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New Macs are finally incoming. We’ll tell you what we know on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Finally — new evidence shows that a Mac refresh is right around the corner. Plus: MacBook Pro is about to get the feature we’ve all been wanting; Apple is rebuilding its

Zagg Slim Book is my favorite keyboard case for iPad Pro [Review]

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro is officially my primary computing device. For the past five months, I’ve used it for everything from browsing the web and watching YouTube videos at night, to researching and

Today in Apple history: After a horrible quarter, Gil Amelio gets the boot

July 6, 1997: Following a massive quarterly loss for Apple, board member Edgar S. Woolard Jr. calls CEO Gil Amelio and informs him that he needs to step down. “You’ve done a lot to help the company,

iPhone app subscription fees doubled in a year

We’re all accustomed to paying a simple, one-time fee for our iOS apps. But developers are increasingly turning to subscriptions. In fact, there were billions paid in app subscription fees in the past

Hacker hacks iPhone hacking company’s secret hacks

Israel’s NSO Group makes a business of hacking iPhones and Android devices. In a reversal of roles, it was hacked by one of its own employees and valuable intellectual property was stolen. While its

Swipe on the iOS Copy/Paste menu to see hidden extra actions

Swipe on the iOS Copy/Paste menu instead of tapping those stupid little arrows, and you'll get easy access to these hidden extras. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Belkin’s new power bank charges via Lightning

The first ever Lightning-charged power bank has finally arrived thanks to the folks at Belkin. Say goodbye to that Micro-USB cable you’ve been carrying around. iPhone owners can now use the same

Siri Shortcuts app is now ready for testing

Apple said Siri would be smarter with iOS 12. The digital assistant will also multitask with the help of a native app. A single command will kick Siri into high gear through an app called Siri

Tinder Loops show videos before you swipe left

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a video? The dating service Tinder now lets you upload a very short video along with pictures. The idea is these Tinder Loops will better reflect your

Get in on the new Oilist 2.0 beta right now

Oilist 2 turns your iPhone photos into crazy paintings, and the developer wants Cult of Mac readers to help test the new beta. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Everyone can now download iOS 12 public beta 2

The second public beta of Apple’s huge iOS 12 updates has already arrived. After seeding iOS 12 beta 3 to developers earlier this week, Apple just dropped iOS 12 public beta 2, allowing everyone to

You definitely won’t find this iPhone ankle holster in Apple stores

Fashion designer John Galliano is known for making audiences gasp with the avant-garde footwear he sends marching down the runway. But at a recent couture show in Paris, it was the way he combined the

iPhone 8 is officially the world’s hottest phone

For the first time ever, the iPhone 8 is the world’s best-selling smartphone. It beat out the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X to take that spot. Apple has three of the top ten most popular devices,

Rowing with Apple Watch is like two workouts in one. Time to grab an oar.

If running and swimming with Apple Watch don’t rock your boat, you should give rowing a try. It combines all the benefits of cardio and strength training, and you get to do it in a boat. OK, well

Netflix just got more expensive as new Ultra plan goes live

The Netflix Ultra plan we feared was coming is now live in several countries. Subscribers will have to pay more to enjoy HDR content on compatible TVs, and to stream movies and TV shows on four

Apple paves the way for new iPads and Macs to arrive in Europe

Apple has this week registered new iPads and Macs with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). The filings hint that a big refresh could be just around the corner. Recent reports have promised that

Security cameras are ugly, so use this Bluetooth speaker instead [Deals]

Protecting your home and valuables is important, but setting up security cameras in your living room can feel downright dystopian. Luckily, the internet of things is changing how our devices operate.

Get certified in Google Analytics in two days [Deals]

Getting a gig that deals with data means working with Google Analytics. It’s a suite of tools that offers insights into engagement with ads, sites, apps, email, and more. So if you’re working with

2018 iPhone lineup to come in gorgeous new color options

Apple will offer the 2018 iPhone lineup in a range of stunning new color options, according to one reliable analyst. Grey, blue, red, and orange will be some of the shades available when the new

Today in Apple history: Apple ships its last Mac with a CRT monitor

July 5, 2006: Apple discontinues its low-end eMac product line. It signals the end of the cathode ray tube era for Macs. After more than a quarter-century using CRT monitors, Apple shifts to the