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UK’s Big Brother road signs watch for drivers using iPhones

Distracted driving is a major source of accidents. In hopes of combatting the problem, road signs that can detect whether a cell phone is in use are being tested in the UK. The signs currently just

How to change the case of your text in seconds

Text Case its you convert any text to capitals, title case, encoded URLs, and more, all without leaving the app you're in. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

General Magic trailer gives peek into one of Silicon Valley’s most influential startups

The documentary about the most important tech company you’ve never heard of is nearly ready to hit the big screen. General Magic, a ‘90s startup created by some of the best minds at Apple, is getting

Looks like iOS 11.4.1 really did fix iPhone battery drain

Many iPhone user experienced quick battery drain problems with iOS 11.4. This week, Apple introduced an operating system update designed to fix bugs with its predecessor. Did that take care of the

When did Apple’s built-in apps get so good?

Sometime in the last ten years, Apple's iOS apps have gotten awesome. From Mail to Podcasts, to the amazing Notes app, Apple's own apps have never been better. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

iOS 12 Screen Time weans teen off Snapchat, slowly but surely

Parents, worried their iPhone-carrying kids are addicted to their screens, likely rejoiced when iOS 12 was announced with a new feature that monitors screen time and allows users to set time limits.

New Mac mini and cheaper MacBook might finally land this fall

Apple is preparing to unleash some huge upgrades across its entire product line this fall, according to one of the most reliable analysts in the game. Mac fans hoping for upgrades will be pleased to

How Apple sidestepped Japan’s antitrust rules

Apple got a bit pushy with Japan’s wireless service providers, and was slapped down by regulators as a result. The iPhone maker was requiring the carriers to put subsidies on iOS handsets. The

Austria could become 30th country to get Apple Pay

Austria is set to become one of the next countries to get Apple Pay, months after Apple opened its first official Apple Store in the country. A report describing the availability is relatively light

Refuel for less with GasBuddy [50 Essential iOS Apps #36]

Gas Buddy for iPhone shows you where all the nearby gas stations are, and helps you find the best prices on gas, wherever you are on a road trip. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Sonos speakers just got smarter with AirPlay 2 upgrade

Sonos is opening its speakers to a new world of listening experiences today with the addition of AirPlay 2. The smart speaker company teased AirPlay 2 support last month during the introduction of its

Get this teensy camera drone for half the usual price [Deals]

That buzzing you hear outside probably isn’t a swarm of bees. These days it’s way more likely to be a drone. They’re everywhere, big and small, so why not get in on the fun? SKEYE 2 might be the

Apple’s Taiwanese flag ban leads to iPhone crashes

Sometimes software bugs can be awfully revealing. This week, a security researcher noted how an iPhone-crashing bug occurred whenever some users used the Taiwanese flag emoji in iOS 11.3. The bug is

Mozilla’s new Lockbox app lets you use Firefox passwords anywhere

You probably have a whole bunch of passwords saved in Firefox if it’s your web browser of choice. And now you can use those passwords anywhere in iOS with the new Lockbox app from Mozilla. Lockbox is

Today in Apple history: iPhone 3G brings a big speed boost

July 11, 2008: The iPhone 3G goes on sale. Expectations for the smartphone sequel run high, and Apple delivers with the addition of GPS, 3G data and a higher-quality build. To make things even better,

Ex-Apple employee arrested for stealing Apple Car secrets

An Apple employee who downloaded blueprints for its self-driving car circuit board and then attempted to flee with them to China has been arrested. Xiaolang Zhang supposedly told Apple of his plans to

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa will star in Apple TV series

Former Game of Thrones and current Aquaman actor Jason Momoa is set to star in another new Apple original series. Called See, the show is an epic, world-building drama that’s set in the future. Momoa

Grab-and-run thieves plague multiple Apple Stores

A pair of men in hoodies brazenly snatched a table full of MacBooks from an Apple Store in California this weekend. The crime is very similar to one committed in New York last week. The crimes took

Ex-Google AI expert will fix Siri’s serious flaws

Craig Federighi is no longer in charge of Siri. Responsibility for Apple’s troubled voice assistant has been given to John Giannandrea, who is now in charge of all Apple’s artificial intelligence

More buyers prefer Apple’s latest iPhones than in the past

Buyers were slow to buy when the latest line of iPhones first launched. But new market research shows today’s shopper is more likely to slap down a credit card for a new model than the previous cycle.