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Forget HomePod — check out Ikea’s amazing new home speaker

Ikea's new Eneby Bluetooth speaker is cheap, looks fantastic, and has a big old-school volume knob on the front. What's not to like? (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple Music gets a new boss

Jimmy Iovine’s tenure as leader of Apple Music appears to have come to an end. Apple promoted Oliver Schusser to be the new head of Apple Music Worldwide. The move comes right after the streaming

Gorgeous concept imagines a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X

Despite poor demand for iPhone X, Apple seemingly forgot about its flagship smartphone when designing the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8. This gorgeous concept video below gives us a taste of what could have

iOS 11 also breaks genuine Apple displays on repaired iPhones

Apple’s most recent iOS updates are causing problems with iPhone displays that have been fitted by third-party repairers. It was initially believed that unauthorized parts were the cause of the issue,

Check out the first (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8 unboxing video

The new (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition iPhone 8 won’t start arriving until Friday, but one lucky YouTuber has received an early unit from Apple. Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee was gifted a

This punchy Bluetooth speaker takes a licking and keeps on ticking [Deals]

Bluetooth speakers have made our music more portable. There’s nothing quite like bringing your tunes to the beach, on a boat, up a hill. There’s also nothing quite like the feeling of dropping your

Haunting Russian game The Mooseman is coming to iOS

The Mooseman, a beautifully evocative 2D adventure game, is coming to iOS next month. Having launched on Steam last year, the game is already a proven winner with players. Boasting a gorgeous wintry

Today in Apple history: Apple-1 starts a revolution

April 11, 1976: Apple releases its first computer, the Apple-1. Designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak, the computers are sold wholesale by “Steven” Jobs. To finance their manufacturing, Wozniak

Fortnite on iOS gets Port-a-Fort, squad commands and more

Fortnite Battle Royale’s weekly content update has rolled out on iOS, adding the new Port-a-Fort grenade, squad commands, and more. Epic has also addressed a whole bunch of pesky bugs — including one

Zuck is prepared to drag Apple into Facebook’s congressional hearing

Steve Jobs once promised a “thermonuclear war” against Google. Here in 2018, it seems more like Apple is in more of a Cold War with fellow tech giant Facebook — based on recent comments made by both

Apple must shell out $502.6 million to feed ‘patent troll’

Apple must pay $502.6 million to patent holding company (read: so-called “patent troll”) VirnetX Holding Corp., a federal jury in Texas has ordered. This is the latest installment in a dispute that

DIY iPhone memory upgrade is possible, but not worth it

Ever wondered what it would take to give your iPhone more storage? Apple charges a lot for additional room; maybe you could save a bundle by buying a low capacity version and upgrade the iPhone memory

FTC: Third-party repairs don’t invalidate your iPhone warranty

The Federal Trade Commission warned companies today not to tell customers that using independent repair facilities invalidates the warranties on their phones, video game consoles, or cars. Doing so is

Tim Cook gives Saudi prince firsthand tour of Apple Park

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Apple’s new headquarters in California as part of his tour across the western U.S., during which he aims to change the country’s perspective on Saudi

How to leave Facebook and Twitter while staying social

Start your own microblog, and any can follow you, just like Twitter and Instagram, only you own everything your create. Leave Facebook today. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Week’s best Apple deals: Save on new and refurbished MacBooks

This week you can find big discounts on the MackBook Pro and a refurbished MacBook Air. Plus, you can save big on refurbished iPhones, discounted iTunes gift cards, and combo charging stands for your

Elevate your Apple Watch with handmade cuff straps at $30 off [Watch Store]

Feeling a bit rugged? Go ahead and swap out the standard strap that comes with your new Series 3 for something a little more unique. The Cuff Strap by Jack Foster fits the bill, and the rich leather

Instagram’s new feature mimics Portrait Mode on older iPhones

Getting perfect Portrait Mode photos no longer requires an iPhone with two camera lenses. Instagram revealed a new feature today that mimics the blurry depth of field on Portrait Mode photos, only it

Pro Tip: Pin Safari’s tabs so you can find them faster

Pinning tabs in Safari for Mac is easy, and it makes finding them a lot quicker in a crowded browser. Heres' how to pin Safari tabs. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iPhone still reigns supreme among U.S. teens

Figuring out teens is a challenge for parents and teachers, but there’s one thing you can count on: teenagers love iPhone. A new study shows that a whopping 82 percent of them own one. And that number