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Hackers and cops hate Apple’s iOS 11.4.1 update

The iOS version debuting today partially deactivates the Lightning port after an iPhone hasn’t been used for an hour. This makes iPhone hacking more difficult, for both criminals and law enforcement.

Super-fast WiGig could be in future iPhone

Apple appears to be planning to put WiGig in future iPhones. This a version of Wi-Fi that’s more than five times faster than 802.11ac. An Intel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modem has reportedly been turned

How to use Apple’s new Shortcuts app

The new Shortcuts app is pretty much an exact clone of the old Workflow app, with a lick of paint and some neat new actions. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Win 1 of 10 LuxArmor Elite iPhone X cases with our giveaway!

After I made a video showcasing my favorite iPhone X cases, I got a lot of feedback from readers wanting to know more. By far the most popular iPhone X case in that lineup — and the one I get asked

iOS 11.4.1 is out with fresh fixes for iPhone and iPad

One of the last updates for iOS 11 was released by Apple this morning, brining a host of new fixes before the company moves on to iOS 12 completely. iPhone and iPad owners can download iOS 11.4.1

See a dreamy underwater film shot with naked iPhone X

We can be fairly confident that the iPhone X can survive a quick dunk underwater. Frederic van Strydonck did more than quick dunks when he used an iPhone X without any case to make an ethereal short

Pro Tip: Reject Robocalls at the squeeze of a hardware button

This easy button combo will reject incoming calls without having to touch -- or even see -- the iPhone's screen. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Here’s how much each country makes off the iPhone 7

The iPhone is made in China, so most of the profit stays over there, right? Actually, everything in that sentence is wrong. A new study finds that China makes less than $9 from each iPhone 7. Some of

Cheap-ass case helps iPhone X survive deathly drop

The patent for a case that can protect an iPhone X from a 100-foot drop was filed in 1883 – toilet paper on a roll. Admittedly, the history isn’t quite right, but the hosts of the YouTube channel

Artist re-creates Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ video on vintage Mac

Donald Glover’s video for “This Is America” is one of most talked-about music videos of the year, but one brilliant animator is adding an extra dose of old-school cool by painstakingly re-creating it

Vintage Apple inspires line of toy robots

Philip Lee is an ad man, a great admirer of vintage Macs and a lifelong collector of toy robots. From those three pieces of Lee’s life comes Classicbot, a line of designer toys that turns historic

Understand your sleep patterns with Pillow [50 Essential iOS Apps #35]

Do you ever wake up feeling exhausted, but are sure you slept well the night before? With Pillow for iPhone and Apple Watch, you can get a detailed analysis of your sleep. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

HomePod will never become the iPhone of smart speakers

The smart speaker install base will approach 100 million units by the end of 2018 — but Apple will make up only a tiny piece of the market. At least, that’s according to analysts at Canalys, who

Crazy GIF shows how iPhone X may pave the way for Apple Glasses

The iPhone X’s ugly notch could pave the way for Apple to dominate the smart glasses market. Augmented reality glasses are poised to become the hottest tech gadget of the next decade and Apple’s

Stylish new ads showcase how iPad can simplify your life

The iPad is an extraordinarily versatile productivity tool, and Apple is keen to showcase that fact in a series of stylish new ads. The 15-second spots demonstrate the way that Apple’s tablet —

Save massively on a whopping 3TB of cloud storage

Cloud storage is super convenient, and often super expensive. When you get into the realms of terabytes, which is necessary for serious backups, the prices can be downright prohibitive. Improving

Gang of thieves snatches $19,000 of iPhones from Apple Store

A group of hooded thieves snatched $19,000 worth of iPhones from a New York Apple Store late last week. Five men were recorded on CCTV during the raid at the store in Huntington Station, NY. Police

Today in Apple history: Apple reclaims top spot in education

July 9, 2001: Apple is named the No. 1 computer manufacturer in the education market, with twice as many machines in schools as runner-up Dell Computer. It’s a big turnaround from a couple years

This foot-based iPhone holder makes the selfie stick look sane

Remember the bemused reaction you had to the selfie stick the first time you saw one? Remember how that feeling gradually changed to begrudging acceptance as they became standard issue over the months

One-time Apple copycat Xiaomi goes public

Chinese smartphone manufacturer and occasional Apple tribute act Xiaomi has made its debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange — officially making it the world’s third largest phonemaker. Xiaomi is one of