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Amazon exec promoting new Echo Buds wears AirPods during TV interview

Here’s a top tip: If your job involves promoting hardware that is not made by Apple, do not use an Apple device in public. It sounds easy, right? As it turns out, it’s pretty darn difficult. And it’s

Struggling iPhone display-maker suffers another big blow

An effort to save struggling LCD manufacturer Japan Display (JDI) has reportedly been scrapped. The firm leading the bailout with a ¥63 billion ($557 million) investment this week pulled out of a

iPhone 11 Pro Max review: The best gets better

This thing is a beauty. The first thing you notice is the glass back. The frosted matte finish makes it semi-translucent, giving it a weirdly illusory depth. It looks great. Not even the

Some Mario Kart Tour unlocks are incredibly rare

Mario Kart Tour comes with a bunch of hidden karts and characters that you’ll need to unlock as you play. But your chances of bagging the ones you really want are incredibly slim. Nintendo has

Facebook is the latest tech giant to face antitrust probe

The U.S. Justice Department is reportedly preparing an antitrust investigation into Facebook. This comes the same month that U.S. attorneys general revealed plans to probe Google for antitrust

Apple is helping to restore grasslands in Kenya’s Chyulu Hills

As part of its environmental efforts, Apple recently made a donation to nonprofit Conservation International. Apple’s money will help restore degraded grasslands in the Chyulu Hills of Kenya. “By

4 reasons I’m disappointed with the iPhone 11 [Opinion]

There’s a lot to like in the new iPhone 11 series, but there are reasons to be disappointed, too. Some features that should be a part of any handset released in 2019 are missing, and a few rumored

Apple adds Maroon 5’s new song as soundtrack for your Memories

Maroon 5 is reportedly allowing iPhone owners to use the band’s new single “Memories” as the soundtrack when they build mini-movies from images in the Photos app. Apple calls all these collections

iPhone 11 warns you if repair shops install fake Apple display

Apple added a new feature in iOS 13.1 that alerts iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max owners when a repair shop has installed a non-genuine display on their device. In a support document detailing the

Soundcore takes 6 shots at AirPods with new earbuds lineup

Soundcore wants to “democratize premium audio” with its new Bluetooth earbuds. The new wireless headphones continue the company’s pursuit of delivering quality products at affordable price points.

Amazon aims for Apple with 15 surprising new products

Amazon is ready to push Alexa into every single corner of your life with a new wave of Echo products unveiled this morning. Armed with 15 new products, Amazon is ready to challenge Apple like never

How to drag and drop bookmarklets to the iPad’s bookmarks bar

Yes, you can drag and drop bookmarklets to the favorites bar in Safari on iPad. You just have to know the trick. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

The problem with Apple Arcade? It’s just not that special [Opinion]

Apple Arcade’s slate of more than 100 games for $4.99 a month looks like one of the best deals in gaming at first glance. But Apple’s new game subscription service fails to live up to the expectations

Apple Watch Series 5 teardown confirms it’s a tweaked Series 4

Disassembling the latest Apple Watch doesn’t find very much that’s different from last year’s model. That doesn’t mean there aren’t improvements in the new Series 5; they’re just not visible in a

Boost privacy of Apple Watch Series 5’s always-on face

Worried the watch will reveal private notifications or keep you awake at night? Fix both things with this Apple Watch Series 5 privacy tweak. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple begins shipping first 10.2-inch iPad to customers

Apple today started shipping its latest budget iPad to those who pre-ordered this tablet after it was unveiled earlier this month. It will hit Apple Store shelves later this week; Apple isn’t saying

iPhone falls from plane, still works after year in Icelandic wilderness

As critics gush over the iPhone 11 Pro’s durability during drop tests, Siri on a remarkably resilient iPhone 6s Plus could say, “Hold my beer.” Photographer Haukur Snorrason recently learned that

There’s a fun AirPods Easter egg at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store

An AirPods-based wall display at Apple’s recently re-opened Fifth Avenue Apple Store features a cool Easter egg for long-time fans. The Easter egg features Apple’s ultra popular AirPods being used as

Apple’s new how-to videos help us master iPadOS

Apple has dropped a series of how-to videos that help you get the most out of iPadOS. You can use them to master features like Slide Over, Split View, and brand-new gestures. By now your iPad should

Build and host your dream website for less than a dollar a week [Deals]

There are plenty of reasons to set up a website, and just as many ways to do it. But some tools and platforms have risen to the top for their reliability, quality and price. If you’re looking to set