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We have the wireless charger you’re looking for [Deals]

Wires are out, wireless charging is in. Now pretty much every new phone can juice up without being plugged in, which is as convenient as it is cool. There are many options out there, so we’ve rounded

Instagram wants to battle Apple and Netflix with original content

After beating out every other photo-sharing platform and stealing Snapchat’s lunch money, Instagram is jumping into video. A new report claims the service is adding support for uploading videos up to

Conan hilariously skewers iOS 12’s Screen Time feature

At Monday’s WWDC keynote event, Apple introduced its new Screen Time initiatives which will help users keep tabs on just how much they use their iPhones. It’s something that people have been pushing

How John Perry Barlow once roasted Steve Jobs

Given his influence and notorious temper, hosting a celebrity roast of Steve Jobs would have been pretty darn scary. But that’s what EFF co-founder, Grateful Dead lyricist and cyberlibertarian John

Today in Apple history: Apple chooses Intel over PowerPC

June 6, 2005: Steve Jobs reveals that Apple is switching the Mac from PowerPC processors to Intel. Speaking at that year’s WWDC, Jobs’ revelation reminds us that he is a CEO who can get things done.

Apple finally brings free trials to App Store

Developers can now offer trials of their apps, with a one-time in-app purchase to unlock the full version. This could revolutionize the App Store. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

WatchOS 5 makes those pricey $10,000 Apple Watch Editions obsolete

The idea of luxury watches is that they last a lifetime, maybe more. Patek Philippe makes this explicit with its tagline, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE Cellular is coming to four new countries

Nine months after debuting in the U.S., the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE Cellular is set to arrive in four new countries, starting next week. The countries include Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, and

watchOS 5 beta 1 apparently bricking some Apple Watches

The very first beta version of watchOS 5 launched yesterday, but was pulled this evening after reports it was mucking up people’s devices. It’s not clear yet exactly what the problem is, but Apple’s

iOS 12 makes secure passwords a snap

Apple believes strongly in protecting our privacy, and that even extends to helping us use strong passwords. Rather than letting us put in weak ones, iOS 12 extends password suggestions to third-party

Why Apple’s low-energy WWDC is actually totally exciting

Apple put on a good show for its WWDC keynote, but realistically it was a lot of hype without much substance. Dark Mode for macOS Mojave and Memojis for iOS 12 was about as exciting as it got. And you

Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote is now streaming on YouTube

Didn’t have a chance to catch Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote yet? Well, you could read our summary, or if you want to watch the entire thing, Apple just uploaded it to YouTube. Tim Cook and the gang busted

Pro Tip: How to control the iPad video player with keyboard commands

The iOS video player is pretty full-featured, although most of its advanced tracks are hidden. Today we'll take a quick look at what it can do, including how to control the entire app from a hardware

At WWDC, Apple atones for Silicon Valley’s sins

After a particularly rough patch for the tech industry, Apple used yesterday’s WWDC keynote to atone for some of Silicon Valley’s biggest sins. The company showcased key features in its upcoming

Adobe steps into the AR arena with Project Aero

Hot off the heels of Apple’s announcement of ARKit 2.0, creative software giant Adobe revealed its own foray into augmented reality. Soon many more people should be able to create 3D, animated content

Why a dedicated password manager beats your browser every time

This post is presented by Dashlane. Doing anything online means remembering a slew of passwords. That’s why we’re strong advocates of using a password manager like Dashlane. But why use a password

Apple’s Craig Federighi explains how iOS apps will work on macOS

Apple confirmed during its big WWDC keynote on Monday that iOS apps are coming to macOS. The company has spent two years developing the frameworks required to make the ports possible. Several of its

All the iOS 12 features Apple didn’t mention

iOS 12 is shaping up to be one biggest software updates Apple’s ever released and it’s so stuffed with major and minor new additions there wasn’t time to go over a lot of them at the WWDC 2018

How iOS 12’s smartest features put users firmly back in control

With Screen Time, Apple may change the way we interact with our devices. Instead of being controlled by addictive apps, or intrusive notifications, we can now easily choose how we use our own

Will your devices run iOS 12 or macOS Mojave?

Will your Mac, iPad, or iPhone run Apple's newest operating systems? Find out which devices work with iOS 12, and macOS Mojave. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)