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How to use HomePod to control your smart home

HomePod can also control your home, turning off lights, turning top the heat, and unlocking the door. You can also use it as a Home Hub. Here's how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Verizon will start locking iPhones to deter theft

Verizon plans to start locking all phones, including iPhones, to its network for a certain period of time. The carrier is hoping the move, which will prevent customers from using other SIM cards in

How top secret iPhone code ended up on the web

A low-level Apple employee leaked the secret iPhone code that ended up on GitHub. iBoot, a part of iOS that ensures the device is booting a trusted operating system, surfaced online last week in what

Here’s what Apple’s got planned for iOS 12

The biggest launch features for iOS 12 will reportedly involve allowing a single set of apps to work across both iOS and macOS, a Digital Health tool for monitoring screen time, and improvements to

Delete duplicate files to reclaim precious drive space [Deals]

Even if you’ve got plenty of cash for an extra drive, storage space is not to be wasted. And one of the easiest ways to burn capacity is to let duplicate files stack up. Unfortunately, cleaning them

You’ll need knives and a saw to get inside HomePod

iFixit’s HomePod teardown reveals a veritable tank of a smart speaker that’s incredibly durable but virtually impossible to get inside. Unless you fancy using a heat gun and saw to open up your brand

Long-awaited Alto’s Odyssey lands on iOS this month

Alto’s Odyssey, the long-awaited follow up 2015’s brilliant Alto’s Adventure endless snowboarding game is finally landing on iOS later this month. The game combines the snowboarding of its predecessor

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs wins posthumous Grammy

February 12, 2012: Months after his untimely death, Steve Jobs is honored with a Special Merit Grammy Award in recognition of his contributions to the field of music with the iPod and iTunes Music

Apple overtakes Asus to become fourth largest notebook maker

Global notebook shipments increased more than expected last year, and part of it came down to Apple’s strong MacBook growth. According to a new report from market research firm TrendForce, Apple

New HomePod ads show off its musical versatility

Apple debuted short four HomePod-themed ads over the weekend, showing off the speaker’s high-end audio playback capabilities. The ads are titled “Beat,” “Bass,” “Equalizer” and “Distortion” and

HomePod may sound great, but Siri still sucks

Apple has been pretty outspoken about marketing HomePod as a high-end speaker that just happens to have Siri, as opposed to a smart speaker built around its AI assistant, like the Google Home or

Guitar Gravitas, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, and other awesome apps of the week

This week's best new apps and updates, including Lire RSS reader, BBEdit's new Touch Bar support, the fantastic Guitar Gravitas, and Final Fantasy XV, finally on iOS. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

This ’50s-style Bluetooth speaker will blast you with nostalgia [Deals]

These days, everything old is new again. Pop culture is bursting with reboots, references, and a general nostalgia for the comfortable looks and feels of the past. Escapism aside, classic styles are

Last chance to save: Grab any two Nyloon Apple Watch bands for $65 [Watch Store]

Note: Buy two nylon Apple Watch bands from Nyloon for $65. Regularly priced at $38.95 each. Sale ends Tuesday, February 13 at midnight. Use code Nyloon65 at checkout. Nyloon just introduced six fun

Today in Apple history: iPad fails to impress Bill Gates

February 11, 2010: With iPad excitement reaching a fever pitch, Steve Jobs’ old frenemy Bill Gates wades in with his own opinion of Apple’s tablet. His view? It’s kinda meh. “There’s nothing on the

This silicone Apple Watch band is perfect for fitness freaks [Review]

While many Apple Watch bands put fashion front and center, the Nomad Sport Strap embraces the wearable’s exercise potential. This wide, black silicone strap makes the Apple Watch look less like a

Today in Apple history: Mac Color Classic ditches monochrome

February 10, 1993: Apple launches the Macintosh Color Classic, the company’s first color compact Mac. As the first desktop Mac to offer an integrated color display, and the last U.S. Mac to offer the

Nab this grammar-enhancing app before it disappears [Deals]

How much of your time do your grammar and spelling mistakes take up to fix? Probably more than you think, and an app like Grammarly can help. But don’t waste time picking it up, there are just hours

Cult of Mac Magazine: Everything you need to know about HomePod and more!

After months of delays, Apple’s HomePod is finally available in Apple Stores today. Before we get to the reviews, comparisons and tips, with our latest video we give you a tour of what’s in the box,

HomePod unboxing video: First look at Apple’s smart speaker

After months of delays, Apple’s HomePod is finally available in Apple Stores today. Before we get to the reviews, comparisons and tips, with our latest video we give you a tour of what’s in the box,