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ARKit 2.0 will allow multiplayer games in the same space

At WWDC, Apple could debut new multiplayer AR tools which allow two iPhone users to share the same augmented reality space. The news was shared in a recent Reuters report. While short on details, the

Apple Music gets a web player ahead of WWDC

Improvements to Apple Music could be showcased at WWDC later today — but one new feature has slipped out early. A new web player gives Apple Music fans the ability to sample and enjoy full tracks in

Today in Apple history: Mac clone-maker peaks before a dizzying decline

June 4, 1997: Mac clone-maker Power Computing hits its high point — but it’s also the beginning of the end. Power Computing’s boss reaches an agreement with Apple CEO Gil Amelio concerning the

How to watch the WWDC 2018 keynote live stream

You can watch the WWDC 2018 on Apple TV, iPhone. iPad, Mac, or even on a PC. Here's how to follow along, as well as catch our awesome live blog (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Apple has a new plan for cutting down manufacturing costs

Apple is known for exerting a lot of control over the manufacturing of its products, and it’s reportedly set to ramp up this control even further. Beginning with its new MacBook models, Apple will

Woman in Canada is fined for using Apple Watch while driving

A woman in Canada has been fined for using her Apple Watch behind the wheel of her car. Victoria Ambrose was charged with distracted driving and told that an Apple Watch is no safer “than a cellphone

Tim Cook congratulates WWDC scholarship winners

The winners of scholarships to Apple’s worldwide developers conference got a special bonus: the opportunity to meet CEO Tim Cook. These students used their coding skills to demonstrate that they

Third lawsuit filed over ‘defective’ MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard

Thinking perhaps that third time’s the charm, another lawsuit has been filed claiming that the keyboard used in the MacBook Pro is defective. Like the two prior ones filed last month, this seeks to

Twist-O-Flex Apple Watch band a brilliant blast from the past

Vintage watch enthusiasts, take heed. The classic Speidel Twist-O-Flex that was all the rage mid-century is now available for Apple Watch. The twisty, stretchy stainless steel bands you remember dad

Ulysses, Procreate Pocket, Agenda for iOS and other apps of the week.

This week we get productive, with colorful new features in Ulysses word processor app, amazing new keyboard controls in Things for iOS, and more. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Perfectly capture colors with this pocket-size sensor [Deals]

Whether you’re working on a graphic design project or redecorating your home, color is key. But most of us can’t tell the difference between purple and violet, so we’ve found a tool that can help. Nix

Today in Apple history: iOS overtakes BlackBerry OS

June 3, 2011: iOS overtakes Research in Motion’s BlackBerry operating system for the first time. While Android remains comfortably in the lead in terms of market share, the news marks the beginning of

Today in Apple history: Yosemite brings a visual overhaul to OS X

June 2, 2014: Apple shows off OS X 10.10 Yosemite for the first time at its Worldwide Developers Conference. Following the Jony Ive-redesigned iOS 7, Yosemite boasts an aesthetic change that brings

Save big on awesome apps for your Mac [Deals]

Your Mac’s a mighty machine, but it needs great apps to be at its best. So we’ve rounded up some of the top titles at the lowest prices, from a powerful mind-mapping program to a ‘Netflix for Mac

Cult of Mac Magazine: Hidden Apple Watch metric tells if you should exercise, and more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: Imagine if your Apple Watch could tell you which days were best for you to do a workout, and what kind of workout you should do. Well it can, sort of, thanks to a

This wireless iPhone charger can stand up to splashing water

Our iPhone charging cables will soon disappear thanks to the promise of wireless chargers. CheeNYC, a relatively new Qi tech company, has a beauty aptly named ONYXX. It is smooth black and shiny,

This is the most important setting you can enable on your iPhone

Data Protection erases your iPhone after ten failed passcode attempts. It is almost impossible for you or your kids to trigger it by accident. Switch it on today. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Get a brand-new MacBook Air for hundreds off [Deals & Steals]

In today’s edition of Deals & Steals, we have select models on the latest MacBook Air for a phenomenal deal. Plus, you can get an (ugh) Galaxy S9, FIFA 18 and a pair of Bose wireless earphones —

macOS 10.13.5 brings Messages in iCloud to Mac at last

Apple released macOS 10.13.5 today, an update that brings the long-awaited Messages in iCloud feature to Mac users. The new feature, which Apple rolled out to iPhones and iPads earlier this week in

General Magic tells story of Apple spinoff that almost changed the world

How do you follow a project like the Macintosh? A high-flying Apple spinoff called General Magic tried to answer that question in the early 1990s. After revolutionizing the personal computer, a team