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Cult of Mac Magazine: How Apple Watch could shape up for fitness, and more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: When it comes to fitness apps on Apple Watch, sometimes it feels like Cupertino is running before it can walk. Fancy new features like Heart Rate Recovery are very

Cameras might soon bust drivers who use iPhones

Cameras that automatically give tickets to speeders are old news. So are red-light cameras. Now Australia is exploring using cameras to ticket motorists who are on their cell phones while driving.

Congress criticizes FBI quest for iPhone ‘backdoor’

Congress has called the FBI on the carpet for its attempt to require Apple to build a backdoor into the iPhone. A letter went out today from a bi-partisan group of representatives accusing the law

See the gold iPhone X revealed by FCC filing

Apple never made a gold version of the iPhone X, but there are rumors that will change soon. And the FCC added weight to these by releasing a picture of Apple’s flagship smartphone in that color. The

This microcasting app is the easiest way to podcast on iPhone

Wavelength is the easiest way to create a podcast on iPhone. You can record, edit, and publish a microcast as easily as posting a Tweet. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Leaked Apple memo details efforts to stop leaks

Apple issued a stern warning to employees this week about leaking confidential information to the media. In a leaked memo detailing Apple’s efforts to stop leaks, the company says it caught 29 leakers

No, Apple isn’t killing iTunes music sales

Apple flatly denies a persistent rumor that it’s going to end iTunes music sales on March 31, 2019. The basis for the rumor is vague statement from an Apple Music executive and a change in way most

Cheaper HomePod might be in the works

HomePod sales have fallen well below expectations, according to one of the best Apple analysts in the game. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors today that Apple is considering making a

Gmail’s new ‘Confidential Mode’ locks down sensitive messages

Gmail is getting a gorgeous redesign on the web, which will include a bunch of awesome new features. One of those is a “Confidential Mode” for sensitive messages, which prevents them from being

Cardi B breaks records for her debut album on Apple Music

Hip hop artist Cardi B has broken Taylor Swift’s record for first week Apple Music streams for an album by a female artist. According to Apple, Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy earned more than 100

Why you can’t play Fortnite mobile with a game controller

Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile is a boatload of fun — but it could be a lot better. Clunky touch controls make it more difficult to play on iOS than on console or PC, and there’s nothing game

Get killer Mac apps for 50 percent off or more [Deals]

If you’ve got a Mac, we’ve got some great apps for it. And each is discounted by half or more. So you can get the powerful organizational tool Aeon Timeline, the audio-enhancing Boom 3D, the

Popular messaging app Telegram has been banned in Russia

A Russian court has ordered that the Telegram messaging app should be blocked in the country. This is due to the company’s refusal to give Russian state security services the encryption keys to access

Do lackluster sales mean HomePod’s doomed? Catch the discussion on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: HomePod sales are already stumbling — is it doomed? Plus: Face ID could replace passwords on your favorite websites; the death of Touch ID scheduled for this fall; and our

Today in Apple history: Early iPad rumor gets Apple fans buzzing

April 13, 2005: The tech world gets excited when a sketchy rumor suggests Apple is building a tablet computer. The Chinese-language report claims Quanta will build a 15-inch touchscreen tablet PC with

Apple plans to start making another iPhone in India

Apple plans to start manufacturing another iPhone in India, according to a new report. Partner Wistron has already started trial production of the iPhone 6s Plus at its Bangalore plant, where it has

Giant update makes Death Road to Canada even greater

Death Road to Canada is probably my pick for the best game to land in the App Store last year. It’s a weird-ass mashup that should never have worked: an amalgamation of randomly generated zombie

Epic offers free Fortnite loot to apologize for downtime

Epic has promised to give Fortnite players free loot to apologize for recent downtime that left fans unable to play the game for around 24 hours. Battle Royale players — including those on iOS — will

iMovie update embraces iPhone X, Metal graphics engine

Apple just updated iMovie for iOS so iPhone X users don’t have to put up with black bars on either edge of their display. Even better, the new version supports Apple’s Metal API, which means the

Cops open locked iPhones with GrayKey all the time

Police around the country are buying and using iPhone unlocking tools like GrayKey. These allow access to the contents of encrypted devices involved in crimes. GrayKey is fairly expensive, and its