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Intel cranks out speedy new modems for 2018 iPhones

Intel has reportedly started production of the new faster XMM 7560 modem chips for Apple’s 2018 iPhones, marking the first time Intel has manufactured modem chips in-house for Apple. While Intel has

iPhone’s transition to OLED displays won’t be complete until 2020

Apple’s more affordable iPhone models with LCD displays will remain its best-selling devices with the transition to OLED technology slower than expected. A new report claims Apple will continue to

Today in Apple history: iPad 2 leak lands insiders in prison

June 15, 2011: Three people get sentenced to prison in China for leaking information about the iPad 2 prior to its release. The Foxconn R&D employees receive sentences ranging from one year to 18

Spike Jonze’s brilliant HomePod ad wins major advertising award

Apple’s brilliantly creative HomePod ad, directed by Being John Malkovich helmer Spike Jonze, has won a top prize at the Association of Independent Commercial Producers Show at the Museum of Modern

‘Behind the Mac’ ads tell the stories of real Apple users

Apple’s latest ad campaign focuses on how the Mac can be used by regular people to create music, make art, develop apps and more. Like classic Apple campaigns such as the “Switch” ads of the early

Rapha teams with Apple for exclusive line of bags and sleeves

There’s a new line of bags, totes, and sleeves on the Apple Store today. Rapha produced these just for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. Rapha is a sportswear brand focused on clothing and accessories

Turns out iOS 12 isn’t safe from ‘brute force’ iPhone unlockers

Apple put a feature in the first iOS 12 beta designed specifically to thwart iPhone unlocking tools that use the Lightning port to get access to the device. But Grayshift, maker of a prominent

iWork for iOS gets audio recording, greater Apple Pencil support

Updates to all the apps in the Apple iWork for iOS suite boast many additional features. Pages’ and Numbers’ ability to record, edit, and play audio is just the start. In both those, and Keynote too,

Watch iPhone X take 1,000-foot plunge — and survive!

An iPhone X was found in good working order after it survived an extreme drop test off of California’s tallest bridge last week. With the video button on record, the glass-encased Apple flagship

How to add your own iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts right now

Siri Shortcuts are already very useful in iOS 12 beta. Here's how to make your own, right now. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

OMFG the Mac’s Calculator has always had a paper tape

Did you know that the Mac's Calculator app has a paper tape? And that it has always had a paper tape? Let's take a look. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Verizon’s new data plan even more unlimited than its other unlimited plans

Verizon just created a new top tier to its unlimited data plans. It was designed for “super users who want the most,” according to the carrier. The Above Unlimited plan offers 75GB of unthrottled 4G

Ark: Survival Evolved lands on Android and iOS

Ark: Survival Evolved is now available on Android and iOS. The popular survival game from Studio Wildcard is completely free-to-play and in-app purchases aren’t necessary. The only thing you need to

Future iPhones may borrow squeeze feature from Android phones

While you’re still missing the headphone jack on an iPhone, prepare your mind for a future Apple handset without the side buttons. Apple applied for a patent this morning on squeeze detection sensors

World Cup-themed tutorials help you make the most of iPhone X’s camera

Just in time for the FIFA World Cup, Apple has debuted a series of new soccer-themed tutorial videos for the iPhone X, offering users some photography suggestions. The videos cover shooting using

Name your price for 10 top-shelf Mac apps [Deals]

Every Mac comes with massive potential for creativity, productivity, and fun. But all of that requires getting the right apps. There are tons to choose from, and most of us only have so much money to

One carrier restarts sales of 9-year-old iPhone 3GS

In June 2009, Apple introduced the world to the iPhone 3GS. It was “the fastest, smartest phone yet,” with improved cameras, video recording, and voice control. Nine years on, smartphones are a lot

All Apple Park employees get their own standing desks

Every employee at Apple Park works from a standing desk, according to Tim Cook. The reason? Because, as Apple’s CEO previously noted, “sitting is the new cancer.” Cook shared the factoid during a

Steam Link update for iOS hints at imminent App Store release

Steam Link could finally be about to make its debut on iOS. After Apple updated its App Store guidelines for remote desktop clients, Steam Link for iOS has been updated to prevent players from making

Here’s how the Queen uses her royal iPad

As the maker of premium tech products, Apple attracts some pretty famous users. One of them? Britain’s longest-reigning monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth II. In a recent episode of the BBC show