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What to expect from Apple’s big ‘field trip’ event

Apple will take a field trip out of Silicon Valley to host its first major event of 2018 tomorrow. Instead of focusing on iPhones and Apple Watches, this Apple keynote will be all about education and

Apple vows to zip Siri’s loose lips in future update

Apple has promised it will fix Siri’s newly-discovered privacy problem in a future software update. The flaw allows anyone to read your unread messages and other notifications without your passcode —

How Spike Jonze created that brilliant HomePod ad

A new video reveals the creative process behind Spike Jonze’s brilliant short film “Welcome Home,” which paints the HomePod as a miracle device. Not just one of the best Apple ads in ages, it’s one of

Apple Pay promo fills your belly without emptying your wallet

Apple Pay’s latest promotion lets you save cash when you order food deliveries through Grubhub, Seamless, and Eat24. Use the promo code and pay for your order with Apple Pay (obviously), and you won’t

TAMO brings some light to your Lightning cables [Deals]

Let’s be honest, the standard Lightning cables are plain and boring. They’re also tough to find, which you know if you’ve ever found yourself searching around in the dark trying to charge your phone.

Apple logo creator will share his design secrets at live event this month

The Apple logo is among the most iconic corporate symbols in the world, and (with minor color-related tweaks over the years) has been used to represent Apple since 1977. If you want to hear the story

2018 iPhone production starts early to bring Face ID to the masses

All three of Apple’s proposed iPhone models for 2018 will reportedly include 3D sensing tech for augmented reality and Face ID — which means that Apple has its work cut out producing all of them. As a

Today in Apple history: PowerCD paves the way toward a lucrative future

March 22, 1993: Apple launches the PowerCD, the first device from the company that doesn’t require a computer to work. A portable CD player that also works as an external CD drive for Macs, it offers

YouTube becomes App Store’s top-grossing app for the first time

After eight years in the App Store, YouTube finally climbed to reach the number one spot for highest-grossing app in the U.S. this week. Until now, YouTube has never ranked higher than the number

iPad Pro X concept wows with edge-to-edge design

Here’s what an iPad Pro with an iPhone X-style, edge-to-edge display might look like. Concept designer Martin Hajek combined the rumored iOS tablet with the logo for Apple’s next developer conference.

Fortnite beginner’s guide: How to dominate the year’s hottest game

You’re missing out on one of the greatest games to ever grace iOS if you’re not playing Fortnite. It’s that good. And now you can dive in knowing all you need to know about getting started with battle

Apple Watch can detect serious heart problem

Apple Watch can accurately detect atrial fibrillation, a serious heart condition that is a leading cause of stroke. This advanced feature remains in testing. However, a new medical study offers proof

The best iPad drawing app just got better

Linea, the best drawing app on the iPad, just got updated to version 2.0. Now you can import images, cut and arrange elements, and even use it in portrait mode. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Serious Siri flaw can expose your unread messages

A nasty new flaw with Siri has been discovered this week that could allow people to snoop on your messages. iPhone users found that Siri can be used to read new messages from third-party apps, even

Ad blitz will make listening to music on YouTube unbearable — on purpose

Freeloaders who use YouTube as a cheap alternative to Apple Music should get ready to be annoyed. YouTube is about to intentionally irritate users who treat the video site as a jukebox by increasing

How to stop Facebook tracking your location

Facebook wants to know everything about you, but the iPhone makes it easy to stop the app from stalking you. Here's how to stop Facebook tracking your location. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Proposed E.U. laws crack down on tax-avoiding tech giants

The European Commission wants tech giants like Apple and other “digital businesses” to pay their fair share of taxes, and it’s announced new proposals to help implement this. As previously suggested

Just 5 U.S. companies beat Apple at hiring game

According to LinkedIn, Apple is the sixth most sought-after employer among jobseekers (or potential jobseekers) in the United States. That’s pretty darn good, but it still leaves six companies people

New Apple Watch bands sport ‘vibrant colors’ for spring 2018

Spring has sprung, and there’s a whole bunch of new Apple Watch bands to celebrate. They sport “vibrant colors and unique designs,” Apple says — and they’ll be available to purchase from select stores

Whip any PDF into shape with one simple app [Deals]

PDFs are supposed to be straightforward. Whether it’s a poster or a novel, they make documents big and small look nice, and easy to read and share. But if you want to edit one, you’re going to hit a