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Snap’s Spectacles can now export non-circular videos

Snap updates its set of Spectacles today and instead of only shooting video optimized for Snapchat, you can finally use them to export video that’s friendly for other platforms. Spectacles are Snap’s

One of Mac’s best Finder features is now on Windows PC

It’s okay to use a PC alongside your Mac, but you’ll find that some of the best macOS features aren’t available in Windows. One of those is Finder’s awesome preview function, but you don’t have to

Amazon’s unlimited reading app finally arrives on iOS

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited just made the jump to to the Apple App Store. This service for children ages three to twelve offers thousands of books, movies, and games for a flat monthly fee. The service

Whiny Watch wearer sues Apple for scratched finish, ‘mental stress’

A Toronto man is suing Apple in small-claims court over scratches on his Apple Watch Series 3, which Apple markets as being “brilliantly scratch-resistant.” Following the court filing, Apple allegedly

Supreme Court rules police need a search warrant to track your iPhone

The U.S. Supreme Court just handed down a victory for privacy advocates: police can no longer access mobile phone tracking data without a warrant. Wireless providers know which of its cell towers each

Take a sneak peek at the cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone for 2018

Apple will introduce three new iPhones this fall, according to recent reports. Its most popular is expected to be a brand new model with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, which will be more affordable than the

Movies Anywhere puts your movies everywhere (50 Essential iOS Apps #29)

Owning digital movies used to be a pain in the neck. Movies bought on iTunes were trapped on Apple devices, Google Play movies on Google’s service, and Amazon purchases in Prime Video. At the same

iPhone maker slams China’s overtime caps

Foxconn could assemble even more iPhones if China eased restrictions curbing factories from abusing overtime, the company’s CEO says. Billionaire Terry Gou says China’s rules on overtime keep workers

How to downgrade to iOS 11.4 after installing the iOS 12 beta

There’s an awful lot of coverage of iOS 12 out there at the moment, including early reviews, lists of all the new features, and tutorials that show you how to install the update. But what if you’re

Apple considered ditching the charging port for iPhone X

In its quest to create the ultimate streamlined products, Apple sure loves getting rid of ports. When it came to the development of the iPhone X, however, it temporarily toyed with an idea that would

Carry your summer tunes in style with these awesome earbuds [Deals]

There are lots of ways to listen to your music on the go. In fact, there might be too many. So we’ve rounded up a trio of awesome earbud options for personal audio, just in time for summer, and at

Apple’s mapping minivans will make their way to Japan this summer

Apple is set to begin using its Apple Maps minivans to collect mapping data in Japan later this year, the company has revealed. Apple is due to begin carrying out surveys of Tokyo and Urayasu between

The sad state of the Mac, this week on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: it’s been over a year since Apple has updated virtually any of their Macs. Just what in the heck in going on? We discuss. Plus: why all your online purchases will soon be

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs returns to work after liver transplant

June 22, 2009: Steve Jobs returns to work at Apple, a couple of months after undergoing a liver transplant as part of his cancer treatment. Although Jobs has been steadily getting back into work for

Want to learn from the best? GarageBand’s Artist Lessons are now free

Ever wanted to know would it be like to learn to play a musical instrument from A-list artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Sting, John Fogerty and Fall Out Boy? Want to find out for free? Thanks to the

Huge changes are coming to Fortnite, and that’s okay

Forget everything you know about how to win in Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games has confirmed that it plans to make huge changes to the game that could completely change the way you play. Master

Supreme Court ruling means online shopping could get pricier

If you buy your products online, you could soon find that they get a bit more expensive — due to a Supreme Court ruling that states can now require internet retailers to collect sales taxes. This

Apple challenges Qualcomm patents as legal battle rages on

“Coopetition” best describes the relationship between Apple and Qualcomm. Wireless modems made by Qualcomm are used in iPhones even as the two companies are locked in a years-long patent dispute over

iPhone might soon offer handwriting recognition

Apple is actively working on a handwriting recognition system. This raises the distinct possibility that you might someday enter text by writing words on your iPhone or iPad screen, rather than

Shake up your wristgame with a Watchpop Apple Watch band

If you love Apple’s Sport Loops for Apple Watch, we’ve got a fantastic alternative that costs 10 bucks less and features a new design element to Apple’s version. Enter the Watchpop Loop for Apple