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Apple plans to launch the Apple Music of magazines

Apple is planning to launch its own premium subscription magazine service as part of the Apple News app, a new report claims. Earlier this year, the company acquired magazine app Texture. Texture

Russia wants Apple to pull Telegram from local App Store

Russia’s state telecommunications regulator wants Apple and Google to remove the Telegram messenger app service from their respective app stores. This follows a recent court decision in which a

Today in Apple history: Apple II brings color computing to the masses

April 17, 1977: The Apple II debuts at the West Coast Computer Faire, positioning Apple at the forefront of the looming personal computer revolution. The company’s first mass-market computer, the

Samsung will start OLED production for next-gen iPhones next month

Samsung is reportedly ramping up to start OLED panel production for the next-generation iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. According to a new report, Samsung was hit hard by the downturn in iPhone X sales,

New ads showcase kids’ creativity with the Apple Pencil

There are plenty of pro-grade applications for the iPad, but that doesn’t mean that kids aren’t also benefitting from Apple’s tablet and the Apple Pencil stylus. In a new series of ads which debuted

More goes into ‘Hey Siri’ than you might think

Having your iPhone respond to “Hey Siri” seems like such a simple thing, but it’s actually quite complicated. Recognizing this code phrase, and the person who said it, is critical for Apple

Spotify swipes a major player from Apple Music

The head of Hip-Hop/R&B Programming at Apple Music, Carl Chery, is reportedly headed for rival Spotify. Chery worked for Apple since 2014, and was responsible for helping to launch the careers of

Remove annoying clutter from iPad Spotlight searches

Spotlight on iOS is amazing, but the results can get cluttered. Clean up the list by stopping Spotlight from indexing the contents of every app on your iPhone. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

James Comey isn’t a fan of iPhone encryption

James Comey is an controversial figure. His new book shows he’s strongly opposed to Donald Trump, but he may have also helped get Trump elected President. And the former FBI director is opposed to the

This box turns your iPad into the ultimate guitar pedalboard

The iRig Stomp I/O Pedalboard puts everything an iOS-based guitarist needs in one tough floor controller, turning your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate pedalboard. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Apple drops second beta of iOS 11.4

Developers received a new batch of beta updates this morning, including the second beta build of iOS 11.4. The new build brings a number of new features to the iPhone and iPad, including some that

Epic Apple Park drone video could be the last one ever

New drones videos of Apple Park are about to become extinct. Apple is ramping up security when it comes to drones hovering over its new headquarters. Droner Duncan Sinfield has flown at the campus

Deliveries: The best way to track packages on iOS [50 Essential iOS Apps #1]

Deliveries takes away the burden of tracking packages separately by consolidating all your pending deliveries into a single timeline with all the most important information. (via Cult of Mac - Tech

Introducing 50 Essential iOS Apps, a guide to the best iOS apps around

A few years back, we curated an Essential Mac Apps series. Inspired by that, and the dominance of iOS devices over the past few years, the Essential iOS Apps series is designed to offer app

Save on a subscription to the biggest streaming service of all [Deals]

You might think that Amazon, Hulu or Netflix are the biggest beasts of streaming content. But you’d be wrong. Turns out, they all fall under the umbrella of the biggest streaming service of all:

Samsung patents its first iPhone X clone

Samsung’s design team avoided ripping off the iPhone X’s notch for the Galaxy S9, but that could be about to change. The South Korean company has now patented its first iPhone X clone, complete with a

Netflix calls itself the ‘anti-Apple’ at its own peril

As the current king of the streaming video world, Netflix knows it’s got a target on its back — and it’s certainly sweating because Apple wants to steal its crown. So Netflix is using a tactic once

Apple should battle smartphone addiction, iPod creator says

Former Apple executive, father of the iPod and current Nest CEO Tony Fadell wants Apple to do more to battle smartphone addiction. In a newly published op-ed, Fadell argues that it would be “easy” for

Best Apple Watch chargers, stands and cases for Series 3 [Updated]

From pocket-size, portable chargers to sleek, modernist stands and cases, Cult of Mac Watch Store has your Apple Watch Series 3 charging needs covered. We’ve rounded up our favorite stands and docks

How Apple could use its massive cash pile to educate the world

Apple’s got a pile of cash on hand that’s estimated to exceed $285 billion. So how should it spend it? Over the years, we’ve heard plenty of ideas — ranging from buying Disney to giving large sums of