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Today in Apple history: Apple reinvents the computer store

May 15, 2001: Steve Jobs flips the script on the dreadful experience of computer shopping, unveiling an ambitious plan to open 25 innovative Apple stores across the United States. The first two Apple

Tim Cook told Trump tariffs are the wrong way to deal with China

Tim Cook has shared some of the details of his recent meeting with President Donald Trump, during which he reportedly criticized the White House’s trade war with China. “I felt that tariffs were not

Snapchat introduces six-second ads that users can’t skip

Snapchat has started rolling out unskippable ads, promoting everything from the new Deadpool movie to Snapple and Samsung’s Galaxy S9 handset. These six-second ads currently appear only in the

Apple now has second biggest fleet of self-driving test cars in California

Apple still hasn’t publicly announced its plans when it comes to autonomous cars. However, in the meantime it continues to grow its fleet of self-driving test cars — which are now the second largest

Brydge 12.9 Series II iPad Pro keyboard lighter, faster, and brighter

A second version of the Brydge 12.9 add-on keyboard for the largest iPad Pro will debut in July. Its all-aluminium casing will weigh less than its predecessor’s, it will use a newer version of

Alligator leather makes Hadoro AirPods more luxurious and expensive

Apple’s AirPods are more than wireless headphones; they’re fashion accessories. Hadoro AirPods take that to the next level by using alligator leather to make something any starlet or internet

Google One offers more cloud storage for less money

Google cut the price for 2TB cloud storage plan in half, and created a new 200GB option. It also redubbed all its online storage under a new “Google One” name. The goal seems to be to make Google’s

Apple shows off iPhone X’s studio skills in new video

Apple debuted a new ad today that showcases the incredible powers of Portrait Mode on the iPhone X. The fun new ad is similar in style to some of the wild Face ID ads Apple put out earlier this year

How to change Siri’s accent on iPhone and iPad, and why you shouldn’t

Changing Siri's accent is easy, but should you? Does switching Siri to Australian make Siri less able to recognise your U.S. English accent? Or is Siri so bad it doesn't matter? Here's how to change

How to protect your Mac, iPhone, iPad from Efail email exploit

Researchers in Europe have discovered a way to read the contents of encrypted emails sent with iOS and macOS devices. The so-called Efail exploit is significant enough that the Electronic Frontier

Spiffy new iPhone X cases look like original iMac and iPhone

I test a lot of iPhone cases and rarely get comments. Most of them aren’t that distinctive. But a new iMac-inspired case from Spigen attracted the attention of my teenage kids and even elicited a

Divide and conquer your Mac photo library

This post is presented by Fat Cat Software, maker of PowerPhotos. If there’s one thing photo libraries do, it’s grow. And as they increase in size, they also become harder to organize. Duplicates

Fortnite leak reveals new weapon and challenges for Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale could get a new assault rifle in an upcoming content update. A “Bullpup Burst” has been uncovered in the game’s data files following its most recent release. The gun deals more

Control your analog guitar pedals with this iPhone app and looper

This looper pedal and iPhone app let you remote control your old-school guitar stomp boxes using a Bluetooth. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iOS 11.4 inches closer to launch with fifth beta

iOS 11.4 looks like it’s on track for a public release sometime around WWDC 2018. Apple just released a big batch of betas for developers this morning, including the fifth build of iOS 11.4 which

Free app earns you cash back at your favorite restaurants

Square’s Cash App just got far more rewarding. The Cash Boost program now offers cash back at several well-known restaurants and stores, including Shake Shack and Chipotle. Even better, now anybody

Embrace automation with Workflow [Essential iOS Apps #13]

Workflow for iOS makes performing or automating a complex or repetitive task a breeze, all without needing to know a programming language. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Colorful iPhones might be coming back this year

Apple could bring back its multicolored iPhones strategy, last seen with the iPhone 5c, as a selling point for this year’s iPhone 8s handsets. The LCD model iPhone is likely to be one of the year’s

iPad Pro helped persuade New Yorker artist to paint digitally

New Yorker cover artist Mark Ulriksen went from “technologically illiterate” to loving working on his iPad Pro, a new profile article reveals. Ulriksen painted by hand using acryclic and gouache paint

They can make Lightning cables better, stronger, faster [Deals]

Lightning cables are critical, moving data and delivering juice for our most important devices. One thing they typically don’t do, though, is last a long time. These MFi-certified Lightning cables