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Save time and money on parking with ParkWhiz [50 Essential iOS Apps #38]

If you’re driving in a metro area and want to score the best deal on parking, check out ParkWhiz. It's the best parking app on iOS, saving your time and money. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

High-energy Apple Watch ads advise you to ‘close your rings’

Apple challenges Apple Watch users of any age to “close your rings” in a new series of high-energy ads for its smartwatch. The short, 15-second spots debuted on Apple’s Australian YouTube channel.

Apple won’t give your older MacBook an improved keyboard

Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro lineup last week, and faster Intel processors weren’t the only thing to be excited about. The update also brought a quieter keyboard that’s less prone to being ruined

Organize your Apple accessories, Japanese-style [Deals]

Cupertino has a reputation for painstaking design. That’s as true of its charging bricks and watch straps as it is of the company’s mobile devices and computers. When it comes to packing all these

You can now listen to an opera about Steve Jobs on Apple Music

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to an opera based on the life of Steve Jobs, now’s your chance! Called The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, the 95-minute production comprises 19 different scenes from Jobs’

Microsoft details big Office updates coming to mobile this month

Microsoft has some big improvements planned for its mobile Office apps that will roll out to everyone this month. Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint will all see changes on Android and iOS. Here’s what you

Today in Apple history: Apple pays $450 million to settle e-books suit

July 16, 2014: Apple agrees to pay $450 million to resolve the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against the company over e-book pricing in the iBooks Store. Cupertino stood accused of conspiring

Apple has a surprising amount of unsold iPhone X inventory

Apple is sitting on a massive stockpile of unsold iPhone X devices, a new report claims. The backlog reportedly equals almost three times the number of the high-end handsets already shipped. If

Apple struggles big-time to sell iPhones in India

Three members of Apple’s executive team in India have departed, due to the company’s ongoing struggle to boost iPhones sales in the world’s fastest-growing major smartphone market. The execs include

2018 MacBook Pro performance shows dramatic improvement

The 15- and 13-inch MacBook Pro models launching this week boast significantly faster processors. Tests with the Geekbench benchmarking tool show speed increases as high as 86 percent. The

Teardown reveals MacBook Pro keyboard is redesigned to prevent keys sticking

Apple made potential buyers of the new MacBook Pro models very nervous when it said no effort had been made to fix the problems plaguing the keyboards in earlier versions. Happily, it turns out the

Thousands of engineers put Apple self-driving car in high gear

Apple stays quiet about it, but the company is clearly developing a self-driving car. And this week the world was given a glimpse inside this project, showing that it’s much larger than many had

Text Case, Affinity Designer, and other amazing apps of the week

Today we check out Affinity Designer, Text Case, and the new Moment photo app? Not enough? Then perhaps you'll be satisfied with… Parametric Equalizer! (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Name your price for an education in professional photography [Deals]

Thanks to smartphones, we’re all photographers now. Not necessarily good photographers, but still, technology has made it so that taking pretty pictures is just a matter of ‘point and shoot’. Of

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ Apple turnaround continues

July 15, 1998: Apple reports its third profitable quarter after the return of Steve Jobs, continuing the company’s remarkable turnaround. Apple earns $101 million for the quarter, largely thanks to

Today in Apple history: Revolutionary MP3 format gets its name

July 14, 1995: The MP3 file format receives its official name as the new .bit file extension gets changed to .mp3. The technology allows compression of a standard CD .wav file to one-tenth its

Cult of Mac Magazine: Finally! New MacBook Pros, and more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: Apple just updated its MacBook Pro line, ramping up performance and adding various advanced features. Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing VP, calls the new Apple

These gadgets will give your car a tech overhaul [Deals]

The more you see something like a Tesla driving by, the easier it is to feel some auto envy. So we’ve rounded up some gear and gadgets that’ll help make your car a little more future ready. There’s a

Apple R&D seems stingy in face of massive revenues

Apple spent a whopping $12.7 billion on research and development last year. And $51 billion since Tim Cook became CEO. But one analyst says that might not be enough. The company actually spends less

Learn to code on iOS with awesome perks — for a price

A Silicon Valley is offering wannabe coders the opportunity to get a free MacBook and free housing while taking their 30-week iOS coding course. Of course, there’s a bit of a catch with the offer.