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This baby monitor recognizes faces and sees in the dark [Deals]

Baby monitors serve an important purpose. All parents need time to make dinner, do chores, work, and other things that you can’t do from beside the crib. Baby monitors used to be glorified, chew-proof

iPhone X may have sold close to 50 million handsets so far

It was written off as a flop by analysts until just a week ago, but according to newly released figures from Strategy Analytics, Apple’s iPhone X was actually the world’s best selling smartphone model

iPhone X is a huge hit, the death of 3D Touch, and inflatable paddle boards on The CultCast

This week on a very volatile episode of The CultCast: the analysts were all wrong—iPhone X is a massive hit. Plus: the death of 3D Touch starts with 2018 iPhone; the world’s most famous Apple analyst

Today in Apple history: Apple embraces over-the-air iOS updates

May 4, 2011: Reports circulate that Apple is negotiating with carriers to bring over-the-air updates to iOS, beginning with iOS 5. Such a move would free iPhone owners from using iTunes to get updates

Razer’s new mouse is built for budget gaming

If you do a lot of gaming on your Mac or PC, a $10 mouse from Walmart isn’t going to cut it. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on something super-fancy, either. The Abyssus Essential,

Warren Buffett didn’t believe the iPhone X doom predictions

Analysts everywhere are trying to restore their Apple credibility after predicting doom for the iPhone X, only to be confronted with Apple’s best ever March quarter! One person who apparently didn’t

Goosebumps: HorrorTown promises a scarily good time on iOS

Back in my distant misspent youth, I was an enormous fan of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series of kids’ horror books. Jump forward 25 years and this fond piece of nostalgia is about to make its way onto

Instagram introduces in-app payments feature

Is there a single tech company out there that doesn’t want to get in on the mobile payments game? Not wanting to be the kid picked last for soccer practice, Instagram has started rolling out a native

Google makes iPhones extremely secure

Google’s service making its accounts uncommonly secure has been extended to iOS native apps. This is only for people who carry around really sensitive information and who therefore expect their iPhone

Hogwarts Mystery costs too much, but might become cheaper

Reviews of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery don’t agree whether it’s a good iOS game, but all say it’s vastly too expensive. It’s actually free to download, but playing the game essentially requires

Apple Watch shipments almost double Fitbit’s

There’s no doubt who’s top dog in the global wearables market. Just over 4 million Apple Watches shipped during the first quarter of this year. That’s nearly double the number of Fitbits shipped. The

How to master Split View on the Mac

Split View on the Mac is just as great as Split View on the iPad, especially on small-screen MacBooks. Here's how to use it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Google gamifies machine learning with Emoji Scavenger Hunt

Emoji are many things to many people. Depending who you ask, they’re fun, flirty, confusing, a whole new language, or the demise of language itself. Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt adds one more to the

iOS 11.4 adds AirPlay controls to Siri

Apple is about to let Siri control your AirPlay speakers. As part of the latest beta for iOS 11.4, Apple has added the ability to use AirPlay commands through Siri, allowing users to use Siri on their

Signups open for free Apple Developer Academy

Apply now for the 2018 class of the Apple Developer Academy to learn to create iOS apps. And did we mention you get to live in Naples? And it’s free? This isn’t a basic bootcamp. In addition to

The iconic Koss Porta Pro headphones go wireless

Koss' 1984-vintage Porta Pro headphones now come in a wireless Bluetooth version. Let's check them out. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Fortnite is killing it on iOS, but it could be so much better

I’ve been encouraging every gamer I know to play Fortnite on iOS since it made the leap to the App Store back in March. I’ve gushed about how spectacular the game is on mobile, and how it keeps up

iPad remains top dog as tablet market shrinks

The iPad remains the king of tablets after strong sales helped the device grab its highest share of the worldwide tablet market since 2014. Apple confirmed on Tuesday that it sold 9.1 million iPads

Apple Pay gets you $15 off flowers just in time for Mother’s Day

Apple Pay’s latest promotion couldn’t have come at a better time. Until Mother’s Day on May 13, you can now save $15 on flowers ordered through 1-800-Flowers. Simply place your order online or through

Ban on FaceTime may soon be lifted in United Arab Emirates

Apple may have been voted consumers’ favorite brand in the United Arab Emirates, but one of the iPhone’s most popular features — FaceTime — still isn’t allowed in the country. That could soon change,