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Windows 10 code suggests Microsoft isn’t done battling iPhone

New code discovered in Windows 10 suggests Microsoft isn’t ready to give up its fight against the iPhone just yet. Microsoft’s mobile platform as we know it is all but dead, but it looks like the

Here’s what Foxconn will manufacture at new Wisconsin facility

The percentage of each iPhone made in the U.S. may increase, claims a new report, suggesting that manufacturer Foxconn’s proposed Wisconsin factory will be used for producing small and medium-sized

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs attempts a boardroom coup

May 23, 1985: Bitter about being ousted from his position running the Macintosh division, Steve Jobs attempts to stage a coup to seize control of Apple from CEO John Sculley. The 30-year-old Apple

Apple now lets you download a copy of all the data it has on you

Apple is now giving users the opportunity to download a copy of all the data the company has collected from them. This includes App Store and iTunes activity, Apple ID account and device information,

Disgruntled users are suing Apple over its ‘defective’ MacBook keyboard

Apple’s MacBook butterfly switch keyboards are landing its makers in court, thanks to a new class action lawsuit which was filed in California court this Tuesday. The class action suit alleges that

FBI admits it has far fewer unlockable iPhones than claimed

FBI director Christopher Wray has said multiple times that his agency has 7,775 locked phones involved in investigations that it can’t access. Now, the law enforcement agency admits the number is far

Major 2018 iPhone component already in production

The Apple A12 processor, the heart of the 2018 iPhone, is reportedly already being manufactured. It’s being produced by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which has made Apple’s chips for years.

Gemini Photos saves your iPhone storage from unwanted photos

Ever take 50 photos just to get that one perfect shot? Snapping the perfect frame isn’t easy, but cleaning up the extra photos is even worse. The folks at MacPaw have come out with a new app that

T-Mobile isn’t America’s ‘Best Unlimited Network’

T-Mobile uses the self-bestowed accolade ‘Best Unlimited Network’ in its ads. But now an advertising regulatory body told the carrier to knock it off. To be clear, this recommendation by the National

Recharge your Apple Watch with this bendy, on-the-go dock

If you are an Apple Watch wearer then you already know that there’s about a million and a half individual accessories that you can buy for it. But why pay a lot to get a bunch of accessories when you

Apple confirms WWDC 2018 keynote livestream

Didn’t get manage to grab a ticket to WWDC 2018? Don’t worry. Apple will still give you a front row seat to the keynote on June 4th. Apple confirmed this afternoon that it will provide a live stream

How to stop websites hijacking Safari

Sick of websites disabling autofill, copy/paste, contextual menus, and more? We have it covered. StopTheMadness puts control of Safari back in your hands. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through

Apple ropes in new showrunners for Amazing Stories reboot

Apple has finally found a replacement to guide the development of its new TV show Amazing Stories. “Once Upon a Time” co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have signed a deal with Apple to be

Here’s why bartenders wear Apple Watch

If you’re not convinced you need an Apple Watch, you might be able to justify one if your job forbids you from checking your phone. This makes the wearable particularly popular within the service

Reports of looming Siri makeover are not fake news, just a little old

It looks like Siri suffered a bit of a hangover from WWDC 2017. Monday’s reports of a Siri makeover to be unveiled at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference look like nothing but old news. The

1Password 7 for Mac warns if you’ve been pwned

1Password 7 for Mac notifes users of breaches, warn of bad habits, and highlights vulnerable passwords. 1Password mini has a new look, and there’s a new sidebar with a dark theme. It’s the first

Side Winder reels in MacBook’s charger cables

The Side Winder is a handy reel for your MacBook charger, keeping cables neat and safe. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Belkin’s new audio cable lets iPhone users skip the dongle

iPhone owners, get ready to ditch your dongles. Belkin revealed today that it’s finally making an audio cable to will allow iPhone users to plug into 3.5mm stereo jacks without using a Lightning

Apple issues invites for big WWDC keynote

Apple has started issuing press invites for its big WWDC keynote on June 4. Attendees will be treated to a preview of iOS 12 and the next major updates to macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Apple could also

Instagram lets you mute accounts you don’t want to see

Instagram is finally giving us the ability to mute accounts that we don’t want to see in our feeds. The feature lets you weed out annoying friends without actually unfollowing them. You will still be