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Today in Apple history: App Store hits 1 billion downloads

April 23, 2009: Less than a year after opening its virtual doors, the App Store reaches 1 billion downloads. 13-year-old Connor Mulcahey of Weston, Connecticut, wins a “1 Billion App Countdown”

Apple cuts HomePod orders by more than half

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker isn’t off to the best start in terms of sales. A new report claims that lack of demand for the speakers has resulted in Apple cutting orders from 500,000 units per month

Facebook delays smart speaker until October

Facebook’s smart speaker will reportedly launch in October, a new report claims. The social media giant’s entry into the AI speaker market already home to Apple’s HomePod, Amazon’s Echo and Google

Your 13-inch MacBook Pro might need its battery replaced

Apple admits that some MacBook Pro laptops have a problem that causes their batteries to swell up. The company is replacing these free of charge. This affects only the non-touchbar version of the

Score big with these World Cup-inspired Apple Watch bands

Who will it be? Croatia or France? Wear the World Cup on your wrist with Casetify’s colorful, tournament-inspired Apple Watch bands. This international collection of bands represents 18 countries, the

Drafts 5, Vulse, Things, and other awesome apps of the week

This week is all about drag-and-drop, or the lack thereof. Enjoy belated or non-existent dragging-and-dropping in Dropbox and Things. Also: music. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Jumbo wireless charging station juices up 2 devices at once [Deals]

Charging up a device without wires used to sound like science fiction, but now it’s getting more and more common. With Qi charging technology, it’s a capability that most new devices will have.

Today in Apple history: Apple teams with Volkswagen for iBeetle car

April 22, 2013: The world gets its first Apple car. Well, kind of. In reality, the iBeetle is a collaboration with German automaker Volkswagen that offers a car “stylistically linked” to Apple. This

Developers enjoy a huge boost from iOS 11’s App Store redesign

The iOS App Store got a new look last fall, and the change has greatly benefited developers of third-party applications, as Apple intended. A new study found that getting named Game of the Day results

Listen to your favorite tunes without the hassle of wires [Deals]

Audio accessories have come a long way since those iconic earmuff-like headphones some of you might remember from the 70s. Nowadays, it’s common to see people listening to music with sleek portable

Today in Apple history: Rumors fly that Canon might buy Apple

April 21, 1995: Rumors swirl that Canon (yes, the Japanese camera company!) might take over Apple in either a partial or complete acquisition. Speculation grows about a possible deal after Apple

AT&T, Verizon tried to subvert a technology Apple embraces

The Department of Justice is investigating whether AT&T and Verizon colluded to subvert the primary goal of electronic SIMs. This new tech makes it easy to switch between service providers,

Redesigned Apple A12 iPhone processor will be faster, more efficient

Official details of the processor for the 2018 iPhone are months away, but we can already be confident the Apple A12 will be at least 20 percent faster than the current chip, while using 40 percent

How to use age restrictions to protect your kids from adult apps and movies

Restricting the movies, apps, TV shows, and books that your kids can see on their iPhone or iPad is easy. Here's how to switch on and customize iOS age restrictions. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Hiya Caller ID and Blocker keeps robocallers at bay [50 Essential iOS Apps #3]

Knowing when to answer a call from an unknown number is a game of chance. It might be a family emergency, or it might be a scammer trying to rip you off. Hiya Caller ID and Block is a simple iOS app

Doom is not on Apple’s audacious agenda

With smartphone sales plateauing, the iPhone can no longer propel Apple to the sort of stratospheric success the company (and its shareholders) enjoyed over the past decade. Is Apple CEO Tim Cook

Your first look at the new Apple Newton documentary

Apple’s Newton MessagePad is one of the most intriguing Apple products in history: a product people considered a flop, but which was actually years ahead of its time. If you’re a fan of the device,

iPhone SE refresh could be lacking a hugely popular feature

Apple is expected to deliver a new iPhone SE next month, complete with refreshed internals that make it significantly snappier. But it may not be all good news for fans of Apple’s smallest smartphone.

Score 3 years of bulletproof VPN protection [Deals]

At this point, if you don’t know that the internet is risky place, you aren’t paying attention. Every click, every post, every bit of content consumed, is an opportunity to have data collected on you.

LG losing its fight to become iPhone screen supplier

Apple is having a tough time trying to diversify iPhone screen suppliers and break away from Samsung. LG Display was lined up to become a second supplier of OLED displays for this year’s iPhone