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Today in Apple history: Apple ships its last Mac with a CRT monitor

July 5, 2006: Apple discontinues its low-end eMac product line. It signals the end of the cathode ray tube era for Macs. After more than a quarter-century using CRT monitors, Apple shifts to the

Scientists answer the question, are iPhone apps spying on us?

[amazon_link asins=”” template=”” marketplace=”” link_id=””Ever been discussing some product to your friends and then had an ad for it appear on your iPhone the next day? It’s happened enough that

Intel puts new 5G modem on hold after Apple snub

Intel has reportedly halted development of its new 5G mobile modem after Apple decided not to place orders for future iPhones. Intel had hoped to secure a partnership with Apple to supply “Sunny Peak”

How to share Dropbox-style links in iOS 12 Photos app

iOS 12 beta 3 adds Dropbox-style sharing links to the Photos app, so you can share links to single images, of groups of photos. Here's how it works. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

WhoSampled is like Shazam for samples and cover versions

WhoSampled is like Shazam for samples. It tells you what samples were using in a track, and much more. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

New concept art shows 6.1-inch iPhone in all its glory

There have now been enough rumors and apparent leaks that there’s little room for doubt that Apple plans an iPhone with an 6.1-inch screen for this fall. Artists have been busy turning the unconfirmed

Killer tech to keep you cool and collected this summer [Deals]

July 4th is just around the corner, but summer is in full swing. So we’ve rounded up some of the coolest gear and apps in the Cult of Mac Store. Below you’ll find massive deals on a remote A/C

Apple will expand its corporate reach by teaming with HP Enterprise

Apple plans to expand its presence in the corporate sector by teaming with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the United Kingdom, a new job listing reveals. Similar partnerships are already in place with

Fortnite’s new Playground mode spawns amazing Mario Kart clone

Fortnite’s exciting new Playground mode finally relaunched this week, giving new players the chance to learn the game outside of Battle Royale matches. But you don’t have to use it for practice. The

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs visits the Soviet Union

July 4, 1985: Steve Jobs visits Moscow for the first time, with the aim of selling Macs to the Russians. During his two-day trip, Jobs lectures computer science students in the Soviet Union, attends a

Netflix could be about to get a lot more expensive for some users

You might have to pay a lot more for your Netflix subscription if your account is regularly used on more than two devices. A new leak reveals Netflix could be planning to limit its Premium tier to

Samsung shows Apple what the 2018 iPad Pro should look like

A leaked image of an upcoming Android tablet from Samsung should catch the attention of Apple. It leaves off its large top and bottom screen bezels, something many potential iPad Pro buyers have been

Google admits third-party developers can read your emails

Privacy is a hot-button issue in 2018, and the latest target is Google after it was revealed that developers of third-party apps can read your Gmail messages. The thing is, you gave the application

It really pays to be an iOS developer

Want to make mad bank? Learn to program iOS apps. The career website Dice compiled average iOS developer salaries, and the numbers are a touch breathtaking. The results are broken out by geographical

macOS Mojave beta 3 arrives with new fixes

Hot on the heels of Apple’s big batch of beta software released this morning, the company has also seeded the third beta of macOS Mojave to developers. macOS Mojave brings a number of UI changes to

How to save any audio file to iPhone without a Mac

You still can't save an audio file to the the Music app on your iPhone without using a Mac. Today we discover three ways to get around this stupid limitation. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Streaming TV is getting pricier by the minute

People looking to trim their cable bill turn to a variety of services that offer a smaller selection of channels streamed live over the internet. These streaming TV services go for a substantially

Drake’s new album shatters every Apple Music record

Drake’s new album Scorpion may not have been well received by all his fans, but that hasn’t stopped it from destroying pretty much every record on Apple Music. Scorption launched last Friday and

Siri ‘heckled’ Britain’s unsuspecting defense secretary

The U.K’s Gavin Williamson was giving a speech today when he was interrupted. That’s not unusual in the House of Commons, but in this case it was Siri rudely talking over the Defense Secretary.

Add events to your iPhone calendar using natural language and Drafts

Do you hate adding new events to your iOS calendar? It’s a real pain, right? You have to click, and type, and turn one of these time and date dials, and type some more. On the Mac you can just hit ⌘-N