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Newton, Bias Amp 2, Overcast privacy, and other amazing apps of the week

Bias Amp gets a huge update, now imports your Instagram backup, and Newton pretends that banishing "sent" emails is a big new thing. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Wireless power pack juices up 3 devices at once [Deals]

The batteries in our devices are struggling to keep up with how much we use them. From ever-more-powerful apps to power-sucking operating systems, there’s only so much you can do to keep your gadgets

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs shows off the colorful iMac G3

May 6, 1998: Steve Jobs unveils the iMac G3, a brightly colored, translucent computer that will help save Apple. Ten months after Jobs’ new management team takes over, the iMac loudly announces that

Picbot is the photo assistant for the iPhone age [Deals]

iPhones are photography and video powerhouses. But shooting with a tripod means sticking with static shots, and handheld, well, looks handheld. Ready to up your iPhone photography game? This motorized

Today in Apple history: iTunes hits 1 million downloads in first week

May 5, 2003: Just a week after launching the iTunes Music Store, Apple reaches an incredible milestone with more than 1 million songs sold. Particularly notable is the fact that more than half the

Apple shares hit at an all-time high

Weeks of iPhone sales doom and gloom has done wonders for Apple’s stock price. Shares of AAPL closed at an all-time high today thanks to the company’s historic Q2 earnings report that revealed the

Week’s best Apple deals: Save big on refurbished iPhones, MacBooks and iPads

Refurbished Apple gear carry prices ranging from great to unreal. This week, you can get fantastic deals on refurbished iPhones, MacBooks and iPads. (Here are a few things to keep in mind when

How to keep using Time Machine without AirPort or Time Capsule

Worried about your Time Machine backups now that Apple has axed Airport? Don't. There are plenty of ways to keep using Time Machine, all of them better than the Time Capsule. (via Cult of Mac - Tech

Apple gives Texture for Windows the boot following acquisition

Apple plans to shut down the Texture app for Windows following its acquisition of the magazine subscription service back in March. The app remains available to download from the Microsoft Store for

iOS 11.3 breaks some iPhone 7 microphones

Apple’s recent software updates have broken some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus microphones. Users report that they cannot be heard during calls since updating to iOS 11.3 or later. Apple has advised

Lightsaber battles get personal in Jedi Challenges

Just in time for May the Fourth-be-with-you, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges added multiplayer lightsaber battles so you can take on your friends in virtual reality combat. Of course, doing so requires a

Take your podcast listening up a notch with Overcast [Essential iOS Apps #9]

Podcasts are a great way to stay informed, entertained, or pass time. Listening efficiently can help you get the most podcast for your time. With the Overcast podcast app for iOS, not only do you get

Google’s search payments to Apple could diminish this year

The money that Google pays Apple to be the default iOS search engine is poised to become a much smaller part of Apple’s Services revenue. In its most recent quarterly filing with the Securities and

This baby monitor recognizes faces and sees in the dark [Deals]

Baby monitors serve an important purpose. All parents need time to make dinner, do chores, work, and other things that you can’t do from beside the crib. Baby monitors used to be glorified, chew-proof

iPhone X may have sold close to 50 million handsets so far

It was written off as a flop by analysts until just a week ago, but according to newly released figures from Strategy Analytics, Apple’s iPhone X was actually the world’s best selling smartphone model

iPhone X is a huge hit, the death of 3D Touch, and inflatable paddle boards on The CultCast

This week on a very volatile episode of The CultCast: the analysts were all wrong—iPhone X is a massive hit. Plus: the death of 3D Touch starts with 2018 iPhone; the world’s most famous Apple analyst

Today in Apple history: Apple embraces over-the-air iOS updates

May 4, 2011: Reports circulate that Apple is negotiating with carriers to bring over-the-air updates to iOS, beginning with iOS 5. Such a move would free iPhone owners from using iTunes to get updates

Razer’s new mouse is built for budget gaming

If you do a lot of gaming on your Mac or PC, a $10 mouse from Walmart isn’t going to cut it. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on something super-fancy, either. The Abyssus Essential,

Warren Buffett didn’t believe the iPhone X doom predictions

Analysts everywhere are trying to restore their Apple credibility after predicting doom for the iPhone X, only to be confronted with Apple’s best ever March quarter! One person who apparently didn’t

Goosebumps: HorrorTown promises a scarily good time on iOS

Back in my distant misspent youth, I was an enormous fan of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series of kids’ horror books. Jump forward 25 years and this fond piece of nostalgia is about to make its way onto