Cook angry that people think the iPhone is made in China. “It’s not true that iPhone isn’t built in the United States,” Apple’s CEO said today. The design work definitely happens

Tim Cook disses Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook threw some major shade at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during an interview this morning discussing Apple’s stances on education and user privacy. Facebook has come under fire over

iPad vs. iPad Pro: Which is right for you?

Apple’s most affordable iPad is now even greater. With a faster A10 processor and support for Apple Pencil, it’s closer to the iPad Pro than it’s ever been. And yet, it’s less than half the price —

Facebook delays smart speaker as privacy scandal grows

Embroiled in controversy, Facebook has delayed the release of its smart speaker. Caught leaking data on millions of its users, the company apparently decided this would be the wrong time to introduce

iOS 11.3 arrives with new battery features and more

The first major iOS update of 2018 has finally arrived, bringing a host of new features and improvements to the iPhone and iPad. Apple initially released iOS 11.3 yesterday just for the only available

How to use Apple Pencil with Pages for iPad

Pages 4.0 adds Smart Annotations, which let you mark up documents with red ink (and lots more), just like a teacher marks a kid’s homework. Here’s how to use it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Stellar speakers, smart doorbells, and more [Crowdfund Roundup]

If HomePod just doesn’t do it for you, you need the immersive sound of the UPstage 360. This incredible speaker uses patented technology to deliver high-quality sound that fills almost any room, and

The watchOS improvements I want to see at WWDC [Mockups]

In the three short years since Apple Watch debuted, Cupertino has massively improved its smartwatch. Remember the early days, when Glances took ages to load, only to show out-of-date information? When

Location for yesterday’s iPad event is new HQ for Apple’s coding initiative

The site of Apple’s education-themed event yesterday, Lane Tech College Prep High School, is set to become a special hub for the company’s “Everyone Can Code” initiative. Working with Chicago Public

Tech giants, including Apple, take a big plunge on the stock market

Tech stocks are dominating right now, but they got a bit of a wakeup call yesterday. Apple included. According to a new report, a plethora of tech giants — inlcuding Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu,

Unleash your inner storyteller with 6 creative apps [Deals]

There’s a story in all of us. To get it out, though, you’ll need more than just a tale to tell. You’ll need skills and tools to connect your stories with an audience. And in the digital age, there are

iPhone throttling lawsuits will be combined into one giant class action

Apple’s iPhone throttling iOS update may have died down in the news cycle, but that doesn’t mean that the complaints are going away. According to a new report, Apple currently has at least 59 separate

Fortnite offers exclusive loot to Twitch Prime subscribers

Fortnite players can now get their hands on exclusive loot simply by linking their Twitch Prime accounts. The gear pack includes two outfits, back bling, and a glider — and Epic just revealed a sweet

Today in Apple history: Apple racks up staggering $700 million loss

March 28, 1996: In a dire message to Wall Street, Apple warns that it will report a $700 million after-tax loss for its most recent quarter. Apple’s biggest quarterly loss in history, the shocking

This PRODUCT(RED) iPhone X mockup is RED hot

Apple didn’t announce a mid-year iPhone refresh at yesterday’s education-focused media event, but that isn’t stopping fans from dreaming. Leading the pack is designer Martin Hajek, who has taken a

New iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands burst with spring colors

Celebrate spring with new iPhone and iPad cases, plus new Apple Watch bands, all now available in seasonal colors. Yellow, blue and pink are everywhere, with leather, silicone and nylon as materials.