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Swift cracks list of the most popular coding languages in the world

Apple’s Swift programming language it continuing its ascent through the coding ranks. According to a new quarterly ranking by developer-focused analyst firm RedMonk, Swift has entered the top 10

Clear your mind of privacy concerns with totally zen VPN [Deals]

Life on the internet means feeling stress about having your data or identity stolen. That’s why signing on with a virtual private network (VPN) is key for online peace of mind. So where do you start?

Hands on with Ullu’s colorful, leather Apple Watch bands [Unboxing]

Renowned for its snap-on iPhone cases, Ullu also makes a beautiful assortment of luxurious, leather Apple Watch bands. Crafted for an excellent finish and fit, these well-padded and stitched bands

HomePod mini and the end of iTunes, this week on The CultCast

This week’s episode of The CultCast is packed with great Apple stories. We talk: Reports of a cheaper, smaller HomePod; the end of iTunes; MoviePass tracking your every move; the first security camera

Today in Apple history: eWorld closes its virtual doors

March 9, 1996: Apple confirms that it will shut down its eWorld online service at the end of the month. Part messaging service, part news aggregator — and all with Apple’s customary premium prices —

Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to iPhone and iPad

Epic Games is bringing its insanely popular Fornight Battle Royale to iPhone and iPad. It will be exactly the same 100-player game you’ve been enjoying on consoles, with the same map and the same

Amazon could beat Apple to $1 trillion market cap by one week

Amazon could beat Apple to become the world’s first $1 trillion company, a new report suggests. While Apple’s market cap currently stands at $893 billion to Amazon’s $752 billion, the online retail

Yes, we can? Apple wants to sign Obama to a content deal

Apple is reportedly battling with Netflix and Amazon to sign former President Barack Obama to a deal that would see him produce a high profile series of shows with wife Michelle Obama. These shows

iOS nips at Android’s heels in user loyalty

Americans are far less likely to switch between an iPhone and an Android smartphone than they once were. A new study shows that virtually all users of both types have little interest in moving to the

Hands on with Ottm’s wonderful wooden Apple Watch bands [Video]

In the world of watch straps, we think Ottm, a manufacturer of wooden Apple Watch bands, offers one of the best unboxing experiences. The box itself is plain and simple, but the package is

Kellogg’s beats Apple on ‘charisma’ (and so do 7 other surprising companies)

Charisma is hard to judge, but apparently Apple doesn’t have it. Or at least it’s less charismatic than many rivals, including Amazon and Google. “Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire

Week’s best Apple deals: Get all-time low prices on iPads and iMacs!

There are great deals, and then there are great deals. These are the latter kind: Right now, you can get the best prices we’ve ever seen on certain iPads and iMacs. Or you can score a $60 cash card

These are the best music memo apps for iPhone

Are you looking for an alternative to Voice Memos? Here are five apps for quickly recording an idea, an interview, or music clip. Musicians are going to love them. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

How the iPhone accelerated the career of an unknown photographer

We post our iPhone photos on Instagram and are often content if an image gets a few dozen likes. Luisa Dörr’s iPhone pictures got her a gig at TIME magazine. With the assignment, she landed the

Next-gen Lightning connector could seal out water

Apple designed a waterproof Lighting connector that could block out liquids, dust and dirt when inserted into an iPhone. The company filed a patent application for its design, potentially pointing to

How to create a sleep playlist for your HomePod

Did you know you can have your HomePod soothe you to sleep with a custom playlist, and then switch itself off? HEre's how to set that up. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Jurassic World Alive is Pokémon Go with a T. rex

People got bored of Pokémon Go pretty quickly, but 20-foot-tall flesh-eating dinosaurs prove way harder to ignore. That’s the gist of Jurassic World Alive, a new augmented reality game that’s coming

Apple trumpets its plans for fixing factories

Apple this week acknowledged it is still battling poor working conditions and environmental violations with some of its overseas supplier factories, but highlighted programs to solve ongoing issues,

Netflix is bringing portrait video previews to iPhone

Netflix is bringing video previews to mobile, giving users a 30-second glimpse at shows they may find interesting. On iPhone, you’ll be able to enjoy them in portrait mode so that you don’t have to

Let this app lull you into a perfect night’s sleep [Deals]

Ever wake up feeling like you didn’t get any rest at all? Believe it or not, you might be sleeping wrong. Luckily, technology can help. Pzizz is an app for helping dial in healthy sleep habits. It