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Don’t buy a new MacBook Pro until you hear our newest CultCast

There are growing reports, tons of complaints, and a new petition claiming the butterfly keyboard in the new MacBook Pro has a critical design flaw that can’t be fixed. This episode we explore the

Want to live in a giant iPod? You can if you move to Dubai

Are you enough of an Apple fan that your dream is to live in a building explicitly modeled after an Apple device? Quite possibly not — but, thanks to Hong Kong architect James Law, such an opportunity

Today in Apple history: Apple shows off its amazing Fifth Avenue store

May 18, 2006: The world — and, more specifically, the Apple-watching press — gets its first glimpse at Apple’s swanky new Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York City. Hidden behind black plastic

Enjoy free Instacart grocery deliveries when you use Apple Pay

Still not using Apple Pay? It’s about time you started. This week’s promotion lets you enjoy free delivery when you purchase groceries through Instacart. You have until 11:59 p.m. PT on May 23 to take

U.S. can’t help Apple in its fight against EU

The U.S. wanted to be in Apple’s corner for its battle against the European Union, but a ruling from the EU’s highest court means that the United States is going to have to keep its distance. The

iPad robot helps hospitalized girl graduate with classmates

When a high school girl couldn’t attend her high school graduation, a iPad-based robot allowed her to virtually collect her diploma. Cynthia Pettway was hospitalized last week, but the iPad on wheels

Week’s best Apple deals: Massive Mac sale can save you up to $1,300

This week, you can save up to $1,300 at B&H Photo Video in their massive Apple sale! We also have great deals on the Apple Mac mini and the (refurbished) iPhone 6. Plus, you’ll find an assortment

HomePod captures measly 6 percent of smartspeaker market

iPhone sells like gangbusters. iPad is at the top of the tablet market. But the HomePod is a very different story. Apple’s smartspeaker earned just a small share of the world market in the first

Cinematic photo app uses AI to fix your snaps

In 2016, a startup called Relonch started a camera club and next-day image editing service that was largely panned online by photographers. Who would pay $99 per month to use a camera they will never

iOS 11.4 beta 6 released just three days after beta 5

Apple took the very unusual move of releasing a second iOS 11.4 beta this week. The fifth version of the developer beta came out on Monday, and its replacement debuted today. This could mean good

Sell us your used Apple accessories: Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard and AirPods

The Cult of Mac buyback program just got bigger and better than ever: Now we pay cash for your used Apple accessories, including Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard and AirPods. Although we are huge fans of

If you want an AirPort, you’d better act fast

The death of the AirPort is officially here. And your chance to get one of Apple’s routers may have already passed. Supplies of Apple’s doomed AirPort lineup are starting to twindle across the globe

Samsung’s sad new ad is packed with iPhone disses

The life of an iPhone owner is a truly miserable experience, according to the Android smartphone makers at Samsung. Apple’s big Android rival put out a new ad today titled “Moving On” that attacks the

Fortnite’s new Solo Showdown game mode offers big prizes

Fortnite Battle Royale is getting a new limited-time game mode that awards big prizes. Solo Showdown places players against self-selected competitors in “the ultimate test of survival.” The best

Apple welcomes deaf and blind students to Everyone Can Code initiative

Apple has been pretty outspoken about bringing coding classes to everyone — and that most assuredly includes the deaf and blind communities, too. Timed to coincide with Global Accessibility Awareness

Expand your MacBook’s connections from 1 to 6 [Deals]

The possibilities for work and creativity on a MacBook are essentially endless. But they’ve got serious limitations in the connections department. On the newer models, all you’ve got is a single USB-C

Apple website celebrates accessibility for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

The Apple website has today been updated to highlight the accessibility features of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more. The change is in celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a yearly

Apple’s proposed North Carolina campus is almost a ‘done deal’

Apple’s decision to open a new HQ in North Carolina is reportedly a “done deal” as soon as a bill is passed approving a series of incentives for Apple. The location of Apple’s proposed new headquarter

Apple Pay goes live in Ukraine

Apple Pay has launched in Ukraine, a move that was officially announced by the country’s finance minister Oleksandr Danyliuk on Facebook. At present, Apple Pay is supported by Ukraine’s nationalized

Today in Apple history: John Sculley brings ‘Pepsi Generation’ marketing to Apple

May 17, 1983: John Sculley takes the helm as Apple’s third president and CEO. The former Pepsi-Cola boss is short on tech experience but long on marketing, which will become increasingly important as