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MacBook Pro’s third-gen ‘butterfly’ keyboard doesn’t fix its worst problem

People around the world are hoping the new MacBook Pro models introduced today have a keyboard that’s been carefully designed to not have the same sticky keyboard keys as their predecessors. But it

Apple Watch 4 renders show off big new display

Those eager to get their wrists on the 2018 Apple Watch can tide themselves over with some fresh concept images. These clearly show the benefits of a much-anticipated larger screen by comparing the

Fallen trees make gorgeous wooden iMac stands

Mike Fisher makes a living getting old, fallen trees ready for a new life in the technology sector. The woodworker, with a shop in the “Forest City” of Rockford, Illinois, makes wooden iMac stands and

Everything you need to know about Bedtime for iPhone

Bedtime sends you to bed, wakes you up, and takes care of you in between. If you're still using your iPhone's alarm clock to wake you up in the mornings, you're missing out. (via Cult of Mac - Tech

Sprint made your iPhone’s unlimited plan worse, or more expensive

Sprint has renamed and changed some of the features of its unlimited data plan. iPhone users now have a choice between paying more or getting less. It’s not all bad news. There’s 50 percent more

Apple axes beloved 2015 MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro fans that want a variety of port connections are officially out of options. Along with releasing new MacBook Pro models this morning, Apple discontinued the 2015 MacBook Pro which was the

AirPlus case adds wireless charging to your AirPods

AirPlus is a case that adds wireless charging to your AirPods, as well as adding thickness, and rubberiness. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Redesigned MacBook Pro keyboard might fix problems [Update: Nope!]

Editor’s note: Apple says the new MacBook Pro keyboard does not address the problems experienced by some owners. Read more in: MacBook Pro’s third-gen ‘butterfly’ keyboard doesn’t fix its worst

Apple back-to-school promo means free Beats for students

Apple is back with a new back to school promotion that hooks students up with free or discounted pair of Beats headphones. The 2018 promo is pretty similar to last year’s deal. Only instead of only

Hands on with Nomad’s charging stand for Apple Watch

Nomad’s Stand for Apple Watch could easily be mistaken for a futuristic tchotchke. But, this futuristic charging stand packs high function in its curvaceous form. This sleek Apple Watch stand fits

Fortnite challenge guide for season 5, week 1

Fortnite season five just kicked off, bringing new locations to explore, a second vehicle, and a whole host of new rewards to unlock. If you buy the Battle Pass, there’s even more to enjoy, and you

Apple Watch Move ring vs. Exercise ring: What’s the difference?

Closing your Apple Watch Activity Rings can become such an obsession that it’s easy to forget why you’re doing it. It’s not just to keep Tim Cook happy in his giant, ring-shaped office in Cupertino.

Blackmagic GPU turns your MacBook into a powerhouse

Alongside its fancy new MacBook Pros, Apple is new selling a fancy new external GPU for anyone who needs extra graphics processing power for their MacBook. Created in partnership with film and

With Bluepot, portable battery meets Bluetooth speaker [Deals]

There are so many cool accessories we can get for iPhone. But after you get enough batteries, speakers, and other peripherals, they really start crowding your bag. So just like cell phones, the

New MacBook Pros come with 6-core processors, quieter keyboards

Apple just updated its MacBook Pro line, ramping up performance and adding various advanced features. Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing VP, calls the new Apple laptops “the fastest and most powerful

Voice-recognition dev sues Siri for infringement

Siri has plenty of problems, but it just got one more: a lawsuit claiming Apple’s technology is infringing on patents belonging to another company. The company in question, Advanced Voice Recognition

Today in Apple history: ‘Antennagate’ scandal hits its peak

July 12, 2010: The iPhone 4 suffers a major blow when respected trade publication Consumer Reports says it can’t, in good faith, recommend the new Apple smartphone. The reason the magazine refuses to

Fortnite season 5 adds new locations, second vehicle, lots more

Fortnite season five has finally landed, bringing some of the biggest changes the world’s hottest game has seen since making its debut. Viking ships, desert outposts, and ancient statues can be found

Apple’s North Carolina HQ now only ‘hopeful’

A couple of months back, an announcement regarding Apple’s plans to build a new HQ in Raleigh, North Carolina were supposedly “imminent” and a “done deal.” Things have remained quiet since then,

Pioneering female director will helm Apple’s Jennifer Aniston TV series

A director known for ER, The West Wing and Shameless episodes, and even the Deep Impact disaster movie, will go behind the camera for one of the many TV shows Apple is producing. Mimi Leder reportedly