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GrayKey iPhone unlocker could be a black market goldmine

More details have come to light about the GrayKey iPhone unlocker, and it turns out it’s even more likely to fall into the wrong hands than first thought. This tool is very expensive, and is intended

Iran’s iPhone users have been locked out of App Store

iPhone users in Iran are no longer able to access the App Store starting today. The App Store ban appears to be IP based, which means there are ways for users to get around it, but it’s unclear

How awesome would a dual-screen MacBook with haptic keyboard be?

Apple engineers are looking into a laptop that uses a touchscreen in place of a keyboard. The second screen would be slightly flexible, allowing keys to depress. It would also be extremely

Android Wear gets an iPhone-friendly name change

Android Wear, Google’s operating system built to be a rival to Apple’s watchOS, is getting a huge name change. And the iPhone is a big reason why. Google revealed in a blog post this morning that

Week’s best Apple deals: Save on iPads and unlocked iPhones

While rumors are swirling that Apple will release new products soon, you can get great deals on the latest iPad right now. Plus, this week you can save loads by buying refurbished, unlocked iPhones.

Pro Tip: One-tap scroll back to the bottom of the camera roll

Did you ever tap the top of the screen in the Photos app, and end up stranded the top of the list? Here's how to get back to the bottom of the list, with just one tap. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

iPhone could double as driver’s license

iPhones already replace credit cards, and a pilot program is exploring the next logical step: a digital drivers licence. Delaware just began testing a mobile driver license (mDL) with some state

Samsung’s true Face ID rival won’t arrive until 2019

Apple’s huge lead over Samsung in mobile facial recognition won’t be threatened anytime this year. Samsung is supposedly working on adding a 3D mapping facial recognition sensor to its next flagship

How to keep your kids safe on the App Store

Parental Controls help you keep your kids out of mischief, and keep them safe on the app store. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

New Logitech gaming speaker brings light show to your desktop

Logitech’s new speaker system adds a new dimension to gaming: color. LEDs hidden in the front and back of the speaker bathe your desktop and the wall behind your computer in light. That’s fine for

Intel redesigns processors to eliminate massive flaws

Intel has redesigned its processors to help eliminate the Meltdown and Spectre flaws once and for all. Its eighth-generation Core and Xeon chips use protection through partitioning, along with the

Spotify skips Siri with new voice command feature

Music service Spotify has added a voice search feature to its iOS app that allows users to find song tracks, albums, and playlists. The new test feature takes Siri out of the equation. With Apple

Stylish, portable Pod Pro keeps Apple Watch ready to go [Watch Store]

Charging the Apple Watch while traveling can be a little tricky. Generally, I lug along a super-long charging cable and a wall plug to get the job done when on holiday. Nomad — makers of great Apple

Apple’s new ‘Families’ page puts parental controls in one place

Responding to concerns about smartphone addiction among younger users, Apple rolled out a new “Families” page to describe the parental controls and safety features currently available on the company’s

Score 3TB of super-secure cloud storage [Deals]

The amount of data we use on a daily basis is a lot bigger than it used to be. Personal media like movies, music and photos alone can take up gigs upon gigs of digital space. If you create content

Apple’s acquisition of Shazam now in the hands of antitrust regulators

Apple has formerly requested approval for its Shazam acquisition from the European Commission. EU antitrust regulators confirmed last month that they had launched an investigation into the deal

Falling iPhone X demand means Apple suppliers are suffering

Disappointing iPhone X demand is singled out as one major reason why the revenue of major Taiwanese manufacturers declined year-on-year in February. Combined sales for nine Apple suppliers fell 4.8

Oddmar is a Viking-themed platformer from the makers of Leo’s Fortune

The makers of the excellent 2014 game Leo’s Fortune are back with a new action platformer, and this time they’re shifting their their focus from the cartoony world of Leo, which looked like it came

Today in Apple history: iTunes tops 50 million songs downloaded

March 15, 2004: The iTunes Music Store hits a musical milestone, having sold an astonishing 50 million songs. The achievement cements Apple’s place at the center of the rapidly changing music business

Best List: This clever car cam from Owl keeps an eye on your wheels [Review]

I live in San Francisco where car crime in epidemic. Last year there were just under 30,000 reported break-ins — that’s about 85 a day! My car in particular seems to be a magnet for car thieves; it’s