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Apple resists government’s proposed iPhone ‘backdoor’

Apple and other tech companies are fighting back against a newly proposed method for giving law enforcement access to encrypted smartphones, bypassing users’ passcodes. The iPhone backdoor proposal

Learn to play a musical instrument with iOS

Learning to play guitar, piano, or any other instrument is hard. You iPhone or iPad won't do your practice for you, but it will make that practice more fun, and more effective. Here's how. (via Cult

Apple adds Octavia Spencer TV show to growing lineup

Reese Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine has scored its third TV deal with Apple’s original video content creation team. Apple has officially ordered one season of “Are You Sleeping,”

PodPocket is the rare AirPods accessory you’ll actually love [Review]

The AirPods case is a tiny miracle that looks like a dental floss container. Maybe you like that white plastic design, but to me it looks a little clinical. Not to mention the fact that when my wife

Pro Tip: Use emoji labels in Safari’s Favorites bar

Did you know that you can use emojis to label the bookmarks in Safari’s favorites bar? You’ll find things prettier, and easier to use, without boring old text. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

5 big things to expect from Google I/O 2018

Google I/O 2018 is right around the corner. You may not be all that excited for it if you only ever use Apple devices, but you should be. Google’s plans for the future of its platforms could well

Save money on iTunes with CheapCharts [Essential iOS Apps #8]

CheapCharts for iOS is the perfect companion to the App Store and iTunes Store, helping you get apps and digital content at the best price. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas looks better than ever on iPhone X

Astonishingly, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas turns 14 years old this year. And thanks to a new update to its iOS port, it looks better than ever on the iPhone X. The gang-banging Rockstar Games

Steve Jobs asked Louis Vuitton boss for advice on opening first Apple Stores

As you might expect, Steve Jobs had a pretty darn impressive Rolodex — and he was willing to draw on it to seek advice whenever he needed it. According to a new interview with Louis Vuitton chief

This app will help you stay mindful and relaxed [Deals]

Keeping up with all the feeds and threads and reminders and messages and so on that our phones throw at us gets stressful. Technology might be winding us all up, but it can also help us relax. Aura

Newton kills the ‘Sent’ folder to make email as easy as instant messaging

Awesome email app Newton has killed off the “Sent” folder to make email as easy as instant messaging. When using Newton, your sent messages now appear right inside your inbox alongside everything

Today in Apple history: Apple’s first watch is a freebie for upgraders

May 2, 1995: Apple enters the wearables space with its first watch, a timepiece with no fitness-tracking tech, no on-screen notifications and a whole lot of 1990s styling. The (real) first Apple watch

Nokia is ditching its health business a year after striking deal with Apple

Nokia is in talks to sell the digital health business it acquired from Withings in 2016. The Finnish firm paid $191 million for the company as it looked to do battle with the likes of Apple Health;

iPhone suppliers rebound after Apple’s monster earnings

Reports about lower-than-expected demand from Apple’s suppliers was one of the reasons so many people were predicting doom for the iPhone X. But now that Apple has announced its crazy strong earnings

Apple could be using shady tactics to cash in on iPhone battery replacements

Apple’s iPhone battery replacement initiative was supposed to be a way of Apple getting out of trouble, after news about its iPhone battery throttling was released last year. But according to a new

Apple again meets with California DMV to talk autonomous vehicles

Apple had another meeting with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) about autonomous vehicles last month. The April 2 meeting came not at the request of Apple, but instead the DMV. Six

Fitbit and Google work together to beat Apple Watch

Fitbit wants Google’s help to turn its fitness trackers into health monitors. The wearables maker will use Google’s cloud solutions to tie directly to users’ electronic medical records. The real goal,

Why everyone was so wrong about iPhone X sales

Analysts have been extremely pessimistic about the iPhone X, with almost daily predictions that Apple’s top-of-the-line model was a flop. And they were all dead wrong. Tim Cook just said the iPhone X

5 big revelations from Apple’s surprising Q2 earnings call

Apple blew analysts’ expectations out of the water this afternoon with its historic Q2 2018 earnings report that saw the company post the most revenue ever in the March quarter. Tim Cook and Apple CFO

Apple surprises Wall Street with better-than-expected earnings

There’s a lot of good news in Apple’s second earnings report of 2018 that should keep investors happy going into the next quarter. Revenue during Q2 2018 hit an all-time high for a March quarter at