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Everything you need to know about your iPhone camera’s shutter speed

Everything you need to know about camera shutters, shutter speed, blur, camera shake, and the iPhone camera. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Popular quiz game HQ Trivia goes big with new Apple TV app

One of the most popular new iPhone games of the last year is set to take over your living room. HQ Trivia, the popular mobile trivia game that offers cash prizes to participants, is making the leap

New MacBook Air reportedly slated for Q3 launch

New MacBook Airs could launch as soon as the end of Q3 2018, according to a new report out of Taiwan that signals the wait for an affordable new MacBook is nearly over. Apple hasn’t updated the

Apple replaces flawed iOS 12 beta

Just two days after hastily withdrawing a beta of iOS 12, Apple is back with a new version that hopefully fixes the problems in the original. No one expects betas to be perfect, but iOS 12 beta 7 had

These celebs get paid by Android but got caught using iPhones

Paying a celebrity to be seen using your product is a fairly common practice. Apple doesn’t make a habit of it, but other companies do. When it gets funny is when the celebs are caught using their

Henry Ford Museum celebrates iMac G3 birthday by exhibiting all 13 ‘flavors’

Do you know your Sage from your Grape? How about your Bondi Blue from your Graphite? And who in their right mind could forget Flower Power or Blue Dalmatian? If you know your Apple trivia, you’ll

These pillows will help the Apple geek dream different

Five of the most historic pieces of hardware are back as soft plush pillows cuddle-ready for all Apple geeks. The Iconic Pillow Collection, designed to resemble the Apple II, Apple Macintosh, the

Save your reading list for later with Pocket [50 Essential iOS Apps #49]

Pocket makes it easy to save articles and news stories for later and catch up on your reading list of things you want to read, on your schedule. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

20 most important Macs of all time

Today marks 35 years since the launch of the original Macintosh computer, the product which most defined Apple until the iPod and iPhone came along years later. The Mac changed the course of personal

Simply drag and drop music, videos and photos onto your iPhone with Waltr 2 [Deals]

When you want to move files among your Mac and iOS devices, you probably use iTunes. But Apple’s software isn’t always cooperative, especially if your files need converting. Luckily, there’s another

Rome: Total War marches onto iPhone this month

The classic PC strategy game Rome: Total War is coming to iPhone — and you don’t have long to wait. Well, technically you may have been waiting since the game arrived on PC more than a decade ago, but

Fat cats can order their gold-dipped 2018 iPhones right now

Apple’s next-gen iPhones haven’t even been announced yet, but already a few rich folks are seemingly worried about how they’ll stand out from the pack with a boring old regular 2018 Apple handset.

Today in Apple history: iMac G3 arrives to save Apple

August 15, 1998: The iMac G3 — Apple’s brightly colored, translucent Macintosh relaunch — goes on sale to a rabid audience. Steve Jobs’ first major new product since returning to Apple, the

Apple Car could drive off the lot in only 5 years

One of the secret-but-not-really-secret projects Apple is working on is a self-driving vehicle. A well-respected analyst just gave his estimate of when this will be released. Not only does Ming-Chi

Warren Buffett’s firm just can’t stop investing in Apple

If a company made you $2.6 billion in a single day, you’d probably want to continue investing in it. That’s what Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway firm has done with Apple, according to its latest

Joel Kinnaman joins Apple’s space race sci-fi series

Apple is reportedly fleshing out the cast for its original sci-fi series from Ronald D. Moore, adding Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman and Sarah Jones in lead roles. The as-yet-untitled show takes place

Verizon 5G package will include 4K Apple TV and YouTube TV

As part of its effort to get a jump on the competition when it comes to 5G networks, Verizon reportedly plans to offer a free 4K Apple TV to customers. Verizon will be the first mobile carrier to

US government bans employees from using risky Chinese phones

Anyone who works for the U.S. government must give up their phone if it was made by Huawei or ZTE. And federal agencies must get rid of routers and other networking equipment made by the two Chinese

How to rip and save audio from YouTube videos with your iPhone

This workflow downloads a video from YourTube, rips the audio to an MP3 or M4A file, then saves it on your iPhone. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

‘Loop disease’ could kill your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

It has a ridiculous name, but it’s a serious problem. Incidents of “loop disease’ are reportedly sending growing numbers of iPhones to the repair shop. This isn’t a new virus or an iOS bug. Instead,